Door Projects Tour (and Reveals). By Me and Mimi of Blue Roof Cabin!


Have you met my friend Mimi from Blue Roof Cabin? She is pretty incredible! If you haven’t seen her site and projects, you should. She is best at what I am worst at…..wood working!

We are both Washington State DIY bloggers and will be flying together to the Haven conference this coming summer.

We were e-mailing the other day, and realized we were both working on door projects.

So we decided to reveal them together….and throw in a few door projects of the past.

The pics below are of Mimi’s Hall Tree.  I love all of the detail she adds, and her painting is always perfect for every project.

She is currently teaching painting classes at Abundance Vintage in Centralia, WA, where she also has a shop space.


Fantastic right?! I love the mirror and the legs!


…and here is my “door project”.

I eyed this door at the local thrift shop for weeks.

It was only $15 and I kept telling myself NOT to bring a project home….but I eventually gave in.


Just some paint, chalk paint, wax, a little wood detailing and a handle.

I would love to keep it, but my house is full, so this one will be for sale.


Here are some other door projects from the past.

We obviously see potential in old doors!


The Kitchen Island Update by Mimi. Made from old doors!


Salvaged Door Dinning Room Banquet.  Pretty incredible to make all the seating out of old doors!


Re-purposed Bi-Fold Doors into Bookcase.

Here are some “door projects” for my past year of blogging and projects.


Pantry Door Turned Frame


How to Decorate a Bedroom Inexpensively!

The headboard is from a closet that was originally built into the master bedroom. I found the old closet doors in a workroom in our basement.

I re-painted the white paint, but the detailing was light blue and gold. I didn’t even have to repaint that….guess it was meant to be.


How to Create an Inexpensive Focal Wall. Another old door I found in our attic.

Did you enjoy our “door projects” tour?

Hopefully it has inspired you to see old doors in a new way.


“Must-Do” Projects for 2013: #2 Use Some Junk as Decor!

This is the second post in my series on “Must-Do Projects for 2013!”

My first Must-Do Home Project for 2013, was to Make a Banner.

My 2nd Must-Do Project is to Use Some Junk as Decor!

Let me tell ya, as I created this post I realized just how much junk I’ve used this year!

I hope these ideas inspire you. I’m obviously passionate about transforming what you have and using road-side junk finds to make a beautiful space.

These ideas are all proof that you don’t need much money do create a space you love!

Just effort and time, …but don’t get overwhelmed and feel defeated just because you read effort and time!

Start small. There have been times I’ve renovated and my goal for the day was just to paint one side of a door frame. Slow and steady is sometime all we can do….and that IS enough!

Ok…enough pep talk, onto some junk pics!



My Junk Table Centerpiece from some beaten up wood I saw while running.


Holiday Chair Slips that I made out of old burlap and ribbon.


Sweater Pillows are perfect for this time of year!

They add texture to any space and are wonderfully cozy, so raid your local thrift store or your home closet for some old sweaters to use.


This Huge Nursery Wall Art was made out of an old window casing and some open cards.


Lampshade Remake from an outdated lamp and shade.


My basement Silhouette Wall Art.

Made from a table leaf that I painted and added my kid’s silhouettes cut out of scrapbook paper.


Downstairs Bathroom Reveal

I used a lot of junk in this bathroom, but my favorite piece was this old drawer turned shelf.


Whimsical Branch Wall Art

I LOVE branches in decor and have them many places in my house. Can’t beat free nature!

The headboard was an old door I found in the attic space in our house. Using chairs as end tables is another idea.


 Summer Back Entry

This is another spot with lots of junk. From the $1 thrift table, to the old canning pot and metal bucket used as planters to the black rod iron hangers turned sideways to be wall art, this space is full of junk finds.


My Insulator Coat Rack is a viewer favorite.


Crib to Note Holder

Since so many cribs aren’t supposed to be used anymore, they are a good thing to use for some junk home decor ideas. I’ve seen a number of them on Pinterest.


