Holly’s Kitchen Makeover: Creating a Command Center

Creating A Command Center

I’ve been pretty fed up with paper piles.

And the end of the counter being a dumping ground.

paper pile by Creatively Living

So, I searched all sorts of command center ideas on Pinterest and went to Hobby Lobby to get mine started.

Command Center by Creatively Living

There are tons of organizational items at Hobby Lobby! I could be in there for days!

Command Center by Creatively Living

I was actually amazed at how quickly it started coming together.

If you like the stars I made to decorate my command center, you can find the tutorial here.

Command Center by Creatively Living

I also looked through the house for items I already had, like a clipboard and picture frame.

  Command Center by Creatively Living

Tips on creating your command center:

  1. Set it up in a place that is easily accessible yet out of the way.
  2. Think through functionality; and what’s getting set on the counter and why. What will you need in your command center to get those items off the counter?
  3. Your command center should be used for more than just a catch-all for your clutter. Add a calendar for appointments, reminder and phone messages, chore and to-do lists, etc.
  4. Purchase items that will complement the space (think about whether it’s horizontal, vertical, on the wall, or on a shelf, desk, etc) and design it well.
  5. Make it look cute and personalize it. You’ll like using it better if it looks cute and goes with the theme of your house.

Command Center by Creatively Living

Let me know what functionality you’d like to have in a command center.

Holly Creatively Living

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