Painted Chandeliers….project #5 in Chloe’s room.

Painted Chandeliers
They are everywhere now days.
They can add such a bold pop of color and some fun whimsy to a room!  This painted glass chandy from Addicted 2 Decorating is so pretty.
…and this fuchia colored one with some bling…..yes please! Where did she get those awesome light bulbs? They look crystallized!
My friend Cristina, from Remodelando la Casa gave her old chandy a facelift this past spring.
I ran across this old chandelier while at the GW this past winter. Everything was 1/2 off because they were switching locations. Final price = $7! I didn’t know where it was going to go, but I scooped it up for sure!
(Upside down saucers? My kids must have been playing with this.)
Valspar 12oz. Orange Gloss Spray Paint
(must be nice stuff because it sprayed like a dream. Seriously, It sprayed WAY nicer than what I’m used to…just an FYI.)
I ended up putting it in Chloe’s room. I needed a fun pop of color and she needed a overhead light. When we moved in, the light in her room didn’t have a cover.
While I was at it, I figured I would spray paint something for the shelves….
….and the cheap gold mirror that goes above the coat rack. It actually much better now that it’s orange.
What do you think of painted chandeliers? Fun and whimsical? Or painting over the original beauty?
BIG NOTE! My friends are having a party about color!
I’m linking up….head on over and link up or check it out for more great color ideas!
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Living Room Reveal

Welcome to the Living Room!
* Warning: This room has been a major DIY fest, which makes this a picture and link heavy post!
The Before….
Good ol’ wood paneling! Um…anyone get the black light and the glowing green cups?
These next two pics were taken right after we moved in and I had refinished the hardwood floors. We had an unauthorized military move from HI to WA and so I sold most everything we owned before I moved. Storing things in HI, and moving things across the Pacific cost WAY too much. So I kept only a few things over there during my husband’s 15mo deployment.
This picture is on here for you to remember the couch. It’s recoverd in all the after pictures.
The After…
I refinished the hardwoods before we moved in…basically 3 weeks of working really late nights! I would wait until my kids were asleep at my parent’s, drive through Starbucks and come out to this house and work LATE!
Once I tore the carpet out, I realized some of the wood was missing, so it took much longer than expected to finish the floors.
DIY TIP: I purchased professional sealer and finish from a business in town that professionally refinishes hardwood floors. It was spendy, but thousands less than having a pro refinish them, and more durable than basic polyurethane. I wanted all of that hard work to last!  (I now know why they charge so much to refinish hardwood floors! Trust me…they earn their money!)
This is the same couch in the before picture! I tore off the skirt and my mom, sister, and I recovered it in corduroy. It has (surprisingly) held up really well for the past 4.5 yrs! I recovered all the pillows, and added trim to the lamps. The lamp bases I found at a yard sale. The coffee table I painted brown. It was originally a honey oak and was purchased off Craigslist. You can see the side tables in my before pic too. They were originally honey oak. I painted them with a gloss black lacquer.
Five years ago, when I started on this room, I pulled together yard sale and Goodwill items and what I had been given and made it all “work”. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t me. I decided to go from my original green, red and brown, to this gray, white, black and yellow color scheme that you see now (with a few pops of teal). I made the change about a year ago, and I choose to keep the wall color, the curtain material and some of the brown furniture because I had a million other projects going on and I had only so much time!
This picture shows a great layout of the room, and how the office is attached to it. You also get a shot of the entryway. This picture also has made me decide to ask for a tri-pod for my birthday! Tired of long shot fuzziness!
Here is a clearer shot of the office. The square framed mirrors are from the dollar store. A great way to make a big impact is to purchase 9 smaller items and arrange them in a big square.  You can also see the Joining Wall  here. The twine chest someone gave me when I was buying something else from them off Craigslist. It’s now the toy box.
The chairs I purchased at the Goodwill. I LOVE the fabric, but it is old and they eventually will need to be recovered. To hide their age I made the bike and music note linen pillows. I feel they brighten the chairs and distract from their age, yet people still notice the fabric. To all of you who have asked for the bike pillow tutorial it is now linked above for you!
For accessories, I used whatever I had. This is a vintage “bowl ?” I found, painted it yellow, distressed it and added rose pinecones. I also painted a couple picture frames, added some fabric flowers, and recovered pillows to bring in the yellow and teal.
The piano I found for FREE on Craigslist. …of course it cost me $100 to have it moved into my house…ugh…, but overall, a fantastic find. I recovered the bench.
 The frame of silhouettes is another repeated idea in my house, where I take a large frame and put smaller frames inside, to make big, but inexpensive wall art. You can see another example in my entryway.  The willow branches were from my neighbor, who’s son is a landscaper. You can also see the blanket basket. Blanket baskets are a must have in any room with a couch!
Another sign made out of baseboard. I figured this was a good saying for the living room… “Love each other as I have love you. John 13:34”  Other baseboard-word signs can be found in my nursery. The candle holders I found at Hobby Lobby on clearance. I added the nautical touches for summer. I figure I’ll change them out seasonally.
I always have flowers from my yard, and these wicker balls in this wooden tray (I purchased the tray at a friend’s yardsale.) The balls I keep there because they are interesting and they can stand being thrown on the floor by my one year old! (one of her favorite pass-times).  I found the wicker balls at a local grocery store. I waited until they were on super clearance, (guessing that not too many people would be buying wicker balls at a grocery store), and then bought way too many of them!
I love a good reading corner. The vintage chair is from a yardsale. The lamp and the stand are from Craigslist, and you can find the tutorial from the wine jug and jute HERE.  All the ottomans in this room are from yard sales. The art is hard to see here, but it’s marble art I made with my son. It’s cool and FREE and you can see the tutorial HERE. Keep in mind it was posted before I blogged for anyone but friends and family. Meaning the pics are crap-ola.
My dad gave me some beans in this sack to make chili. I made some gathered ribbon out of teal material, and sewed it on the sack to help bring in some teal to the living room. I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite pillow in this room.
Do you remember those 60’s shelves? I took them apart and made my own shelving by adding straight shelves. I wanted them to look vintage and cottagy. The awesome vintage cabinet is the first piece of furniture I found here. It was sitting on someone’s yard with a sign that said $5!
I love that the shelves originally had the wood paneling behind them. When painted, it gives a cottagey feel.
So there it is….I’ve painted everything from the ceiling to the floor in this room. We had an electrician add recessed lighting. I added faux trim (tutorial HERE). I tore out the carpet and refinished the hardwoods. I updated the pull curtains by adding trim to the top and fabric at the bottom, and I’ve mentioned most of the decorative finds. If I didn’t you can bet there were DIYed or found from a yardsale or the GW.
Hope you enjoyed the tour.


