DIY “Gather” Fall Pillow ….. just a dish towel and a marker!

I love all the “Gather” pillows this season. DIY Gather Pillow Tutorial by Creatively Living Blog

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Day #10: Fall Leaf Arrangement

It’s Day #10 of the 31 Days of Thrifty Fall Decor series.

Today’s Topic:

Fall Leaf Arrangements

I love leaf arrangements.

They are beautiful, they display all the colors of fall and are FREE….well I guess mine is almost free.

I usually start by swiping something colorful out of my yard. These leaves are just perfect this time of year.

Then, if I need another color….maybe a color that’s not in my yard, I steal something from a field or park down the road.

I’ve been swiping these yellow beauties for a couple weeks now.  They are a nice yellow and their leaves are just the right size.

So here are the three pieces to my arrangement.  The two I showed you already, and some fake leaves from the craft store.

Just a bit of fakness is ok with me. There aren’t any leaves this color here yet, and they don’t die, so the arrangement actually looks decent longer.

I like using leaves that are different sizes, and cluster differently. Notice the yellow leaves are on branches that run vertically, while the larger leaves from my yard are in larger clusters.

As the picture above says, I cut the ends off what I need to so that everything will fit in the vase nicely.

The yellow leaves I purposely cut longer than the others.

Then I put them all in the vase evenly. Sometimes I have to pull branches around each other.

Since I’ve had a lot of house showings, free leaf arrangements have been a great thing to use this fall.

If I had to purchase floral arrangements  it would have gotten pretty expensive by now!

Have you tried any leaf arrangements before?

Day #1: Dollar Store Leaf Branch

This is day #1 of the “31 Days of Thrifty Fall Decor” series.

This is a link-up with The Nester, and basically you blog about something for 31 days.

I’ve decided on 31 Days of Thrifty Fall Decor, because there are so many little things I decorate, that I never share. Usually they are free or from the Dollar Store, and I figured you might like some of them.

So……here’s Day #1:

The Dollar Store Leaf Branch.

This branch from the backyard, and a package of dollar store leaves is an easy, and simple way to add some “fall” to your home.

This would look great on:

* Shelves

* The top of a dresser.

* If you used a few sticks or branches in a vase with these leaves.

* On a wall (especially if you had a big branch!)

  This best thing about this branch is that it is subtle. It doesn’t scream “Fall Decor”.

How I made this:

I always have this hanging….um, what are those things called? A Reed-weaved “circle thingy” hanging on my staircase wall.

I found a branch in our yard, and the leaves from the Dollar Store are made with wire, so I simply wrapped a few around different sides of the branches.

You can see it through our kitchen or as you’re going down our stairway.

(That verse is actually on our stairway. It’s not from picture editing.)

So, there’s a simple, easy and “thrifty” way to bring a little fall into your home.

31 Days……of “Thrifty” Fall Decor



Hey everyone,

How are all of you?

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Mine was more relaxing than usual, with nothing other than a couple sporting events and church to go to. The extra time allowed us to have family movie night and to hang out with my Dad on his farm. Both were really laid-back and enjoyable.

So, I don’t even come close to blogging every day, but I am going to participate in The Nester’s 31 days series. 

Now really, I wanted to put 31 days of cheap fall decor, but some people turn a nose up at the word “cheap”, however, that is the word I use most often for what I’m creating…..”cheap fall decor”.

This stuff isn’t super nice, well-made or a fantastic uncovered thrifty find! It’s mostly from the Dollar Store, or from the good ol’ outdoors.

So I decided on “Thrifty Fall Decor”.

The series will start tomorrow and I’ll be posting for 31 days on “Thrifty Fall Decor” ideas.

When I contemplated doing this, I thought about how I probably had 20 days worth of ideas in my house already, so here we go! ……31 days of ideas to put in your house that won’t break the bank, but will warm your home with a festive feel.

So….tune in tomorrow….here we go!


Decorating with Fall Leaves

Creatively Living‘s leaves in a glass container.

There is no doubt that leaves are one of God’s most beautiful decorating creations.


BG&H‘s table centerpiece.

Their colors and shapes are magnificent!

Centsational Girl‘s fall mantel.

……and just like all awesome things from God,

…they are free.

BG&H ‘s leaves in a vase.

They look good basically anywhere, when you’re decorating for fall!

BG&H‘s leaf and pumpkin garland.

…and just like any great decorator, God changes them constantly, keeping the world wonderfully different everyday.


Creatively Living’s  Leaf Placecards

Sometimes I stop and wonder why I buy and make so many fall decorations.

Creatively Living’s Fall Chandelier

….when what is most beautiful, is just sitting outside my window, needing a little creativity.

HGTV by Layla Palmer

Although it is fun to pull the leaf decor out before anything outdoors has really changed.


