Girl’s Bedroom Inspiration

Source ….The girl’s room. The room that has never gotten ANYWHERE since we’ve lived here. OK, that’s not true….maybe it just feels like that. I get that this isn’t the best “before pic”. In fact, this bedroom used to actually be a kitchen! The house was a duplex when we moved in and this room […]

How to Turn a Shower Curtain into a Bed Comforter

My son has a very cute bedroom. We made several coordinating decorations, curtains, pillows, etc. etc. etc. But we made all these things either before he was born or when he was a wee little baby.  Now that he sleeps in a toddler bed, he had no blanket for his bed that matched! [oh my […]

Holly’s Dream Master Bedroom

  Dream Master Bedroom

Junk to Wall Art

My master bedroom has really come together in the last week (latest room to be finishing), so I’m going to start showing you all my projects from it.  Here’s the first show and tell: The Junk Wall Art I found a crib sitting outside of a dumpster this past spring and I just had to […]

Room Re-do for $70! Room Reveal

I suppose I should finally do the Room Re-do for under $70 REVEAL!   My sister owns her own business and is a single mother. She has such a heart for her clients, is a kind person and a fantastic mother, however, with a busy work schedule and taking time for B (my nephew), she doesn’t have […]