Plans for the Playroom

Over the past two years my husband and I have been working our way through our house, updating each room.

We’ve come to the point where I’m pretty sure we’ve touched every square inch of the house! However, even when a room is painted, it’s sill not “finished” [that’s the decorator in me talking!].

Our playroom used to be a super-hideous, faded, orange striped room. Here’s: the “before” picture [below]. Note that this was before we purchased the house, so nothing in this room is ours.

Playroom BEFORE picture

It took several coats of paint to get rid of the orange! But awe, it left a blank canvas for us when we had the time to go back and decorate.


So, here’s the plan: playroom before - makeover ideas

Scrape popcorn ceiling: we already did this before we moved in (thankfully!)

Paint walls: already went from orange to light blue and white

Artwork: my kids will take care of this

Wall Mural: complements of Murals Wallpaper [it was a really hard to pick from their awesome selection, but I’m super excited to share with you the one that I chose!]

Furnish with seating, TV console, etc.

Add rug to cozy it up!

Replace light fixtures

Paint the fireplace vent thing so it blends in with the ceiling

French Doors: we replaced the old sliding door during our BackYard Makeover


So, bye bye tacky orange playroom! I look forward to seeing you soon!

playroom before


Special THANKS to Murals Wallpaper for sponsoring the wall mural, I’m excited to install and share the Playroom Makeover soon!

murals wallpaper. logo

If you’re interested in Murals Wallpaper, you can view their mural collections here: and; I’d love to hear which design you like best.

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