House sale pictures, some sneak-peeks, and some unfinished projects…

Wow, does the title sound like this post is a little bit of everything, or what?! 
I guess it sort of is.

I am still waiting for a little paint and glue to dry, but basically, I’m finished with all of the NECESSARY DIY and CLEANING in order to put the house on the market! (insert a crowd screaming for rock stars in the background!)
Seriously, I VASTLY underestimated all I still had to do! I spent the last 2.5 weeks (started on July 5th) and worked 6 days a week for 10-12 hrs per day. I’m toast!
Tonight I watched a movie with the family and just relaxed….it was wonderful!
During this 2.5 weeks, I’ve developed an understanding that being “done” with a space in Katie’s decorating land, and “done” enough to put a house on the market, are two different things, and that sometimes, you have to go with the latter!
So here are some house pictures that I will list with the house. 
Some of them are rooms I’ve haven’t revealed (hence the “sneak-peek” in the title).
Some of them have projects that I still need to finish. (Keep that in mind when you see the green table in the basement). 
But for now, it’s good enough!
These pictures are for the sale listing, so they don’t have my blog name on the bottom, and they aren’t as nicely edited as usual. They don’t have to be….if you use even slightly edited pictures when you sell your house, you’re doing WAY better than most! 
So here we go. I get to choose 15 to list with the house, and these are some possibilities.
*Click on the colored title to see more details about any space. 
* Welcome *

My Entryway
The Living Room –nope, no link on this one. I still haven’t revealed it yet. I have no idea why the back corner looks florescent yellow. Oh well, it shows that there is a decent sized living room and a good flowing layout, and that’s really the point of this pic. 

A pic from the other side of the living room, and a small view of the office.

