Bring Spring to Your Front Door – Spring Wreath Makeover

It’s finally Spring! Time to hang a spring wreath on your door! It’s been a REALLY LONG, cold, snowy and wet winter in the Pacific NW. So hanging something “spring-ish” made me so happy! I happened to find this wreath at a Goodwill. Overall, it was in good shape, I loved the sticks and greenery; […]

DIY Free Flower Box Wall Art

Holly and I will be featuring some of our best summer projects from the  past and this is one of my absolute faves! There’s nothing I love more than turning basic junk into something fun and useful! This HUGE gate was hanging by a hinge when we move in. Most would have tossed it in the scrap, […]

Monday Funday

Hey all! Welcome to Monday Funday! This week at Creatively Living, Holly shared her Tale of Two Tables….a Makeover Story. I shared a oldie, but goodie! My Porch Makeover from a couple years ago. Still one of my favorites! Let’s get this party started! Thanks for being a part of one of the most rockin’ […]

DIY “Gather” Fall Pillow ….. just a dish towel and a marker!

I love all the “Gather” pillows this season.

Embellishing a Plain Pillow with Yarn

I’ve noticed a few embroidered pillows out there lately. I think they’re fabulous. They gave me the idea to try embellishing a pillow I already had with yarn. Here’s the tutorial! I started with some yarn, and a pillow that was already laying around my house, and was rather…..plain. I took a square piece of […]