Cereal Box Star Garland…for any holiday or occasion

SAVE YOUR CEREAL BOXES! Check out this creative way to re-purpose your cereal box! The cardboard is the perfect thickness for these stars. Not only are these stars cute and make an adorable star garland {that goes perfectly with every holiday and occasion}, but they are SIMPLE to make! Start with a star template; I […]

The Tale of Two Tables {the makeover story of the neglected table}

As mentioned in a previous post, The Tale of Two Tables [a makeover story], I came across TWO nearly identical tables. Table 1: Neglected Table [from park] was in really rough shape, it had been sitting outside for at least a year. My loving husband carried the table home (yes, on his head); I think […]

The Best of Creatively Living…Rustic Wood Projects

I hope you’re as as intrigued with rustic wood projects as we are. Over time we’ve created several projects with wood and we wanted to round them up in one spot and show them to you. Most of these projects were absolutely no cost to make, others just a few bucks (one of the reasons […]

How to Make a Lamp Shade….out of a Starbucks Cup!

Have you all noticed the latest in gold lamp trends? I have! Maybe I’ve noticed them too much, because I have wanted them in three places in my home! I love this one from Target! …but I don’t pay $50 for task lamps. So I got to thinkin’…. I had a bent arm type lamp downstairs I […]

Door Projects Tour (and Reveals). By Me and Mimi of Blue Roof Cabin!

Have you met my friend Mimi from Blue Roof Cabin? She is pretty incredible! If you haven’t seen her site and projects, you should. She is best at what I am worst at…..wood working! We are both Washington State DIY bloggers and will be flying together to the Haven conference this coming summer. We were […]

“Must-Do” Projects for 2013: #2 Use Some Junk as Decor!

This is the second post in my series on “Must-Do Projects for 2013!” My first Must-Do Home Project for 2013, was to Make a Banner. My 2nd Must-Do Project is to Use Some Junk as Decor! Let me tell ya, as I created this post I realized just how much junk I’ve used this year! […]

Junkin’ While Running (my Christmas Table Centerpiece).

I was happy to spot this piece of abandoned wood the other day while I was running. OK, so I spotted 2-3 pieces of wood….and talked my husband into pulling them out of a huge garbage pile and placing them in our stroller. Do you do this sort of thing? Does your husband roll his eyes, […]

Boot Socks (another thing to do with old sweaters).

I’ve been eyeing some awesome boot socks on Pinterest. As you can see, mine aren’t as fancy as some. Mine don’t have cute buttons or gathered lace, but after making my sweater pillow (see below)…  I had these two sweater sleeves left, and couldn’t resist. This project was SUPER easy and only took about 20 […]

Day #18: Sweater Pillows

Today is #18 in the 31 Days of Thrifty Fall Decor series. Today’s Topic: Sweater Pillows Who doesn’t love a cozy sweater pillow when fall comes around. They are a great “upcycle” project that adds warmth and texture to a space. I finally got around to making one this year. There is a down pillow inside […]

Huge Wall Art for the Nursery (Nursery Project #5)

Hey everyone, This week has been a crazy clash of starting home school for this year, switching to Word Press, and my husband being in TX for work!…um, notice what has taken the back burner (the blog), I haven’t even figured out how to change my fonts in WP! That and my house looks like […]