I do like the pictures in my kitchen post, but I started realizing that there weren’t any pictures that showed the entire room. Luckily, I have a wide angel lense (that I LOVE)! 

My Nursery. This post is super old and was posted when I blogged for friends and family. Just a warning that if you click over to it, the pictures stink. Hopefully I will have time to take some new pictures and do another post about the room, because I still love it. 
Main bathroom. This post is also really old. This was the first room we finished in this house. 

Downstairs. Another room where you have seen a zillion projects, but no room reveals. You have seen partial room reveals, but I’m obviously not finished with the whole thing! Or so the green table, (that is smack-dab in the middle of the room), is saying!  I had so many more plans….great plans! That white cabinet, I had really cool plans for it,…another light fixture….a painted table….the list goes on, but oh well, there are times in life we just have to settle. Or, on the other hand, this place may never sell, and in that case, you’ll get to follow all the projects that I have in my head. 
You did see this back wall in my Window Wall post.  *Ooops, still need to cover the bottom of that chair! 

Here is a pic showing the length of the room. So many more pillows and chair coverings I still would have done…..I just have gray fabric draped over those chairs, and really that bike pillow belongs upstairs. It’s a picture prop here. 
 Here is a picture of the boy’s room. I have never liked this room much, and have decided that I’m not going to spend time or money on it until the next place. I threw my husband’s map on the wall and added the blue accent pillows for show purposes. 
Here’s a peak at Chloe’s room. I’ll be showing more projects in here and revealing the room soon!

And we of course need some yard pictures!  

I’ve lived here for 5 years, and even though that is almost twice as long as I usually live in a place, it was necessary! (my husband’s 18mo deployment and I was pregnant twice here). However, after 5 years, a decorator wants to change some things! I sort of despise the baby-poo green walls in the living room at this point, and I probably would be painting my furniture something besides black, but this place is 3100 sq ft, and has a yard the size of a park, and there is only so much time….

I’ll be filling out paperwork to purchase an MLS (multiple listing service) tomorrow, so the house should go on the market Monday.

This is the 3rd house we are selling ourselves. I plan on giving you all of my tips in some upcoming posts!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


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Tip Junkie handmade projects

My Silhouette Art (With the Kids Wednesday!)

I love this new silhouette art I made for my husband’s desk space in the basement.
(where did that go anyways???)
I wish the pictures were a little better, but I played around with lighting and the camera for awhile in the basement and didn’t have a lot of success. If you don’t already know, I am working really hard finishing up all the details and CLEANING, in order to get our house on the market, so….this will have to do.
I started with my sister’s old table leaf. Who knows what happened to the table? She had done some sort of texture and painted gloss on it.
Next, I took pictures of the kids.
Keep in mind you could use kids, pets, you and your significant other???
 I think a bunch of pets would be awesome!
I put them into Microsoft Word and enlarged them to around 7 inches. (If you try this at home, photograph all your kids in the same spot. I ended up with different distances and then had to play around with the size of each picture!) Getting pictures of a one year old is tough!
Then I placed the cut out head on the BACK SIDE of scrapbook paper that I choose. (although I think this looks really cool just how it is, it just happened to be the back of the scrapbook paper I wanted to use). Once it is traced, cut out the picture and you’ll have the silhouette with the pattern of the scrapbook paper. (I use the back side so no pencil marks will show from the tracing).
I have a fairly busy basement, so I went with pretty plain scrapbook paper. I think it would be awesome to use totally funky patterned paper. Or maybe bold patters of black and white??
 Here is the picture you saw above, once I adhered it to the table leaf.
I used Scotch Wall Mounting Tape, since the table leaf was so slick.
I let the older kids write their own names with a silver sharpie.
I wrote the names under the younger kid’s silhouettes. 
* I also had to trim off Eva’s hair in the silhouette, and I made the little hair curl more pronounced. Her thin, whispy hair looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket daily!
 Since I didn’t want too many different patterns, I only used three patterned scrapbook papers, the other two I used plain light gray and plain white.
Here is a sneak peak of John’s downstairs desk space.
Can’t wait to show you the before and afters!
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Downstairs Bathroom Reveal

