Day #10: Fall Leaf Arrangement

It’s Day #10 of the 31 Days of Thrifty Fall Decor series.

Today’s Topic:

Fall Leaf Arrangements

I love leaf arrangements.

They are beautiful, they display all the colors of fall and are FREE….well I guess mine is almost free.

I usually start by swiping something colorful out of my yard. These leaves are just perfect this time of year.

Then, if I need another color….maybe a color that’s not in my yard, I steal something from a field or park down the road.

I’ve been swiping these yellow beauties for a couple weeks now.  They are a nice yellow and their leaves are just the right size.

So here are the three pieces to my arrangement.  The two I showed you already, and some fake leaves from the craft store.

Just a bit of fakness is ok with me. There aren’t any leaves this color here yet, and they don’t die, so the arrangement actually looks decent longer.

I like using leaves that are different sizes, and cluster differently. Notice the yellow leaves are on branches that run vertically, while the larger leaves from my yard are in larger clusters.

As the picture above says, I cut the ends off what I need to so that everything will fit in the vase nicely.

The yellow leaves I purposely cut longer than the others.

Then I put them all in the vase evenly. Sometimes I have to pull branches around each other.

Since I’ve had a lot of house showings, free leaf arrangements have been a great thing to use this fall.

If I had to purchase floral arrangements  it would have gotten pretty expensive by now!

Have you tried any leaf arrangements before?

Painting your Old Umbrella

I purchased an umbrella off Craigslist about four years ago. It was “ok” when I bought it. Not totally new, but decent. Sadly, this year it was at the end of it’s life…..I was going to buy a new one, but thought I would give some spray-paint a try first.
2.5 cans of red RustOleum Spray Paint …
…and two 15′ rolls of striped ribbon from Hobby Lobby.
…and this old umbrella was back in business! 
A close-up of the ribbon detail.
Ok….I really am moving onto the inside of the house now. Really!
Because buyers will probably care more about my missing basement ceiling than black and white trim on my umbrella!
Oh why do I let myself get so distracted?!
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