20+ Stylish Blue And Grey Living Room Ideas

by Katie Williams

It is a fact that everyone’s tastes, personality or styles are different. In decoration, each person reflects their own tastes and personality. But there are some colors that complement each other both psychologically and visually.

When such harmonious colors are used together, the risk of being disliked is negligible. In this article, we will talk about two colors that complement each other in this way and have a strong bond between them; gray and blue.

These two colors are one of the best matches in decoration, you can shape all your living spaces on these two colors. When the right shades are chosen, they create a very powerful effect together.

20 Blue And Grey Living Room Ideas

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No matter how harmonious the colors are, bringing them together randomly does nothing but create conflict in the area where they are used. The tones of colors are important, where and how much you need to use changes according to the tones you want to use.

Gray is an auxiliary color for those you want to highlight. Blue is a versatile color with many different tones. Dark tones give a feeling of seriousness, calmness, introversion and peace, while light tones evoke a warmer, softer, sincere and simple feeling. When two colors are used correctly, they create a comfortable and peaceful living space. It is important to determine your way of use according to the tones you want to use.

Elegant light blue and white modern living room

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Does blue and grey go together in a living room?

Of course it goes! The key to getting it right is to always choose shades that have the same undertones, so usually cool gray works best with cool blue and warm gray with warm blue.

The use of gray and blue in living rooms gives a comfortable but also characteristic and dynamic atmosphere. It is more preferred to use gray color walls. If you are thinking of using the dark tone of blue in your furniture, remember that it will show itself best with light gray. If creating a more striking and powerful style doesn’t scare you, you can paint the walls dark blue if you wish, but in such a case, you need to create light-colored contrasts in the decoration so that a sense of balance emerges.

When you use gray on the walls, you can also use gray in one of your furniture. You can also add little blue touches to the gray sofa. You can choose a carpet in light gray tones on the floor, and you can choose a smoked shade for your curtains or, if you want a more dynamic look, a blue in the tones of your wing chair.

blue and grey go together

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Of course, one of the reasons why blue tones are used so widely in decorations is that blue has quite different and rich tones, and in fact, each tone adds a different character to the room. While dark blue tones such as midnight blue, sax blue and navy blue create a dignified and soothing character in the living space they are in, light blue tones such as sky blue or ice blue create a peaceful, emotional and affectionate character in the rooms.

Medium tones such as teal, on the other hand, create a lively and energetic, but also orderly and positive atmosphere when used as a dominant in a room. These beautiful features are the reason why people often want to use blue tones in the decorations of the living spaces around them.

Moreover, none of the tens of different shades of blue ever go out of fashion, because although the design styles and aesthetics change over time and according to the trends of the day, there are color and design combinations that imitate nature for a peaceful home in every period, and the first color you need when imitating nature is of course blue.

Colour goes with blue and grey

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In short, we can say that every shade of blue is timeless and can adapt to every style and prominent trends of every period.

What Colour goes with blue and grey?

If we combine which blue and gray with which colors, we can create a perfect color scale?

The best accent colors to pair with gray and blue in a living room are those on opposite sides of the color wheel. Also, don’t be bad at adding some light to the place, it will light up. Therefore, do not hesitate to add white. You can also add wood products or natural browns to add warmth to the environment.

blue-gray living rooms

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Best Blue And Grey Living Room Ideas

Let’s take a look at 20 different examples of blue-gray living rooms that will inspire you.

1. Add Some Light


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If we want a bright, fresh look to our living space, a reflective white background and a mix of blues and grays would be nice. Add wood features and a pinch of brass and we’ll create a subtle nautical feel. In addition, since using white in the background will highlight the furniture, we can draw attention to the blue color and neutral it with gray.

2. Use Decoration for the Color

We can create a modern and warm boron space with a few colorful decors, no matter how rustic we can get a boron look with white oval windows, wall patterns and worn furniture.The important point here is that we should not create confusion and maintain the balance when using both pattern and rustic furniture and colorful accessories together.

3. Patterns and Tones


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Are you tired of the ordinary and simple rules? So don’t be afraid to mix it up. We can combine more than one color with more than one pattern and create a completely different style. We can create differences with them and patterns by equipping them with blue colors from furniture to accessories.

4. Create a Natural Look

When we look at nature, we can harmonize our living room by being inspired by how the sky is compatible with soil and trees. We can enrich a natural wooden image with blue and gray tones. As we can see in the example, this house, which is decorated as a chalet, has become stylish with blue and gray furniture.