First of all….I have NO IDEA why my posts are not going to Google Reader, Bloglovin, or e-mails! My feedburner verifies that it has burned the posts. If anyone is a smarty in this area…or knows someone who is….help! Who do you go to for blog computer problems?
OK moving on from my cry for help….
The downstairs bathroom…..
Really it’s our boy’s bathroom, so I wanted it to be boy-ish, without being boy theme-ish.
I also wanted it to be neutral for sales purposes and decent for company, since they usually stay in the basement.
Here are the befores….
The one to the right was the original before. It was flat white, with greenish trim.  Why do people take the time to paint trim green?
My sister lived with us and used this bathroom for 2.5 yrs. She painted it tan about 3 yrs ago.
I also put some arrows to the gold fixtures, and the random glass shelves that were here and there.
I’m not incredibly happy with these pictures. This bathroom has the oddest angle and has to be one of the most difficult places to shoot.
This bathroom was one of those “do it in two nights” type projects.
I painted it, and put those brown-cream sticky tiles. My hubs put in a new toilet and I filled and sanded holes.
When it came to the decorating point, it was late, but I REALLY wanted to finish it, so out came some random stuff from my back room!
I found this old drawer, and some “this and thats” to go in it, the frames, a sailboat card and a wooden number 9….all seemed to fit a “nautical” theme.
I love the color of this frame and the worn detail.
Can’t go wrong with an old chippy drawer.
We added new sconces, painted the mirror, took out that random glass shelf and added some pictures.
The mirror was originally white. It came with the house. I painted it black and highlighted the details with silver paint.
So what art can you find late at night..randomly in a back storage room?
I happened to have this awesome yellow frame, and I had purchased this yellow scrapbook piece at a craft store. I’m not sure what room I bought it for, but I have a lot of yellow, so who knows. I just placed white scrapbook paper behind it.
I love it. It’s perfect for a guest bathroom.
I really wanted some vintage nautical prints. I started by looking on line, but my printer was out of ink, so I started looking in some old books of my husbands, remembering how he loved sailing in Hawaii, hoping there would be some picture that would work.
…and yup! One book had the most perfect pictures!
Another picture from that book.
For the Sail sign, I used a old piece of beat-up wood, and cut some old vinyl lettering to make the word “Sail”. The letters didn’t start as the letters they are now, but this is called “late night improvising!”
Remember the nasty, green trimmed cupboard in the before pictures? It got a fresh coat of white paint, a wood storage basket, some new towels, and…..
…this really great shelf liner from Walmart. It has a bit of cushion and looks like a grass. I highly recommend it for a good shelf liner.
I wish I had a good before pic of the light. I was going to replace it and my husband said, “I think it looks really cool and nautical.” So I gave it some silver spray!
….I love it, and the milk glass shade!
So that’s it! I know I bombarded you with pictures! So I might as well add one more!
* Update since I did this photo shoot (less than a week ago). My husband was tightening the sconces and dropped that old black, (super heavy) mirror on the sink! The mirror was fine, but the sink cracked on both side (figures). It leaks everywhere. So…I guess the bathroom isn’t finished after all!


My Hallway Remodel!…and other hallway ideas.

Here is my “spruced up” hallway.
There are so many great ideas on how to beautify a hallway.
Everyone loves some board and batten.
I personally love Classy Clutter’s stripped hallway.
…..and a tasteful picture collage is always a good way to go!
When we moved in the hallway looked like this…
Pretty bleak huh? …and the previous owners had four dogs. It didn’t smell pretty.
With a little paint and trim it now looks like this…
Here is a list of our improvements:
1. We painted all the old doors and scrubbed/chipped the paint off all old hardware and door handles. The door handles were vintage, dating back to the 40’s and I really liked them, and decided to keep them.
2. We painted the ceiling. Ceiling tiles are not my fave thing, but it was most likely an asbestos ceiling and I didn’t want to mess with it. Painting it actually made it look fairly decent.
3. We added recessed lighting. The hallway used to have florescent lights. We hired a electrician to put in all of the recessed lighting in the house. It really did make it look more updated.
4. I added some bling hardware to the push door. This push door had a shinny gold door handle….not my favorite thing.
This is the new jewelry on the door.
5.  I painted all the walls with a light blue paint. I had a hard time finding what I wanted and ended up mixing two different blue of paints together.
6.  I added some decor….
If you haven’t seen the tutorial on this pantry door I turned into a picture frame, you can see my tutorial HERE. 
7. I added baseboard and quarter round.  I think this really accentuates the long lines of a hallway.
8.  I also added faux trim. Well, the stuff on top is real, and there is a little bit of trim about 2 inches down, and the rest in between is painted. You can see my tutorial HERE.
9. I’m not even sure what I was going to put for #9. Even though it’s not in the right spot, I guess I’ll talk about that wall of closets! It is ESSENTIAL…. because we don’t have a garage.  I have my pantry, my camping stuff, my holiday decor and ….
my beloved sewing space in this closet wall.
(These are pictures of my sewing space. To see more of it click HERE)
You can obviously hold a lot in one of these!
10.  We put in new flooring. That carpet had to go!
So that is it.
Downstairs hallway complete! I think we painted the walls 4 yrs ago. Nothing like doing the details the last minute!

