Holly's Kitchen Makeover: Cabinet Knobs, a simple and inexpensive solution for updating cabinet knobs and hardware by Creatively Living

Holly’s Kitchen Makeover: Cabinet Knobs

Painting cabinet knobs - by Creatively Living

You’ve been hearing me complain about my kitchen and express my excitement for the kitchen makeover.

holly's kitchen makeover - before

The picture above is what I began with. As with most projects; as you make one eye-sore look better you start seeing new eye-sores.

PROGRESS: To date, we’ve painted the walls, completed a countertop transformation, and added a tile backsplash.

Painted Cupboard Knobs by Creatively Living

Today’s eye-sore: cabinet knobs!

Since I’m keeping the cabinets as-is for now (well, I’ll do some touch up paint), I decided I probably shouldn’t change any hardware or I may never get the doors back on straight. The knobs are the cheapy white circle ones…like the cheapest thing you can possibly buy at the store!

cabinet knobs - before by Creatively Living

So, my inexpensive solution is to spray paint them.

Rust-Oleum has provided me with the spray paint and Varathane but all opinions are my own.

Here’s what I did:

I took the white knobs and scuffed them with a course sandpaper since they were had a very shiny and slick coating; I wanted to make sure the spray paint stuck to them the best it could.

Painting Cabinet Knobs with Spray paint by Creatively Living

Then, using Metallic Antique Brass spray paint by Rust-Oleum as my spray paint, I set the knobs out and sprayed them with a couple coats of paint.

Painting Cabinet Knobs with Spray paint by Creatively Living

Painting Cabinet Knobs with Spray paint by Creatively Living

Here’s a pic with just one coat of spray paint; I added a couple more light coats and then flipped over and painted the other side.

After they were dry, I added a coat of spray Varathane to really protect them.

Painted Cupboard Knobs by Creatively Living

Painted Cupboard Knobs by Creatively Living

I did the scratch test with my fingernail and it didn’t scratch at all [winner]!

spray painted cupboard knobs by Creatively Living

As you can see, the knobs look as if they were meant to be with the hardware all along.

cabinet knobs - after by Creatively Living

Overall, I’m very happy with the way the turned out!

Purchasing new knobs could have cost me over a hundred dollars to replace! Instead a can of spray paint did the trick.

Onto the next thing…

Holly Creatively Living

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  1. I love Rust-Oleum’s metallic paints. 🙂 Your cabinet knobs look brand new now. Great idea!

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