Healthy Eats for the Week — (Grain Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free)

These are the Healthy Eats for the past two weeks actually. I think last week got away from me.

There have been some winners and losers.

Good thing my husband is a goat and will eat the leftovers regardless.

Healthy Eats Early Oct

Harvest Salad – BEST SALAD EVER! (Ok, in my opinion). This was so good! I’ve eaten it three times!

Chewy Banana Spice Cookies – These are flour-less, and not bad at all. I was out of bananas today and made them with figs. They are a quick and easy fill in when you just need something to eat. I halfed the recipe, put blobs of the dough on a plate and microwave. Quick and easy!

Vanilla Maple Cashew Butter – This was good. We had fresh apples, so I had to make it!

Raw Vegan Salted Peanut Butter Cookies – This was really good too! If you don’t typically eat raw, the texture may surprise you, but I loved them.

Avocado and Edemame Salad — Delicious! I love Edemame beans, so I loved this one!

Caramel Apple Cookies Raw and Vegan — I liked these too, and I think it’s a fun one for kids.

Tomato Avocado Mushroom Corn Soup — Ugh….not my fave. I didn’t have any miso sauce though, so that could make all the difference.

Almond Power Bars with Chocolate Topping — SO GOOD! I will be making these again!

Raw Taco Salad — Another one I won’t make again.  If you’re vegan, which I’m not, this one may be totally up your ally. I think it’s more of a pregnancy-can’t-handle-hot-taco-pepper thing, than anything else.

Besides that, a sweet lady at church made me zucchini noodles, which is basically long, shredded zucchini. It was so, so good! I put spaghetti sauce on it and cooked the “noodles” in olive oil, salt and pepper. Seriously…you should try it! They taste a lot like noodles to me!

Hope this helps you narrow down some things to try this week.


Monday Funday

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  10 Sensational Fall Decorating Ideas
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Living Room Progress this Month

Living Room Progress over the past year has been……slow.

What can I say? Sometimes I look around that room and shake my head that’s it’s not finished (considering finishing it really wouldn’t take that long). Sometimes life, (and essential outdoor projects) crowd this room out.

…and I have to realize that it’s often a good thing.

So, let’s take this room from the top shall we?

The beginning….

Living Room Before Collauge

About a month ago, when we started the “finish this room-up” makeover.

Living Room To Do List 9-14

You can find the full list of planned changes in my previous Living Room Post.

…and here’s where we are now.


So what have we accomplished:

Curtain rods — just a step up from the last cheap ones. A step up makes all the difference in durability.

Dresser Vignette

End Table Area with Silhouette Art




In case you missed some of the projects so far, here they are…


DIY Antler Pillow

Easy Silhouette Art -- Creatively Living

Silhouette Wall Art


Mid-Century Side Table Makeover


Projects Left To Do: 

New Rug — (I ordered this yesterday)

Recover Chairs –Looking for good color suggestions  Light gray? Cream? (keep in mind I have 5 kids) Dark Peacock Blue?

Coffee Table — I’m thinking I’m just going to get a different one, since I have a baby on the way and the tables there are not the most sturdy

Painting the doors and trim —thinking about adding a little color

Hardware/painting/styling of hutch

Medallion around chandelier

Quarter Round

The “We’ll See List”:

Faux Molding

More Pillows

OK….now back to work!

Hope you guys are having a great week.


New York, ViaCord and What You Need to Know About Cord Blood Banking.

There are times, when my two professions collide. It’s uncommon, but when they do, I love it!

This past week, I was invited to fly to New York and learn about cord blood and the latest research by ViaCord, a leading private family cord blood bank that has been providing high-quality stem cell and tissue preservation service to families for 20 years.

Umbilical Cord-Cord Blood Banking


 It was fascinating research!

 You’ve probably heard of cord blood banking before.  Maybe you’ve even banked for one of your children, or maybe it’s seemed strange, you’ve questioned what it really was, or heard you’d have to be a millionaire to bank it!

There is a ton of interesting research and information about this subject, but for now…

Let’s cover this in 5 points:

1. What is cord banking?

2. Why is cord banking a good thing (why do people do it?)

3. How does it affect me? (current research and trails)

4. Is it affordable?

5. Misconceptions about cord banking.


So let’s get started.

