Bring Spring to Your Front Door - Spring Wreath Makeover

Bring Spring to Your Front Door – Spring Wreath Makeover

It’s finally Spring!

Time to hang a spring wreath on your door!

It’s been a REALLY LONG, cold, snowy and wet winter in the Pacific NW.

So hanging something “spring-ish” made me so happy!

Wreath Before

I happened to find this wreath at a Goodwill.

Overall, it was in good shape, I loved the sticks and greenery; it was really full and looked like it cost money at one point in it’s life.

But the flowers were faded and purple.

….and faded purple just isn’t my first choice.

So considering my front door is  yellow and all, I figured I would just repaint the flowers to coordinate!

Wooden Entry Doormat

OK…I tried to make a “vlog” but somehow my the video was cut-off mid shoot, so your stuck with just my pictures for now.

I wanted to make a video about painting flowers like this because although it’s a bit messy, it’s easy and some of you might be wondering what sort of paint to use or if you need to spray paint.

How to Makeover a Goodwill Wreath

You can wear gloves, I just didn’t have any.

There was no special way to paint these flowers. I just gobbed on the paint. It was all over the stems of the flowers too. I wasn’t too careful, but tried to not get it on the leaves.

This wreath took me about an hour to finish.

Wooden Doormat

In the end, it was just what I needed for the front of my door.

Goodwill Spring Wreath Makeover

…and for only $4.

So if you see a wreath and you just need to brighten it up, or need it to be another color, know that painting a wreath is an easy solution!




  1. Awesome collection all the doormats are just mind blowing, keep sharing more such ideas.

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