A sneak peek of the backyard makeover with lots of fun snipits of what is to come!

Backyard Makeover Sneak Peek

We’ve been working hard all summer on our backyard makeover.

We’re just about done!!!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s about to be revealed…

backyard makeover sneak peek


But first, a couple BEFORE photos:


This is a photo of the house that was on the real estate advertisement…kinda scary and creepy huh?

backyard BEFORE

This is what it looked like just before summer, we’d already removed a lot of overgrown shrubs and trees, but it was still pretty bad.

Here are a few progress photos:

Removing Overhang by Creatively Living

Removing the trashy overhang.

View from rec room shadowed by overhang by Creatively Living

My view from inside the house with the overhang (kinda dark and limits my pretty view of the park).

Breaking Out Concrete by Creatively Living

The overhang is gone, the raised brick planters are gone, and the uneven concrete is being broke out.

Siding before and after comparison by Creatively Living

Out siding was getting really faded, so we decided we’d use a product called Wipe New ReColor to literally wipe the siding new again.

Can you see the difference in the Before and After?

Now onto the sneak peek of what’s yet to be revealed:

backyard makeover by Creatively Living

A little peek into what relaxation looks like.

Hope Pallet Sign by Creatively Living

A pallet sign of “hope”.

Window Box by Creatively Living

A window box filled with greenery and a pop of color.

Bloom pillow - by Creatively Living

Inspiring decor.

Rug Makeover closeup by Creatively Living

A fun painted rug customized just for this space.

BackYard Makeover by Creatively Living

Nice greenery to bring life to the patio.

BackYard Makeover by Creatively Living

String lights to add ambience.

Hanging Lights by Creatively Living

…and set the mood.

Hairpin Leg Wooden Bench by Creatively Living

And a stunning place to be seated.


In the Big Reveal I will post lots of Before and After pictures of the entire yard, more detail photos, the products I used, and all the steps along the way.

I’m REALLY EXCITED to present to you the BIG REVEAL, coming SOON!

Holly Creatively Living

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  1. Ohhh I love it!!! I have areas that need overhauling. I do think I’ll have my juniper spirals taken out. They got too big and ouch!!! They do not trim smoothly but like razor sharp pieces. Ugh. My area under my bedroom window was gorgeous and it’s now a mess. Overgrown and was pruned wrong. I think I could replant for under $100 and get the dwarf varieties that I thought I was getting!!! You’ve inspired me. But what was once so pretty now looks neglected. It doesn’t take long. So I’m excited to see your new space you’ll enjoy for years to come!!!

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