I’m Katie. A wife, daughter, sister and mother of six. I’ve been obsessed with anything design or decor related as long as I can remember, and since I can’t seem to stop thinking about it all, I figured I’d might as well work with the obsession!

I still work a very part-time professional job as a dietitian, and enjoy running, anything coffee related, and enjoying the wonderful friends in my life.

This is a blog dedicated to my love of finding ways to live inexpensively. Mostly what you’ll see is our house renovations and decorating and my love for turning what most would see as trash into a treasure.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy my ideas.
DesignerHolly Hi, I’m Holly.
I’m a wife and mother of two silly boys! I have a passion for business, design, entrepreneurship, and for as much DIY as time allows.  My experience and education consists mostly of business and custom design. Currently the majority of my focus is on textiles and home decorating and renovations.
Aside from blogging, I love spending time with my family, close friends, being active, and helping my husband with his endeavors (vocal coaching & public speaking).
Like Katie mentioned above, this blog is dedicated to finding ways to live inexpensively (because we both love being frugal). But we also hope it encourages you to be creative and to inspire you to try something DIY that you’ve always been wanting to do.
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