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Amazingly Chippy Dresser with Old Fashioned Milk Paint

Chippy Dresser with Old Fashioned Milk Paint Labled

Didn’t this dresser turn out amazingly chippy?!

The paint used was provided by the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company, the my high opinions of it are all my own.

I really do love milk paint!

I know many people who love milk paint and use it regularly, and I always wondered if that would be me….and it is!

Milk paint seems to has a mind of it’s own and I have to admit that when first working with it, I was totally frustrated!

It was chipping more than I had planned and I wondered what I should do but I let the milk paint do it’s thing and turned out LOVING it in the end!

I’ve used milk paint one other time and I added a fair amount of Extra Bond, since it was over some laminate, and that stuff really works! Extra Bond adhered the milk paint to laminate like nothing else!

So if you do like less chippy, you have that option.

Chippy Dresser Before

Let’s start at the beginning.

I found this cutie on Craigslist and she sat on my porch for awhile. When I received the milk paint, I knew she was who I would be painting it with.

I used a combo of Snow White and Light Cream for the desired color.

I also did use a little Extra Bond, but only about half the suggested amount.

Chippy Dresser Work Party

I then hired this readily available worker to take all the hardware off.

Luckily, the dresser was in pretty great shape and did not need any fill or firming up.

Chippy Dresser During Old Fashioned Milk Paint

Next I started painting.

I was excited to see this chippiness happen, until I finished painting and started to sand.

Then I felt like all the paint was coming off!

Chippy Dresser with OFMP Close Up

Now at this point I could have sanded down and added some Extra Bond to the paint and gave it another couple coats, or I could just go with it and see what would happen.

I decided to just keep sanding until all the flakes were off.

Chippy Dresser with Old Fashioned Milk Paint Goodness

…and I’m so glad I did!

because I think this dresser turned out amazing!

Even my kids wanted to keep her.

It didn’t take long for someone to scoop her up at the shop and take her home.

Old Fashioned Milk Paint Dresser Makeover

Thanks Old Fashioned Milk Paint for sending your milk paint for me to use on this dresser!

I can’t wait to try more of your product!




  1. It is amazingly chippy! I love it!

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