DIY Farmhouse Inspired Tablescape by Creatively Living

DIY Farmhouse Inspired Tablescape {for the holidays}

If you’ve been following me, then you know I like to do as much DIY as I can…and as inexpensive as possible.

I have the perfect tablescape for you!

Farmhouse Inspire Table Setting by Creatively Living


It all started with a trip to the fabric store and dollar store…

A roll of burlap ribbon, placemats, and doilies [I can’t believe I bought doilies].

Table Setting by Creatively Living

Table Setting by Creatively Living

Yeah, check out the beauties I came home with {sarcasm}.

It wasn’t long before I got the spray paint out…

Table Setting by Creatively Living

I sprayed charcoal grey by Rust-Oleum on the pink placemats, and a metallic antiqued brass by Rust-Oleum on the white doilies.

Table Setting by Creatively Living

See how nicely they transformed into something pretty?

Table Setting by Creatively Living

I’m fancy {again, sarcasm}, and I use folding chairs 100% of the time. So why get real chairs and fake it for this post?

I tied the burlap ribbon around the chair, used it as a table runner, and cut squares of it for the center of the plates.

Table Setting by Creatively Living

Do you like how the burlap is scrunched? Well, the TRICK here [NO SEW] is to grab a few safety pins, scrunch the material a little and pin the back to it stays in place.

Table Setting by Creatively Living

Add some cute plants to add life and color to the table, and something cute in the middle of the plates. The holiday season is here, so I added a few gold bells.

Table Setting by Creatively Living

And there you have it. A beautiful DIY farmhouse inspired tablescape!

Happy Holidays!

Holly Creatively Living

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  1. Hi Holly,
    I really like your playful use of burlap ribbon and those cute bells (the like of which I’ve not seen before). I’m already a fan of burlap, table runners, and all creative table linens. My question is: Do you spray glue the back of the doily and affix it to the placemat, or do they remain separate? Since you didn’t spray-paint the center of the placemats, it implies to me that the placemat and doily are not meant to come apart. On the other hand, the second I put these out on the table, somebody’s going to spill something on them. The placemats look as if they are made of straw, or something like it, and that they couldn’t be put in the washing machine, but I’ll bet they can be wiped clean with a damp rag. That would make it better for the doily to remain separate from the placemat so it can be washed. What did you do?


    • Hi Cindy! Good questions.

      I did not attach the doily and placemat together; the doily sits on the placemat nicely without sliding around (then I can swap out other things when I want to). I didn’t spray the center of the placemant because I didn’t start with a full can of spray paint and I wanted to make sure I covered everything that would be seen under the plate (good catch)! 1 full can of spray paint would have been more than plenty to cover the entire placemats. Regardless if there is a doily or just a place, the center of the placemat is not seen anyway. Neither the placemant or doily should be put in the wash (after spray paint), I’d recommend wiping down with a cloth (or running under water in sink if needed). If the doily had been left white then it could have been washed in a machine (delicate). Thanks for the questions Cindy!

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