Kitchen Office Wall Remodel — Before and Afters

Kitchen Before Reno

We live in an old, small house. A 1904 Craftsmen. But luckily, the kitchen is the largest room in the house. Here is the before….well, not even the absolute before! This is while I was refinishing the floors. The original before had gray linoleum also. We moved in two and a half years ago and I […]

Beautiful, Large Angel Wings…a DIY tutorial for festive décor made for next to nothing!

Christmas Mantel Decor with Stockings and Star Lights on a budget with Huge Awesome Beautiful Festive Angel Wings by Creatively

Update Your Old Barstools…an easy, quick and inexpensive way.

DIY Barstool Makeover - Seat cushion tutorial stapling

So…I had two old and outdated barstools in dire need of a makeover!

Painting your Old Umbrella

I purchased an umbrella off Craigslist about four years ago. It was “ok” when I bought it. Not totally new, but decent. Sadly, this year it was at the end of it’s life…..I was going to buy a new one, but thought I would give some spray-paint a try first. 2.5 cans of red RustOleum […]