Chair and Footstool Makeover (Chloe’s Room post #4)

Chloe’s Room Makeover continues with post #4 on the Chair and Footstool Makeover!
Below are the makeover contestants….they are in need of some beautification!

*A boring chair (I have no idea where this came from!) Do you have things in your house like that?

* An ugly, but fun footstool that opens, because every little girl needs a secret hiding place….(not sure what the socks are doing in the secret hiding place? )

So I took that chair and hit it with two cans of Ivy Leaf Fusion Spray Paint. 
* Now everything but the worn seat of this chair had a high gloss shellac over it. If I were to do it again, I think I would have used chalk paint, because after doing a scratch test on the finished product, I found it to be pretty durable, but not ultra-good-for-a-kid’s-room durable. Or you could actually sand it down before you paint…..but that sounds so time consuming now that we all use chalk paint! 

a little distressing with some sand paper….

The material actually has very similar color of green background and circles, but it doesn’t show well in the picture. I purchased it as a remnant at Walmart a few years back, and I finally found a place for it.

Now to add a fun pillow or two!

Other posts on Chloe’s Room Makeover:

OK….back to fixing the ceiling in the basement hallway! Ugh.
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Tip Junkie handmade projects

Ruffled Curtains

I found some tab top curtains at a yard sale…
or was it the Goodwill?
I’m not sure, I pick them up when I see them. 
Anyways they were like the ones shown below. Sort of boring for a girl’s room.

I decided to make some ruffle curtains out of them. 
Just to add something girly to the room. 
I began by cutting strips of brown fabric. I think they were 4 or 5 inches long and I cut them the entire length of the material, knowing I would just cut the strip when I got to the end of the curtain.
I then gathered and pinned, gathered and pinned, gathered and pinned (this took much longer than I assumed it would).
Don’t mind the white and orange paint on my finger. 

I then sewed, and sewed, and sewed all the ruffles. 
Luckily, my sister volunteered to sew the second curtain because sewing isn’t my favorite thing and I’m not sure the other one would have ever been finished. 

Here is how the bottom looks finished. 
Now for the rod.
 I painted an old black rod that was in my back room, white. It needed some ends, so I just shoved some wicker balls on. Easy peasy. 
I did not texture this ceiling….just sayin’.
My sister also sewed some shorter ruffles across the top for me. 

….just another idea on how to make some plain curtains a little more “impactfull”.

Here is the rest of the room so far. 
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Tip Junkie handmade projects

The Park….I Mean the Yard.

