Painted Chandeliers….project #5 in Chloe’s room.

Painted Chandeliers They are everywhere now days. Addicted 2 Decorating They can add such a bold pop of color and some fun whimsy to a room!  This painted glass chandy from Addicted 2 Decorating is so pretty. Addicted 2 Decorating …and this fuchia colored one with some bling…..yes please! Where did she get those awesome […]

Living Room Reveal

Welcome to the Living Room! * Warning: This room has been a major DIY fest, which makes this a picture and link heavy post! The Before…. Good ol’ wood paneling! Um…anyone get the black light and the glowing green cups? These next two pics were taken right after we moved in and I had refinished the hardwood […]

House sale pictures, some sneak-peeks, and some unfinished projects…

Wow, does the title sound like this post is a little bit of everything, or what?!  I guess it sort of is. I am still waiting for a little paint and glue to dry, but basically, I’m finished with all of the NECESSARY DIY and CLEANING in order to put the house on the market! […]

My Silhouette Art (With the Kids Wednesday!)

I love this new silhouette art I made for my husband’s desk space in the basement. AND……IT’S WITH THE KID’S WEDNESDAY!!! (where did that go anyways???) I wish the pictures were a little better, but I played around with lighting and the camera for awhile in the basement and didn’t have a lot of success. If […]

Downstairs Bathroom Reveal

First of all….I have NO IDEA why my posts are not going to Google Reader, Bloglovin, or e-mails! My feedburner verifies that it has burned the posts. If anyone is a smarty in this area…or knows someone who is….help! Who do you go to for blog computer problems? OK moving on from my cry for […]

My Hallway Remodel!…and other hallway ideas.

Here is my “spruced up” hallway. There are so many great ideas on how to beautify a hallway. Everyone loves some board and batten. Recaptured Charm I personally love Classy Clutter’s stripped hallway. Classy Clutter …..and a tasteful picture collage is always a good way to go! Martha Stewart When we moved in the hallway […]

Chair and Footstool Makeover (Chloe’s Room post #4)

Chloe’s Room Makeover continues with post #4 on the Chair and Footstool Makeover! Below are the makeover contestants….they are in need of some beautification!   *A boring chair (I have no idea where this came from!) Do you have things in your house like that?     * An ugly, but fun footstool that opens, because every […]

Ruffled Curtains

I found some tab top curtains at a yard sale… or was it the Goodwill? I’m not sure, I pick them up when I see them.  Anyways they were like the ones shown below. Sort of boring for a girl’s room. Delta Tab Top Curtains I decided to make some ruffle curtains out of them.  Just to […]

The Park….I Mean the Yard.

This is …..The Yard. This is the reason I don’t usually blog during the summer. This is one thing I love and don’t love about this house. I am not a “yard person”. This yard and I have a love-hate relationship,… but now that many of the big projects are done…. …it’s more on the […]

Inexpensive Tips on Bedroom Focal Walls

Remember all my posts on my Master Bedroom Makeover? There was one post where I shared how I created my Master Bedroom Focal Wall inexpensively. Well, this is Chloe’s bedroom focal wall, and here are some ways I decorated her wall inexpensively. 1. I love a dramatic bedroom focal wall, so I will usually use […]