Holly’s Kitchen Makeover: Creating a Command Center

I’ve been pretty fed up with paper piles. And the end of the counter being a dumping ground. So, I searched all sorts of command center ideas on Pinterest and went to Hobby Lobby to get mine started. There are tons of organizational items at Hobby Lobby! I could be in there for days! I […]

Need More Storage? Drawer Repurpose Post Right Here!

So I’ve started selling things. …at a shop. A small vendor space rather. The nice thing about supplying a vendor space is when you see items that are nasty and could be something beautiful, you can scoop them up and bring them home. Where as before, I would have thought of my basement “stash” and […]

Re-Purposing A Dining Room Built-in Hutch…Into Playroom Toy Shelves

Do your toys multiply overnight (like mine do)? I seem to always lack storage and organization in the playroom. I’ve been renovating most of my house and I (well, my husband) recently removed a really big built-in unit from my dining room. I gave away a couple pieces (the shelves on the far right and […]

Moving Mountains… My Coat Closet Makeover

I have this little coat closet on my main floor. As you can see, I used it to store baby clothes that my son grew out of…I didn’t know he’d grow so fast and that so many clothes would accumulate (there were a lot of girls born after him, but no boys!). When my son […]