How We Hung Our Outdoor Lights

I love our outdoor lights, they really are the icing on the cake. There are so many ways to hang outdoor light and make them look cute, cozy, and warm. I wanted to have several rows of lights hanging above the main part of our patio; however, I didn’t want to have poles sticking up […]

Backyard Makeover ~ The Big Reveal

A few months ago I won a contest that was hosted by Rust-Oleum; I was provided a gift card to a home improvement store and a few products to give my backyard a makeover. I’m excited to share with you my Backyard Makeover reveal with you! (The project that consumed our entire summer…but it was […]

Park View Has Potential…My Backyard Makeover {BEFORE}

I have a fairly unsightly backyard…it’s somewhat embarrassing to share! But, this Park View backyard Has Potential! When I look past my yard I see a pretty, open park and I’d LOVE to have my backyard feel as if it were a huge, relaxing, fun park. But right now it’s just old, worn out, outdated, […]