See how we turned a piece of house siding into a Rustic Sign for the Kitchen! Holly's Kitchen Makeover by Creatively Living.

Holly’s Kitchen Makeover: Rustic Sign

THANKFUL Sign by Creatively Living

I’ve been loving rustic signs! …I wanted one really bad!

Note: The paint and Varathane used for this sign were provided by Rust-Oleum but all opinions are my own.

PROGRESS: To date, we’ve painted the walls, added trim to the window, completed a countertop transformation, added a tile backsplash, painted the cabinet knobs, installed a new light above the sink, and started decorating a little!

Kitchen Makeover - Tiling Backsplash

Since the kitchen makeover is pretty black and white, I needed something to warm it up a little.

This rustic wood does both; 1) warms the room with a natural element and 2) ties the kitchen in with the Dining Room.

DSC_0019 Coffee bar by Creatively Living

Above is a peek at the dining room Coffee Bar.

THANKFUL SIGN by Creatively Living

I found a couple boards in the garage, they’ve been tossed around in there for awhile and this project finally gave me a good use for one of them. I picked the larger board (on the right) shown in the picture because it was bigger and the wood tones are a bit warmer; I’m pretty sure it’s actually a piece of house siding. Regardless, one side of it is a really pretty, old wood.

THANKFUL SIGN by Creatively Living

This sign is going above my kitchen window. I love the idea of bringing inspirational words into the home; I’ve been thinking of which word to use for awhile now and I’ve decided on the word “THANKFUL”.

THANKFUL SIGN by Creatively Living

The dimensions of the board are: 4 feet x 7 inches

I’m not good at freehand, so I printed out large letters and traced them (with transfer paper underneath) onto the board.

I used the font “Helvetica”, Bold, and size 600pt.

THANKFUL SIGN by Creatively Living

Since the letters were pretty blocky, I found it easiest to trace the letters if I used a straight edge (this ruler worked great!).

THANKFUL SIGN by Creatively Living

Here you can see how the letters transferred to the wood; just enough to be able to see it.

Note that the ink from transfer paper can be wiped off (but imprints to the wood are there to stay if you push hard).

THANKFUL SIGN by Creatively Living

I hand-painted painted the letters with Navy Blue paint by Rust-Oleum.

Note that the paint looks a little brighter until it dries.

THANKFUL SIGN by Creatively Living

I let the paint dry and sprayed a couple top coats of clear Varathane to protect the sign.

THANKFUL SIGN by Creatively Living

Here’s the sign up-close.

I wanted a some of the wood grain so show through; so I just painted one coat of paint on the board and didn’t paint in on very thick (plus a little of the paint soaked into the board).

THANKFUL Sign by Creatively Living

We pre-drilled some holes in the wood and hung it with some screws and…

THANKFUL Sign by Creatively Living

Ta-Da!! We have a rustic sign in the kitchen!

THANKFUL Sign by Creatively Living

For the sake of fun comparison photos…here’s a little how the progress went:

THANKFUL Sign by Creatively Living

Kitchen makeover comparison by Creatively Living

Holly Creatively Living

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  1. Kristen Meyer says:

    Looks great Holly! Love the sign and LOVE how the kitchen is looking!!

  2. Kitchen is looking great!

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