How to Texture Drywall Yourself

The house we currently live in used to be a duplex. Over the past 4 yrs we’ve turned it back into it’s original 1904 single family shape.  This meant adding some walls back where they used to be. Because of this, we had a lot of drywall to finish up and almost everything upstairs needed […]

Girl’s Bedroom Inspiration

Source ….The girl’s room. The room that has never gotten ANYWHERE since we’ve lived here. OK, that’s not true….maybe it just feels like that. I get that this isn’t the best “before pic”. In fact, this bedroom used to actually be a kitchen! The house was a duplex when we moved in and this room […]

An Imperfect Vintage Vanity Makeover….for the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest!

Whimsical Branch Wall Art

This is my first post on Chloe’s room. Poor girl,… she has been moved into 3 different rooms during the 5 years we’ve lived here. When my sister moved out, almost two years ago, (and I was just about to have #5) we moved Chloe into my sister’s old room in the basement. Chloe adores […]