5. Let the Scene to Gray


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Does it appeal to you to decorate the whole scene with gray, from the walls to the furniture, from the furniture to the accessories? We can achieve an industrial look by adding different shades of blue with small details on your carpets and pillows. Although blue symbolizes peace, we can easily use it by combining it in different proportions to create different atmospheres.

6. Make the Walls Dark Color

Make the Walls Dark Color

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Although we generally choose dark furniture and light colored walls, we can create impressive spaces on the contrary. We can combine it with light gray furniture and pillows in different blue tones on a dark blue wall. What we need to pay attention to here is to blend it well. In order not to be exposed to a dark living room, we should use the gray we will choose in furniture and accessories in light tones.

7. Bring the Beach to your Home

Bring the Beach to your Home

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You can feel the beach at home with fisherman striped pillows in different blue tones, gray toned gray sofa, wooden furniture and fish figures. We can enjoy the coastal design used in summer houses by combining the color blue with light gray.

8. Intense Grays


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When we use gray and blue together, blue is a color that will always come to the fore. Therefore, we can draw attention to artistic decorations by using only gray furniture and using blue in accessories. Since using white in the background makes the space look spacious, we can also prefer it in small spaces.

9. Create a Modern Atmosphere

After lightening the background, we can create a very modern boron space with wooden slats and modern furniture. Especially if we have a living room with a large window, we will not have to be afraid of dark colors.

10. Combine Different Tones


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When thinking of blue and gray, we can also combine many different tones of the same color. We can balance many dark to light blue decoration elements with a neutral gray. By leaving the walls white, we can make the space look brighter and whiter.

11. Create a Comfortable Look

Create a Comfortable Look

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It is very important for us to feel comfortable and safe in our home as much as the importance of our home. For this reason, let’s not skip the comfort while focusing on colors. We can support the decoration with more harmonious tones and warmer patterns and choose comfortable furniture.

12. Make a Blue Focus

Make a Blue Focus

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Make blue the star of your living room color schemes by dedicating an entire wall to it and painting the rest a complementary shade of gray. Since we want the latter to take second place, look for softer tones that won’t compete. You can also display your art on this focal point wall or use it with a stylish fireplace.

13. Inspire From Nature

Inspire From Nature

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When choosing the perfect grays and blues to pair with, we can find the answer in the great outdoors. In this room, cerulean – essentially the color of the sky on a beautiful summer day and pebble gray complement each other perfectly.

14. Combine Differences


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Another way to add interest to these two color combinations for living rooms is to play with contrasting materials. In addition to layering different fabrics, combining various surfaces will also help provide visual appeal. The lines used on the sofa, the geometric shapes on the carpet and the colorful pillows are balanced by the use of white as the background.

15. Don’t Be Afraid Of Classic Images

Classic Images

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Although blue and gray are generally preferred for modern spaces, it is up to us to create our own style. We can combine it with classic patterns and furniture and enjoy!

16. Add Contrast Colors

Contrast Colors

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We mentioned that blue and gray are cold colors. The warm colors we will add with small touches will shine like a sun in the spaces and add a different  atmosphere.

17. Think Maximalist

Think Maximalist

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In this time  minimalist designs are very common, let’s think maximalists. Let’s create an elegant look by combining spectacular paintings and striking yellows with blue and gray.The thing to note is that those who are looking for a really different design should turn to this design. Warm-toned yellows added to the serenity of blue and gray on the floor and some accessories will explode in the space. Therefore, we should use it proportionally so that it does not tire the eyes.

18. Benefit From Wallpapers

Benefit From Wallpapers

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Wallpapers have always added a different atmosphere to the spaces. That’s why we can use it in our blue gray living room with peace of mind. We can keep the furniture simpler, especially by adding wallpaper to a wall that we choose as the focal point.Plus the fact that the wallpapers are easily accessible, cleanable and replaceable is also a bonus.

19. Carry The Sky In Your Home

The most important thing in a design is the tones of colors. You can enrich your design with light blue for a bright and spacious living room.The blue walls that you will use in the background will not only save the space from spontaneity, but also make the space look fresher and more sea like.

20. Don’t Be Afraid Of Black

Don't Be Afraid Of Black

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We are always afraid of black color indoors. But if we use light colors for the furniture and use a boron black background in the right tone, it will add a very stylish atmosphere to our home. If we want to bring black to the fore, we can use blue only in accessories and complete our remaining furniture with shades of gray.

Now you have all the information about the blue and gray living room. We hope you found this article useful and interesting as you go about decorating your own blue and gray living room. Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments below! It’s always a pleasure to hear from our readers on what they agree with or disagree with.

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