Holly's Kitchen Makeover: Storyboard, where is it now and my plans for a spectacular and budget friendly makeover

Holly’s Kitchen Makeover: Storyboard

Kitchen Story

It’s been nearly 2 years since we purchased our home. I feel like we’ve been doing a great job putting our personal touch (on nearly every square inch) of the house; but now it’s time for the kitchen! Oh, the kitchen is the last big eye sore and I cannot wait! The counter and backsplash are the same Laminate that my parents had in their kitchen (when I was young) and in some places it was obviously from different dye lots or something since it didn’t match. The previous owners did a horrible job painting the cabinets (there are drip marks), the cabinet knobs are the cheap white knobs, the walls a faded pale yellow, no microwave, the fridge huge and ugly and occasionally leaking, the window doesn’t have a frame, ugly light fixtures…the list goes on…

Here’s what I’m starting with (I grabbed these pics from the sales flyer; no offense to the previous owner, but these pics actually make the kitchen look better than the true condition):

holly's kitchen makeover - before

holly's kitchen makeover - before

holly's kitchen makeover - before

My project: The Kitchen

I don’t plan to “remodel” since I plan to leave the footprint the same; and since I have young energetic boys running through the kitchen (with toys in hand) I don’t plan to replace the cupboards. Here goes…

The Plan

  • Paint walls
  • New fridge & new microwave (above stove, which requires cutting the cupboards and making them a few inches shorter)
  • New kitchen window
  • Countertop makeover
  • Add window trim
  • Add tile backsplash
  • Spray Paint knobs to match cupboard hardware
  • Create command center (in lieu of tossing stuff on the counter); this will be set up just as you’re leaving the kitchen
  • Add planking to peninsula for added character (and hide some gnarly imperfections)
  • Touch up paint on cupboards
  • Replace light fixtures
  • Add fun & functional decorations

You can follow my inspiration and ideas on my Pinterest Pin Board: Holly’s Kitchen Makeover

Here goes…

Holly Creatively Living

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  1. It’s going to look great! I can appreciate you trying to work with what you have. Many of us have had to do that and it can be very rewarding. I look forward to seeing the progress. Go for it!

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