Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Fewf! It’s done! And it feels so good having it done! This kitchen makeover actually went pretty fast in my opinion. Let’s start this post off with a good before pic. Not the worst kitchen I’ve ever taken on…..but I had high hopes for what it could become. First off was the 100 yr old […]

DIY Wood Pallet Shelves

My husband has a special music/study room, it’s slowly but surely getting renovated and decorated as we find time and resources. While my husband was away for the weekend, I worked on a few projects in his room to surprise him. One of the projects was these DIY Wood Pallet Shelves. I made these shelves […]

DIY Wood Counter For Under $50

My husband and I purchased a late 1960’s home about a year ago. Little did I know that in less than a year we’d be building (and torching) a DIY Wood Counter in our dining room.

The Kitchen (the real reveal)

Kitchen Remodel   When I saw that Whisperwood Cottage was hosting a talent scout kitchen link-up, I decided it was time to get my old kitchen post squared away. Now I know there are zillions of better kitchens then mine, but I figured it would give me a good reason to get some better pictures […]