Jute and Wine Jugs


Shelf Turned TV Console


Pantry Door Turned Frame


Decorating Shelves with junk and other items.

The box is an old apple crate and the bucket I found in a junk yard.  The fabric flower is sitting on a jar with yellow blocks in it.


Gallery Wall Kid Art

One of my favorite things on our wall is my son’s drawing. The “canvas” is actually a large piece of plywood we found at the Goodwill with a simple wood frame.


This piece of Kid Wall Art is made out of a Goodwill frame and posterboard.


“Yarning a Lamp Shade”

I pulled this shade out of my neighbor’s garbage. I wonder if they noticed.


DIY Master Bath Wall Art

Here are two frames that are the same size, but weren’t anything I ever used, so I turned them around and painted the back of the frames.


Stenciled Rug Tutorial

Do you have an old rug that needs a makeover?



 Junk to Wall Art


 I actually have two crib box springs in my house. I think they make for interesting wall art. I found both of them outside apartment complexes.


Wall Sconces Turned Candelabra  and  Gallery Wall made out of random picture frames.

Both were ideas I used for my sister’s room makeover for under $70. 

Gallery walls are a great way to use a bunch of old picture frames. Just paint them all the same color.


How to Decorate a Master Bedroom Inexpensively


 The headboard is another old door.


Junk to Jewelry Holder


 I still love this piece. My jewelry actually stays organized!

Do you have any ideas for some junk this year?


Junkin’ While Running (my Christmas Table Centerpiece).

I was happy to spot this piece of abandoned wood the other day while I was running.

OK, so I spotted 2-3 pieces of wood….and talked my husband into pulling them out of a huge garbage pile and placing them in our stroller.

Do you do this sort of thing? Does your husband roll his eyes, but put up with you anyways?

We ran a good 2 miles back like this.

One man mentioned that he didn’t think our stroller would “take off”. I think he thought it looked like a plane.

I had been wanting  some wood for the table centerpiece, and I was sure one of these pieces would work.


I added some silver and glitter…

And candles and evergreen cuttings (notice my 2 yr old decided to color on my number..just keepin’ it real!)…

And more shiny-stuff and a disco ball or two.

What, you don’t use disco balls in your Christmas decor?

All I had to do was give it a good cleaning and dry brush a little white paint here and there.

Do you junk when you run, or walk, or when you’re driving by, doing something totally unrelated to junking?

Boot Socks (another thing to do with old sweaters).

I’ve been eyeing some awesome boot socks on Pinterest.

As you can see, mine aren’t as fancy as some.

Mine don’t have cute buttons or gathered lace, but after making my sweater pillow (see below)…

 I had these two sweater sleeves left, and couldn’t resist.

This project was SUPER easy and only took about 20 minutes (if even).

First, try them on before you sew to see how much you need to take up on the sides. Next, take the arm and sew (on the seam side of the arm) so that you have an even width for the sleeve (or sock, or whatever we are calling it at this point). After you sew, cut off the extra material.

*HINT– Use a triple stitch if your sweater is stretchy.

Then I sewed around the bottom of the sleeve, so that the edges wouldn’t fray.

(Really this is a boot leg-warmer, but it sounds a lot cuter if we call it a sock.)

…and that’s it. Pretty easy!

Told you it would only take 20 minutes max!

Day #18: Sweater Pillows

Today is #18 in the 31 Days of Thrifty Fall Decor series.

Today’s Topic:

Sweater Pillows

Who doesn’t love a cozy sweater pillow when fall comes around.

They are a great “upcycle” project that adds warmth and texture to a space.

I finally got around to making one this year. There is a down pillow inside which makes the pillow so comfortable!

It usually sits in the dinning room chair below.

To start, find an old sweater, or purchase one from a thrift store. I originally planned on making two pillows out of one sweater, by backing them with other material that I had, but I got lazy and ended up just making one with the front and back of the sweater.

I laid the sweater material over the pillow so I could see where I needed to cut.

