Monday Funday

Hey everyone!
I’m so glad you are here today. I spent the past week in New York blogging about some really exciting medical research that probably effects almost all of us. I can’t wait to share more about it. Hopefully they will let us publish the info soon!

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My New Diet Restrictions… and the deliciousness that’s come from them!

Have I ever mentioned that I have food issues?

I mean I LOVE food! The more flavor the better!

I love food too much!

…but my digestive system is pickier than a three year old!

If you’ve followed me long, you know I have had Type 1 Diabetes for almost 25 years, and I’ve had Celiac Disease for around 20 years, and that cuts out about 70% of anything the regular American diet includes.

Well this pregnancy has made it much, much worse!

In addition to my typical no gluten diet, I am now on a no dairy, no brown rice, no quinoa, and no caffeine diet.

(I’m still weeping about the caffeine part)

So….what the heck do I eat?

I decided to try to eat more Alkaline, in hopes of healing my body…and honestly, I hoped a bi-product would be to not gain 60 lbs during this pregnancy.

As a Registered Dietitian, this is what I came up with for the specifics.

Stuff I can’t eat due to my digestive system:

No quinoa, gluten, brown rice, oats, caffeine, and very, very LOW dairy.

Healthy stuff I added:

No sugar, no butter, chips, nothing processed, (if an ingredient isn’t something I would cook with in my kitchen, then nope).

Very low meat.

Low meat mostly because I’m one of those weird people who has never liked meat and would pick all the hamburger out of my casseroles as a child (Except bacon. I mean who doesn’t like bacon). Using vegetable protein instead of animal protein is also a healthy choice and encourages me to eat more beans, legumes, tofu, nuts, seeds, broccoli, spinach etc.

Side note: this is the beef (pun intended) that I have with the Paleo diet. The site has two pictures of bacon….because they think it’s that good for you, but won’t let you eat beans! Seriously….how do they decide on this stuff? Beans and legumes are really, really good for you people! …and I’m truly sad to say, that bacon is not.

…sorry I digressed,

What else? Eating vegetables daily without cooking them, or eating them less cooked to save more of the vitamins.

So, are you asking what on earth I could be eating?

Healthy Foods

The answer is yummy stuff!

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Monday Funday

 Welcome to Monday Funday! We are so happy you have joined us…


The Monday Funday Link Party is an 8 blog party where you can share your latest creativity including: diy projects, crafts, and recipes! You can link up once and your projects will be seen on all EIGHT of the blogs below, pretty awesome, huh?!

C.R.A.F.T. ~ Lines Across ~ Uncommon Designs ~ That’s What Che Said ~ Creatively Living ~ Club Chica Circle ~ A Night Owl Blog ~ Setting for Four

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Mid-Century Side Table Makeover

Since I incriminated myself yesterday by showing you some very candid pictures of my living room,

I figured today would need a little redemption.

A sign that it will get better….maybe slowly, but surly.


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The Living Room…..let’s begin again!

Hey everyone!

Good news. 

1. It’s fall!  Which means I can move on from boring painting projects (like painting the outside of the house), and onto interior work….my true love!

2. It’s the beginning of my 2nd trimester. Which means I’m not feeling like laying on the couch sleeping/nauseated all day. I can actually get something accomplished.

After a year of having NOTHING done on the inside …(ok, that’s not true, most everything is painted and the wood floors are finished. We finished the entryway and most the stairway,)  I’m SO ready to make this space my own. I’m starting in the living room, since it’s where people gather. I want it to reflect “us”. I want it to be cozy and beautiful.

This is where we started a year ago.

Living Room Before Collauge

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Monday Funday


Welcome to Monday Funday! We are so happy you have joined us…


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Adding Stripes to Spaces Clipboard!

creativelylivingblog0809 (1)

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Monday Funday

Hey everyone!

So glad you joined us for the link-up!

This week I shared my “Healthy and Inexpensive” Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe knock-off. I love this one. It may save you your wallet and pants size!

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Cheap and Healthy DIY Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte…. (Yes! It’s possible!)

Fall is in the air, and the first trimester blahs are starting to pass, so this week I decided I would get back to healthy eating!

I figured it would be a good time to re-post this awesome healthified version of Starbuck’s beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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Monday Funday

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the link up!

Ahhh! I realize I’m posting this late! I had it all ready to go and then I was driving my son to a friend’s house, when I saw a clawfoot bathtub on the side of the road a block from my house!

Well, of course I had to stop and get it… still had the claw feet and everything!

I guess I got a little distracted….

Anyways, this week I posted on my Urban Garden progress.

You can click on the link to read all about it’s craziness, but for now

…on to the party!

Welcome to Monday Funday Link Party!

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