1. What is cord banking?

Cord blood banking is the process of collecting and storing your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells for potential medical use. Why cord blood stem cells you might ask? Cord blood stem cells are biologically younger and are more flexible compared to adult stem cells. They are young and naive, and don’t know quite what they’re supposed to be when they grow up.  Science is realizing that the body can direct the cells where they are most necessary!  They have the ability to potentially heal damaged cells, tissues, organs, blood and the immune system.  Additionally, cord tissue cells are also being studied for their potential to regenerate bone, cartilage, tendons, and neurons. Sometimes refereed to as “Master Cells”, these cells can heal the body and promote recovery, and have enormous therapeutic potential! Our bodies are intuitive and amazing!  

There are actually two types of umbilical cord stem cells that can be banked: the tissue cells and the blood cells.  Originally cord blood cells were only banked, but they now know that banking cord tissue cells may be beneficial as well as research continues to work towards finding new therapeutic possibilities for additional diseases and injuries.

In case this is new-to-you information, cord blood and cord tissue stem cells are collected at the time of  birth by the health care provider and ultimately stored at a ViaCord facility. The family can access the stem cells at any time should they ever need them for treatment.

2. Why is cord blood banking a good thing?

  • Because cord blood can be used in the treatment of over 80 life threatening disease states today.
  • Cord blood is used in 22% of all transplants and over 50% of all pediatric transplants.
  • Over 30,000 cord blood transplants have been performed worldwide. Basically, it has tremendous possibility to do a lot of good if your child needs it, if your child’s sibling needs it, or you, or your parent’s need it!




My family is plagued with autoimmune issues. Two of us have Type I diabetes, my mom has an autoimmune disorder that weakens muscles and skin, we all have hypothyroidism, and I have celiac disease. The chance of one of my 6 children ending up with an autoimmune disorder is high!  You can pretty much bet money on it!  So would it be worth banking my (in utero) child’s cord right now? The chances are that it would be! Cord blood stem cell research has come so far in the past 30 yrs.  

3. How does this affect me?

That’s a good question. When making a decision about cord banking, you really have to look at your family history to decide what decisions you’re going to make. Does your family have a history of things that cord blood can possibly help with?

Here is a list of diseases (it’s LONG). Remember cord blood stem cells can be used in the treatment of nearly 80 diseases where you can find here. Aside from these diseases. research and some clinical trials are underway to try to find new medical applications for cord blood stem cells in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy and Juvenile Diabetes. Cord tissue stem cells, different than cord blood, also have scientists working hard to find medical applications in the areas of Sports Injuries (Cartilage), Lung Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Liver Fibrosis.

When faced with the banking decision I think to myself, “what if they could help make autoimmune diseases less aggressive in 5 yrs. What if they could cure some of them in 20 yrs.  What if they could cure all of them in 30 yrs? Would it help me? My children? My children’s children?”

Diseases Treated by Cord Blood

Does it affect you?  We can look at our family history, but there’s really no way to tell what will affect us in the future.

4. Is it affordable?  I won’t lie. It’s a large expense, but in the big picture of things, so are disease states. Insurance, medical bills, treatments, are much more expensive than the cost of cord blood/tissue banking. As I mentioned before, I met with ViaCord over the past week.  I was thoroughly impressed with what options they are providing to try to make this affordable for everyone. ViaCord recently cut their costs for banking by 40% to make it more affordable.  At this point they do not even make much off of the banking process.  Their company is interested in gaining ground in scientific research.  ViaCord has the highest published treatment success rates out of any cord blood banking company. They have very affordable payment plan options, provide super easy direction on how to open a Cord Blood Gift Registry so familes and friends can help contribute to the cost, and a program with Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute called The Sibling Connection, which offers free cord banking to families with a child who has an established diagnosis of a disease that is currently treatable with sibling cord blood.

5. Common Misconceptions about cord blood banking

  •  That it is unethical — Many people hear the word “stem cell” now days and think we are talking about embryonic stem cells. Cord blood and tissue banking only takes stem cells from the umbilical cord, not an unborn fetus.
  •  It’s all about propaganda and making money — This is far from the truth. See #4 above titled “Is it affordable”.
  • This doesn’t affect my family — You could be correct, your family may be very healthy, but most families have a genetic predisposition to an autoimmune problem or disease state that they are working on a treatment for through stem cell research, and once again, we never know what the future will hold.
  • That every cord blood/tissue bank is the same — Many start up stem cell companies don’t make it.  They eventually go out of business.  Find a company that has been doing cord cell/tissue banking for a long time!  I would also find a company that publishes their research (I know that ViaCord does), not every company does. I think it’s also worthwhile to find a company who teams up with other healthcare leaders. This is called the “Third Party Effect”.  This enables the research and trails to be more open, more ethical, more transparent, and they have a better outcome based on better knowledge teams.