Here are my two squares I ended up with for the front and back of the pillow. Remember, the material is stretchy, and you want it to be snug on the pillow.

Pin it inside out and sew up three sides.

Then put the pillow back inside to check you measure correctly and to know where to make the forth seam.

Cut the excess off the sides.

I also sewed the corners so they would be rounded, and cut the excess off.

Lastly, sew up the fourth side.

That’s it! A pretty easy project for a $2-$3 dollar sweater at the Thrift Store.

Note: If you live in the Tri-Cities, Wa. I purchase my upcycle project clothing and sweaters at New Beginnings on Lee Blvd.

All sweaters and shirts are $2.50!

There are SO MANY cute sweater pillows on Pinterest!

It’s amazing how creative you can get with them!

Huge Wall Art for the Nursery (Nursery Project #5)

Hey everyone,

This week has been a crazy clash of starting home school for this year,

switching to Word Press, and my husband being in TX for work!…um, notice what has taken the back burner (the blog), I haven’t even figured out how to change my fonts in WP!

That and my house looks like a bomb went off!

All I can say is TGIF!

So let me tell you about the next nursery project. It’s a project I’m really excited about.

The other day, Pam, at Simple Details, asked her readers if they liked large statement pieces.

I started thinking about how I LOVE large statement pieces. (I may love them too much!)

One of my favorite things is taking  “junk” and making it into a large statement piece in a room, for next to nothing. Seriously, it’s a weird passion of mine.

So when we were in Denver a couple weeks ago, working on my sister’s nursery, and I stumbled upon a pile of free old windows casings at a neighbor’s house, I knew we would be making something out of them!


Because….they were BIG and FREE!

My sister Holly and I had talked about what to put above the crib before I found this. We knew it would have to be basically free to stay within the budget we were shooting for. We had even considered building a frame similar to this out of pallet wood, and then padding, upholstering it and tufting it, or stenciling inside….maybe adding wood of some sort.

So when I found this frame, I knew it was meant to be!

I had my brother-in-law paint it a deep turquoise blue. The same color they were painting the dresser.

Then he hung it on the wall for us, using a stud finder to make it hang securely.

Huge huh?

Next, I needed to find out what to put inside.

And in the Joann’s dollar section bins, there it was…

The answer to what should go inside the huge empty frame….

These dollar cards.

I brought 4 bags of them home ($1 each) and ironed them flat. Then I used glue-stick to adhere them to the wall.

I was excited about how they turned out!

They made the best geometric pattern, and I had to add one random orange one in for some interest…..and color.

Here’s a peak at what we worked on the next day (pillows and crib bedding).

….and a picture of how fun it looked with the Color Blocked Curtains.

Not bad for a couple hours of work and around $4!

See other nursery projects:


1. Creating a Mood Board  2. DIY Geometric Wall Art   3. Color Blocked Curtains   4. Making Piping out of Yarn

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Painted Chandeliers….project #5 in Chloe’s room.

Painted Chandeliers
They are everywhere now days.
They can add such a bold pop of color and some fun whimsy to a room!  This painted glass chandy from Addicted 2 Decorating is so pretty.
…and this fuchia colored one with some bling…..yes please! Where did she get those awesome light bulbs? They look crystallized!
My friend Cristina, from Remodelando la Casa gave her old chandy a facelift this past spring.
I ran across this old chandelier while at the GW this past winter. Everything was 1/2 off because they were switching locations. Final price = $7! I didn’t know where it was going to go, but I scooped it up for sure!
(Upside down saucers? My kids must have been playing with this.)
Valspar 12oz. Orange Gloss Spray Paint
(must be nice stuff because it sprayed like a dream. Seriously, It sprayed WAY nicer than what I’m used to…just an FYI.)
I ended up putting it in Chloe’s room. I needed a fun pop of color and she needed a overhead light. When we moved in, the light in her room didn’t have a cover.
While I was at it, I figured I would spray paint something for the shelves….
….and the cheap gold mirror that goes above the coat rack. It actually much better now that it’s orange.
What do you think of painted chandeliers? Fun and whimsical? Or painting over the original beauty?
BIG NOTE! My friends are having a party about color!
I’m linking up….head on over and link up or check it out for more great color ideas!
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My Silhouette Art (With the Kids Wednesday!)

