These are the house we are currently working on and the ones we have fixed up and moved away from. Creatively Living Blog

Our Houses

N. Montana 2018 — On to new adventures…


The Ghetto-plex Turned Park Place 2013 — This is the house we are currently working on. This house is a 110 yr old Craftsman that was converted into a duplex a rental decades ago. We are slowly transforming it back to it’s original glory. It sits across from one of the best parks in the country, in a beautiful turn-of the century neighborhood adorned with whimsical parks, amazing architecture, and bakeries nestled amongst the houses for a morning cup of coffee. (Katie)

V St., Our First Home 2015 —  After nearly 5 years of marriage, a toddler, and a baby on the way, we were finally able to settle down and buy a home. I’d been dreaming of a place to decorate and put our personal touch on for a long time and the V St. house is where it all began. (Holly)

The Riverhouse 2007-2013 We loved this 1948 rancher that sits on the bank of the Columbia River. It had a wonderful open layout, a park-like yard and was within walking distance to local eateries and the farmers market. * I started blogging while I lived in this house, so beware…there are some old, small and unedited pictures in these links from the early days of blogging! * The Holiday Spaces are in links at the bottom.  (Katie)

  The Hawaii House This is where it all started…our first fixer. (2004 Katie)