Because wonderfully colored fall leaves, never seem to last long enough.

Uncommon Designs‘ Glittered Leaf Wreath.

So even if your fall decor budget is at an all time low…



There’s no need to worry….

 As usual, God has provided everything you really need.

Creatively Living



My Fall Tablescape

When the “tablescape” link-ups happen during the holidays, I’m usually busy painting molding, or tiling a floor….

There usually isn’t time to “doll up” the table.


Fall is my favorite time of year to decorate,

but last year we were so busy making some head-way with the renovations, I didn’t even decorate for fall.

Not to mention, we have a LOT of family where I live and this little table wouldn’t even come close to holding them all,

so we usually have holiday meals at my parent’s or grandma’s.

But this year, my house is finished (for the most part),

….. and so I figured I would try my first tablescape.

Even if it’s just my family that eats at it once.

Or maybe it would be a good reason to have some friends over.

Never mind the fact that my husband and seven year old thought I had entirely too much stuff on the table,

 …..and maybe I do, but it was fun to pull together anyways.

I don’t have matching dishes or silver.

My kids do the dishes and they brake about two a week….literally. I only buy white dishes from thrift stores and yard sales. That way I don’t have to get upset.

With five little kids, I don’t think I’ll be keeping the table like this until Thanksgiving,

 …but now it will be easy to recreate when the time comes.


Candle holders: yard sale

Pinecone candle holders: Fred Meyer

Feathers: my friend Mo (thanks Mo), and the local taxidermist (Tri-Cities Taxidermy)

Be Thankful coasters: Micheal’s Craft Store

Leaves and pumpkins: Dollar Store

Cream table runner: IKEA

Fall table runner: Kmart (a decade ago)

Everything else has been in the “fall” box for years.

 You can see my other fall posts about Fall Place Cards and my Fall Chandelier .



Fall Chandelier


I finally got a chance to pull out of the fall decorations this week.

It’s finally starting to cool off here in Washington and it’s time to start setting the pumpkins out.

Above the table is our chandelier. It’s not my favorite, but it works for now.

I decided it needed a little Fall-i-fying.

What you see below, is what’s been there for two years…. remnants of winter decor. Sycamore branches are multi-seasonal….right?

The burnt out and random shaped light bulbs make for a great “before” shot.

Next I started pulling apart last year’s fall wreath, and adding the pieces to the chandelier.

I wanted to make a new wreath anyways……and maybe I wanted to use more of these pieces from the old one, but oh well. Do you do this sort of thing too?

I’m really “into” feathers this fall. I even went and picked up a box from a taxidermist. Does that sound gross? I hope not.

If it makes you feel better, I did wash the ends of a lot of them.

They are beautiful and elegant and are perfect for fall.

Next I added pinecones, whatever the orange-branched things are (again from the wreath I was deconstructing) and raffia that I had picked up at the Dollar Store.

I basically just stuck things on top of one another. If you wanted to secure the pinecones, you could use florest’s wire, but mine seem to be staying just fine. Fair warning if you’re dinning at my place this fall.

I tucked in a few straggly pieces her and there…..

….and that was it!

The chandelier is now Fall-i-fied!

Have you pulled out the fall decorations yet?

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Ready for fall…. and project runway (the nursery)

OK, totally random title, I know, but this is the end of the 2nd day at my sister’s and it’s been NUTS around here!~ My Mom, Chloe and I flew to Denver Thursday morning to start working on my very pregnant sister’s nursery and we have been going NON-STOP ever since!
 It’s been a lot of fun. I don’t usually get to do all these projects without a bunch of little kids running around, so I’ve been having a blast being overly focused on all of the 20 projects I’ve started so far. It’s 3 am….and I’m beat! Like I said, It’s a little like project runway around here, but for a room. 
I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to, but I haven’t even had time to take any after pictures yet.
So for now, I’ll just share some fall inspiration. I love the fall…..
Fall…….I can’t believe it’s almost here!
It’s my favorite season. 
It always has been…..
and it always will be.
It must be the colors….
they are so warm…
They make me want to light candles….
and wear scarves….
and drink hot lattes.
At the end of July, I always start to think, “there can’t be only one more month to summer! I never want it to end!”
…but by the end of August, I am always so ready for some fall weather. 
…and the smells, colors, and annual festivities. 
I know that fall doesn’t officially start until mid-September.
…but I officially start “my” fall the beginning of September. 
….so that gives me five more days. 
…Five more days until I can put up my fall wreath, and buy a pot of mums. 
…and I couldn’t be more ready!
I’m ready for hot instead of iced lattes.
…and to be greeted by pumpkins, mums, and leaves when I walk up to my front door. 
….and maybe a little rain and an umbrella. 
…and of course, sweaters, boots and scarves.
….and family, fall food, and laughter. 
Are you ready?
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