I love this new silhouette art I made for my husband’s desk space in the basement.
(where did that go anyways???)
I wish the pictures were a little better, but I played around with lighting and the camera for awhile in the basement and didn’t have a lot of success. If you don’t already know, I am working really hard finishing up all the details and CLEANING, in order to get our house on the market, so….this will have to do.
I started with my sister’s old table leaf. Who knows what happened to the table? She had done some sort of texture and painted gloss on it.
Next, I took pictures of the kids.
Keep in mind you could use kids, pets, you and your significant other???
 I think a bunch of pets would be awesome!
I put them into Microsoft Word and enlarged them to around 7 inches. (If you try this at home, photograph all your kids in the same spot. I ended up with different distances and then had to play around with the size of each picture!) Getting pictures of a one year old is tough!
Then I placed the cut out head on the BACK SIDE of scrapbook paper that I choose. (although I think this looks really cool just how it is, it just happened to be the back of the scrapbook paper I wanted to use). Once it is traced, cut out the picture and you’ll have the silhouette with the pattern of the scrapbook paper. (I use the back side so no pencil marks will show from the tracing).
I have a fairly busy basement, so I went with pretty plain scrapbook paper. I think it would be awesome to use totally funky patterned paper. Or maybe bold patters of black and white??
 Here is the picture you saw above, once I adhered it to the table leaf.
I used Scotch Wall Mounting Tape, since the table leaf was so slick.
I let the older kids write their own names with a silver sharpie.
I wrote the names under the younger kid’s silhouettes. 
* I also had to trim off Eva’s hair in the silhouette, and I made the little hair curl more pronounced. Her thin, whispy hair looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket daily!
 Since I didn’t want too many different patterns, I only used three patterned scrapbook papers, the other two I used plain light gray and plain white.
Here is a sneak peak of John’s downstairs desk space.
Can’t wait to show you the before and afters!
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Insulator Coat Rack

Have you ever seen an insulator? You can read more about one HERE. You can still see them on top of telephone poles in some places. They are beautiful, aren’t they, but what can they be used for, besides decorations sitting here and there?
We had a pile of these sitting on my parent’s farm. Unfortunately, none seemed to be worth much, and Pinterest didn’t have many ideas for them either.  I figured I would start by making a coat rack out of them.
But how would I get these heavy glass masses to stay on a board?
I decided to support the insulators with pegs. I cut each peg to the length of the inside of the insulators,
 and drilled a hole in each.
Then I screwed them into a piece of molding I had around.  I had to label the different pegs, so I would know what insulator each one went to.
Then I took my Liquid Nails and coated the bottom and top, and stuck it over the peg.
…and now I have one heck of a pretty coat rack.
I thought it looked best outside my back door….
….to hang up bags of sticks, coats with mud, or bug catching nets,
which all seem pretty common around our place.
Even if it doesn’t get used as much as an indoor coat rack, I think I like it best for it’s visual appeal!
You can usually find insulators at antique shops for $3-$5/ insulator (the common insulators).
What are your other insulator project ideas?

Crib to Note Holder

Finally….another project finished!
It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve painted and puttied a lot of trim on walls! I feel like I’ve had craft block….you know, like writers block, but with all my projects. Everything I tried to finish, just wasn’t happenin’!
Now we’re past that though….here’s the latest piece.
My Note Center for the basement.
Before: Dumpster find…$0.
 I printed off the word “Notes” and traced it firmly on the wood.
It made just enough of an indentation for me to be able to paint over it.
and the finished product…..
I even decorated a few clothes pins (see feather one above), from things in my craft closet.
Perfect for lists, notes, prayer requests and other forms of family communication. I may even attach a chalk board to the front.
Have a wonderful weekend!