Large Rustic Star for Under $3 and 15 Minutes!

Large Rustic Star for Under $3 and 15 Minutes!

Star made from Lath by Creatively Living Blog

I’ve been making lots of these large rustic stars for my shop this season.

I think they are so fun!

…and easy and inexpensive!

They would make a great addition to your holiday décor, or a gift for a friend.


To start, I took lath from a friend’s kitchen remodel.

Now the lath I used it 100 yr old awesome, dirty, still have nails in them pieces of lath.

…I ran out at one point and found you can buy new lath at Home Depot for 32 cents a stick!

(You obviously only need 5 pieces, so that makes this projects VERY inexpensive!)


Make sure you take all of the old nails out of the lath.

Next, lay it out in a star shape.

Sometimes lath will be different sizes and you’ll need to cut them to be the same size.

Star pic 2

I then put a dot of Liquid Nails and a small screw where each board meets.

I also put one extra screw in the middle somewhere.

This keeps the star from moving.

Make sure the screws are deep enough to hold, but not deep enough to go through the bottom of the wood.

Star Pic 3

Lastly, I usually dry brush a little white on the star.

This isn’t necessary, and you may rather have a wooden star with no paint at all.

I usually dry-brush white or red paint; or leave it plain.

Star from Lath

…and that’s it!

I love that this cost me nearly nothing to make!

…and even if you had to buy screws and lath, it would cost under $3!

Star from Lath by Creatively Living Blog

You can make them any size and color.

I’ve made big and small for the shop.

I personally LOVE the large ones though…

Large DIY Star by Creatively Living Blog

How is your Christmas decorating going?

Have you  had time to make anything new?

I’ve been making a lot of things for the shop (you an see my Christmas sign tutorial here),

but not a lot for my own house.

Star made from Lath by Creatively Living Blog

At least this project is quick and easy!

Which makes it the perfect project for most of us busy people!

Happy Holidays!

Katie at Creatively Living Blog



  1. Super cute Katie!! Merry Christmas! xox

  2. Happy Holidays! I love these stars. I plan to make one ASAP

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