 So what do you think?

I think it’s very interesting info!

Although ViaCord did compensate me for this post,  I have to say, I think they are a very legit and transparent company.  Transparent meaning they keep their studies and finding out in the open: they publish them.

I believe their mission is to provide the highest quality stem cell preservation service for patients, families, and their physicians. I don’t feel they are trying to rip you off. I think they are trying to be a company that changes our world’s rise of disease through an emerging scientific frontier.

Cord Blood Research Presentations

(I had to share one pic of all of the bloggers during the cord blood lectures)


I hope this helped you wade through the weeds a little on this topic.

Click Here for other frequently asked questions.


For other information on Cord Blood and Tissue and ViaCord follow ViaCord via their Blog, Twitter, Facebook,


Monday Funday

Hey everyone!

How’s your fall going? I’ve not even had a chance to pull out my decor out!

Hopefully this week I’ll get to that.

I did get a chance to make a pillow for fall though…

A DIY Antler Pillow.


Now on to the party!


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Our features from last week’s party are Halloween Crafts and Treats!

Halloween Crafts and Treats | Monday Funday Features

Peek-a-boo Frankie by Crafty Journal | Mummy Lanterns by A Pumpkin & a Princess | Spider Web Halloween Wreath by It’s Always Ruetten | Trick or Treat Sign by Mommy’s Bundle | Boneyard Lantern by Oh My Creative | Halloween Candles by Jacolyn Murphy | Halloween Candy Wreath by Uncommon Designs | Eye of Newt Cupcakes by This Momma Loves | Halloween Treat Cups by Simply Designing | Frankenstein Brownies by Club Chica Circle | Monster Mash Munch by Life with the Crust Cut Off | Gravestone Rice Krispie Treats by The Life of a Craft Crazed Mom

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DIY Antler Pillow


Hi everyone,

Busy week! Is your fall crazy too?

There are so many kid activities this fall, that the living room makeover is going slow!

BUT… the pillows are mostly done (I just need a couple sweater pillows). We’re never really done, right?

This last one I made, I’m sort of in love with…

The DIY Antler Pillow.


This was really pretty easy. I copied some antlers off the internet by simply tracing the desired size on a piece of paper.


Then I traced it on some sticky-backed felt.

Did you know there was such a thing? I didn’t, but it’s pretty cool.

I bought mine at Joanne’s and used the coupon on my phone.


This I simply stuck it to the pillow that I had made.


The antlers didn’t stick well enough (unless your pillows don’t get touched by children).


I kind of figured it would be too good to be true.

So, I need to go back and glue it on somehow.

Have any of you had good luck with fabric glue?

I have only had bad luck with fabric glue.

Last resort will be to tack it on by hand.

If you’re going to try this, you may want to sew it on with the machine while making the pillow.


I’ll let you know when I find something that works,

but for now, it will just look cute on my couch.


Monday Funday

Hey everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.

This week I shared some easy and inexpensive Silhouette Art and then continued on with my Healthy Recipes.

Foods for 10-3

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Healthy Recipes for the Week

Hi everyone,

You may have seen my post last week on my pregnancy diet restrictions and what delicious recipes I had found.  I think I’m going to post them once a week, for those of you who also have diet restrictions or are just trying to eat clean and healthy. I’ll tell you what I thought and what the kids thought.

Luckily, I was able to handle a little regular sour cream this week. These recipes are still no-dairy, but it  was nice to be able to add a little of that.

So here are this week’s recipes. If you’re Paleo, Alkaline, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free or just really into clean eating, then these might work for you.

Foods for 10-3

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Easy Silhouette Wall Art … yes, I’m still addicted to silhouette art.

Hey all,

Here’s another project in the Living Room Reno!

Easy Silhouette Art -- Creatively Living

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Monday Funday

Hey everyone!
I’m so glad you are here today. I spent the past week in New York blogging about some really exciting medical research that probably effects almost all of us. I can’t wait to share more about it. Hopefully they will let us publish the info soon!

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