This is …..The Yard.
This is the reason I don’t usually blog during the summer.
This is one thing I love and don’t love about this house.
I am not a “yard person”.
This yard and I have a love-hate relationship,…
but now that many of the big projects are done….
…it’s more on the love-end.
This is a play-house that a friend offered us sight un-seen.
After I said, “sure, I’ll take your broken down playhouse”, I started thinking, what did I just say yes to?
Yes, my husband was about to shoot me.
Obviously, I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be this kind of playhouse!
It was in pieces and the colors of the Red Hat Society when we brought it home,
but with the help of a friend and some paint, it’s been a really fun addition to the yard.
The garden…
Never mind that it needs more weeding.
There is really only so much time in a day.
This was a dirt patch when we first moved in. Nothing but weeds.
This is a view from the river walk area that sits directly behind our house.
When we first moved in, there were too many trees and weeds to even see the house from the walk!
I can’t really believe how much it’s changed. (I wish I would have taken before pictures!)
There are two flagstone raised areas around the huge Sycamore trees. This helps hide their gigantic roots that pop up through the grass.
This one below provides a place to sit and have tea, the other one usually hosts a hammock.
The lilys are from my husband’s family farm.
They were taken from a homestead that burned down that dated back to the late 1800’s.
The other raised area.
The garden shed.
  I painted this garden shed and added the baskets of flowers, the star and the flagstone walk.
This shed was brown and white originally.
This area had bark through it when we moved in.
We have planted A LOT of grass…
…yet our three boys still seem to find dirt.
Hmmm, funny how that is.
This is our pergola/firepit area (firepit to the side, not pictured)
This used to be dirt and weeds.
The previous owners parked their boat and truck here.
If you look at the upper left hand top of the pergola, you can see our outdoor movie screen rolled up.
It’s actually an old screen from a school, but it works perfect for our outdoor projector.
The pergola doubles as our outdoor theater.
So that’s about it.
I’m sad I never took any before pictures.
However I’m enjoying the after….
…maybe not all the weeding that’s still involved,
but the fire pit sitting, hammock napping,
movie watching, and sports playing that it gives.

Inexpensive Tips on Bedroom Focal Walls

Remember all my posts on my Master Bedroom Makeover? There was one post where I shared how I created my Master Bedroom Focal Wall inexpensively.
Well, this is Chloe’s bedroom focal wall, and here are some ways I decorated her wall inexpensively.
1. I love a dramatic bedroom focal wall, so I will usually use large art.
I created this Whimsical Branch Wall Art, by using branches, sparkly stars and some sunburst mirrors I found at a yard sale. This art involves layering, which can be an inexpensive way to add drama. Find an inexpensive large item…and layer smaller items in it.
2. Find something to make a headboard out of.
I’ve seen people use branches, pallets, material, curtains, you name it and it can be used as a headboard. I found this old door in my attic rafters when I moved in. It was a pretty good find! I put a little green paint in some water and added a little green to it, being mindful not to paint over the exposed wood. I polyurathaned it a couple times to avoid chipping paint.
3. Using chairs as bedside tables.
It’s yard sale season! Chairs can be cheap!
I happen to find these two antique chairs at yard sales for about 3$ each. Pretty easy project. I just recovered the seats!
Perfect for a little girl’s room!
4. The lamps and shades came in a box set at Walmart. I think the set was $15. Found them a couple years back.
5. I love an extra blanket at the bottom of a bed. Lately, I’ve been buying any thrift store quilted blanket, in creme or white, that I come across that are less than $5.  A little bleach, and hot water and they can add some inexpensive texture to a space. This one was $3 at a local thrift store.
6. The brown pillow shams and comforter were a bed in a bag at Walmart. I bought them 5 years ago, when I thought this would be a guest room. It was on clearance and at the time, and brown and green were big. I can’t say I love it at this point, but it works.
7. The white shams were from a yard sale.
8. Fun pillows.
Every bed needs some good pillows. Pillow can set the style of a room. To keep it inexpensive, I use high quality fabric for only the pillow fronts, and I use less expensive fabric for the backs. Reason being, the prints I like are usually more expensive :(
I actually bought the pillow fabric for a different room, where it TOTALLY didn’t work. It was a splurge, so I was really glad we worked in this room!
The orange pillow I sewed and dressed up by using vintage gold buttons that were also from a yard sale.
(the arrow shows the less expensive material on the back of the pillow)
9. An accent wall.
Love em’ or hate em’, accent walls add to a space. This one happened to be painted when my sister moved into this room, 4 years ago, but I really love all the stenciled accent walls that people are doing lately. It’s an inexpensive way to add some drama to a space.
10. The bed skirt is from clearance at Walmart. I found it for $5. It was a king, and the bed is a queen, but the bed is on risers (for under the bed storage purposes), so it fits perfectly.
11. My last tip is on layering. Layering adds interest and drama (unless you’re going for a mod minimalist look).  Notice I have 9 layers alone from the rug to the headboard.
So there it is….for using supplies I had around the house, and putting it together in a half day, I think it turned out pretty good!
My only questions is:
 How do you get those flopping pillow edges to stay up? I have them on both of these shams. They are sort of driving me crazy! Let me know if you have any cool ideas!
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