The girl's wanted a very glam-ish, gold, white and blush bedroom.

Girl’s Bedroom Inspiration



….The girl’s room.

The room that has never gotten ANYWHERE since we’ve lived here.

OK, that’s not true….maybe it just feels like that.


I get that this isn’t the best “before pic”. In fact, this bedroom used to actually be a kitchen!

The house was a duplex when we moved in and this room was an open kitchen/dinning area.

We put two walls and a closet up, back to where they were when the house was built in 1904, and we scraped away at linoleum and paint until we found the original wood floors….

and then the room sat, and sat, and sat.



Until recently when we hired a friend to come help us finish some of our upstairs rooms.



Thanks goodness for our friend, who installed the hand-me-down beadboard and all the trim. Finished up the drywall that was still missing in spots and all the other random things, like a vent hole in the floor and deep recesses in the ceiling.



I have actually had a lot of guilt over the state of the girl’s room for the past couple years.

Nothing like going to your friend’s gorgeous bedroom and coming home to your half reno-ed drywall mess!




We actually have almost all the painting complete.

The girl’s wanted a very glam-ish, gold, white and blush bedroom.

I hope to add touches of pink and plum too.



And we have lots of gray, so that will have to be part of the scheme.



I’m still debating about how much gray to add. I’d love to do less than more, but I really am dreading white bedspreads with the girl’s, so they will probably be gray, and there was already a gray rug, so that will stay.



I think we are down to painting the ceiling and finishing up a little trim work and that will be it!

I can’t wait to get to the fun part…..decorating!

Looking forward to sharing all our progress with you over the next few weeks!



  1. Marty Oravetz says:

    Oh it sounds fabulous, can’t wait to see it all done.

  2. lOVE! I promised Noelle last March for her birthday we’d redo her room–she’s still waiting.

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