Day #10: Fall Leaf Arrangement

It’s Day #10 of the 31 Days of Thrifty Fall Decor series.

Today’s Topic:

Fall Leaf Arrangements

I love leaf arrangements.

They are beautiful, they display all the colors of fall and are FREE….well I guess mine is almost free.

I usually start by swiping something colorful out of my yard. These leaves are just perfect this time of year.

Then, if I need another color….maybe a color that’s not in my yard, I steal something from a field or park down the road.

I’ve been swiping these yellow beauties for a couple weeks now.  They are a nice yellow and their leaves are just the right size.

So here are the three pieces to my arrangement.  The two I showed you already, and some fake leaves from the craft store.

Just a bit of fakness is ok with me. There aren’t any leaves this color here yet, and they don’t die, so the arrangement actually looks decent longer.

I like using leaves that are different sizes, and cluster differently. Notice the yellow leaves are on branches that run vertically, while the larger leaves from my yard are in larger clusters.

As the picture above says, I cut the ends off what I need to so that everything will fit in the vase nicely.

The yellow leaves I purposely cut longer than the others.

Then I put them all in the vase evenly. Sometimes I have to pull branches around each other.

Since I’ve had a lot of house showings, free leaf arrangements have been a great thing to use this fall.

If I had to purchase floral arrangements  it would have gotten pretty expensive by now!

Have you tried any leaf arrangements before?

Decorating with Fall Leaves

Creatively Living‘s leaves in a glass container.

There is no doubt that leaves are one of God’s most beautiful decorating creations.


BG&H‘s table centerpiece.

Their colors and shapes are magnificent!

Centsational Girl‘s fall mantel.

……and just like all awesome things from God,

…they are free.

BG&H ‘s leaves in a vase.

They look good basically anywhere, when you’re decorating for fall!

BG&H‘s leaf and pumpkin garland.

…and just like any great decorator, God changes them constantly, keeping the world wonderfully different everyday.


Creatively Living’s  Leaf Placecards

Sometimes I stop and wonder why I buy and make so many fall decorations.

Creatively Living’s Fall Chandelier

….when what is most beautiful, is just sitting outside my window, needing a little creativity.

HGTV by Layla Palmer

Although it is fun to pull the leaf decor out before anything outdoors has really changed.


Because wonderfully colored fall leaves, never seem to last long enough.

Uncommon Designs‘ Glittered Leaf Wreath.

So even if your fall decor budget is at an all time low…



There’s no need to worry….

 As usual, God has provided everything you really need.

Creatively Living



Fall Tablescape Place Cards


These are my super easy and inexpensive place cards for this year’s Fall Tablescape.

1. I purchased these great drink coasters at Micheals craft store. They were around $2 for a package of 6. There were two different kinds and I’ve used them for all sorts of things so far.

2. I purchased a package of fall leaves with wire stems at the Dollar Store. These leaves are great and look like they are made out of crate paper and wire. They look far more real to me than most of the fall leaves out there.

3.  Some names printed on card stock.

4. I used this foam super-stick tape to piece this project together. The tape I bought at Walmart, and use for all sorts of projects.

First, take the leaf and wrap the stem in the pinecone. Adjust until secure and stand it up how you’d like.

Next, stick some of the foam tape on the coaster and then stick the pinecone to it.

Then stick a tiny piece of foam tape on the place card…

….and stick it on the leaf.

That’s about it.

Quick and easy….

And I think they probably break down to around 50 cents a piece.

I made one for all the kids.

I really don’t think we’ll even have Thanksgiving at our place, but since this is probably one of the only fall’s I won’t be renovating (first fall in 5 years I haven’t been), I’m going to sieze the moment and set the table for fall!

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