Advertise with Creatively Living Blog. We feel that businesses helping businesses is the best way to grow in our endeavors and in ourselves.


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We feel that businesses helping businesses is the best way to grow in our endeavors and in ourselves.
* Creatively Living currently averages 2-3,000 pageviews/day.
* With over 3,000 FB followers, 2,400 Pinterest followers, 2000 subscribers, over 500 Instagram followers, 1,200 Twitter, 500 G+ followers,  and 1,000 Hometalk followers, there’s a good reason for you to advertise your blog, business  or Etsy shop with Creatively Living!
We love promoting wonderful products and great companies. Our latest experiences have included working with and promoting Micheals Craft Store, Hometalk, Kleenex, Royal Design Studio, Silhouette, Method, Home Depot, Déco Art, General Finishes, Fairfield and blogger consultation for the marketing company New Edge.
We post content 3-4 days a week and are active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ promoting our own posts as well as the projects and products of others.
Advertising may include:
* Sidebar Buttons
* Banners
* Blog Posting
* Product Review
* Giveaways
* Paid Links
* Tweets
* Facebook Posts
* Other forms of social media sharing
* We are open to other types of advertising, so send your ideas our way!
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