Creating a Feature Wall with CSI Wall Panels

Creating A Feature Wall With CSI Wall Panels by Creatively Living

Thank you to CSI Wall Panels for sponsoring this article. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We have a pretty neat room up in our garage; my husband uses it for his music studio and study. (You can see the transformation of this room here.)

However, getting to his room was like finding a diamond in the rough. Seriously, the stairway getting there was rough.

Here’s what the stairway looked like (yes, that’s a pencil sharpener):

Stairway makeover by Creatively Living

We always wanted to finish the stairway but needed motivation because patching, taping, texturing, painting…it all seemed a little overwhelming.

When CSI Wall Panels approached us I knew using their decorative 3D wall panels for a feature wall would be the motivation we needed to take on this project!


Stairway makeover by Creatively Living

We used the Skip Trowel Texture technique to texture the walls…this texture pattern covers a lot of imperfections.

I know picture above looks a little patchy but that’s totally normal. It all gets painted over.

DSC_0377 Zave painting 5.29.2017

We painted everything white to help brighten up the space!

My 4 year old helper was pretty excited to help paint the walls. We also painted the wall panels white.

Stairway makeover with wall panels by Creatively Living

Since we have a really tall ceiling, we installed our panels from top to bottom (opposed to starting at the floor).

The installation process was pretty easy and straightforward. CSI Wall Panels provides a great step-by-step tutorial.

Stairway Makeover by Creatively Living

And here’s the final product! This is the view leaving my husband’s room. It’s such a neat feature wall to walk out to!

I can’t get over the transformation this stairway has been through!

Stairway Makeover by Creatively Living

What I like best about CSI Wall Panels is that they have 24 unique designs to choose from, it’s eco friendly, they’re biodegradable, and they’re so easy to install! They make a huge impact in such a short amount of time.

Stairway feature wall before and after

Here’s the before and after of the 3D Wall Panels feature wall one more time.


  1. This looks super!!! That’s a fabulous transformation for the stairway wall. Y’all did a great job!

    • Thanks Anne, I wish you could feel the difference by looking at the pictures. It’s amazing how the transformation made this stairway feel like a part of the home. 🙂

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