30 Cozy and Rustic Farmhouse Table with Bench and Chair Ideas

by Katie Williams
Farmhouse kitchen Table

A farmhouse table with bench and chair is an easy way to add more character and flair to a dining room. Just like any other areas of the home, the farmhouse design is a super versatile and cozy interior style that will never go out of style.

From the neutral colors and weathered and rugged finishes, to rustic wood accents, these are just some of the most common elements of farmhouse décor. Below, we’ve summarized the best farmhouse table with bench and chair. Take note of what you like and don’t like about each example!

Are farmhouse tables still in style?

Farmhouse style dates back to the early 1700s in Europe and in old school American interior designs. The good news is that it isn’t going away even today in 2022, as this style represents such a chic appeal that is warm, classic, and utterly timeless. The iconic distressed finishes can enliven any space.

Farmhouse style furniture, including dining tables, can bring snugness and character to any part of your home. Even if it has an overall modern vibe! And unlike factory-made pieces, they’re also meant to last for decades, so you don’t have to worry about durability and longevity.

What makes a dining table farmhouse?

One of the main things that makes a dining table farmhouse is a rustic wood top. This is typically oak or pine and includes spindle legs made from wood. Of course, there are different ways to incorporate the wood for various versions.

Our recommendation is to use a sturdy and solid base for the table, as it will not only look nice, but also last you a long while. The design of a farmhouse dining table can be more complex than a regular table, but it does offer much more character and style.

What is a farmhouse style table?

In its essence, a farmhouse style table is any table that has a farmhouse look and mood. It usually adds a touch of natural vibe and rustic feel to the overall ambiance. With neutral colors and earthy tones, they have a very welcoming and warm effect.

The most standard kinds of farmhouse tables have a classic wooden finish with a painted base, which provides more charm and uniqueness. But there are also more modern farmhouse tables to try out! These would still feature the signature reclaimed wood feel, but with a contemporary base or legs.

30 Farmhouse Table with Bench and Chair Ideas

1. Simple Farmhouse Table with Bench and Chairs

Simple Farmhouse Table with Bench and Chairs

Source: Pinterest

For our first example, we have a super classic and simple idea that is to mix a bench with regular chairs around your farmhouse dining table. The chairs provide normal and comfortable seating for you and the family, whereas the bench adds a little variety and more persona.

Go for a bench with an equally rugged and rustic look to keep the farmhouse theme going. You can also place some flowers in antique pots on top of the table!

2. Use Wooden Stools as Chairs

Use Wooden Stools as Chairs

Source: Pinterest

Complementing a farmhouse table with a bench and chair is always great, but have you ever thought of using stool-styled chairs? The lack of backrests gives these chairs a simpler and more streamlined look, which we think fits well when placing the table in a kitchen.

It helps make the room feel less cluttered. Moreover, using the same wood finishes on both chairs and table also provides a cohesive and thematic appearance.

3. Multicolored Chairs with Farmhouse Table

Multicolored Chairs with Farmhouse Table

Source: Pinterest

Another idea to try is using different colored chairs for the table. But keep in mind that it’s best to still opt for neutral colors. For example, very light blue, dark brown, and white, all of which are subtle and versatile tones that can easily go with the simple and cozy atmosphere.

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For the farmhouse table itself, you can see that here it has a light brown top with a rustic white base. It also matches the light grey tile flooring of this open kitchen!

4. Farmhouse Table with Sleek Black Chairs

Farmhouse Table with Sleek Black Chairs

Source: Pinterest

When talking about what chairs to choose for your farmhouse dining table, the options can be endless. One alternative we adore is to go with black! It might feel counterintuitive to put black chairs in a farmhouse styled space, yet it’s actually a striking statement piece.

This is also the perfect pairing for those who want a contemporary twist to the traditional farmhouse design. The glossy finishes of the chairs add even more contrast to the wood table.

5. Complement with Rattan Upholstery

Complement with Rattan Upholstery

Source: Pinterest

Here’s a slightly different version of the black chairs with a wooden table pairing. If you think the contrast is too stark, you can make it subtler by choosing black chairs with rattan upholstery or padding.

The brown color and wood textures will go really well with the farmhouse table! Additionally, we love how the beads chandelier above the table also adds a seaside vibe to the entire space.

6. White Base on a Modern Farmhouse Table

White Base on a Modern Farmhouse Table

Source: Pinterest

For a brighter and more cheerful modern vibe, you should try painting the base of your farmhouse table in clean white paint. The result would be something like this example! The dark wood top on the table and bench becomes a gorgeous contrast with the crisp white legs.

This sort of dining table with bench and chair works well in a classic interior. From the white walls to wood flooring, everything here is extremely cohesive.

7. Geometric Rug Under the Farmhouse Table

Geometric Rug Under the Farmhouse Table

Source: Pinterest

If you have a small farmhouse table, it’s still possible to make its presence felt in the room. You can do this by placing a rug underneath with a geometric pattern, which will complement the wood accents and rugged white legs.

It also adds a touch of modern and contemporary vibe without being too flashy, as the neutral colors still match the farmhouse feel of the space. For the final touch, placing some fresh flowers in DIY vase is a good idea!

8. Gray Pairs Well with Wood

Gray Pairs Well with Wood

Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for other colors that go well with the wood elements of farmhouse design, you won’t go wrong with gray! Here, the farmhouse table with bench and chair looks like such a cozy spot in the house.

You can get two cozy armchairs with gray fabric upholstery for either ends of the dining table. Oh, placing a fuzzy rug underneath is also a brilliant touch, as it adds more warmth and coziness.

9. Rounded Farmhouse Dining Table

Rounded Farmhouse Dining Table

Source: Pinterest

So far, we have mostly seen rectangular dining tables, but a round or oval-shaped table can be a great choice as well! It’s especially ideal for introducing more soft edges in the space, as the rounded corners provide a certain sense of safety and welcome.

You can still play with contrasts here by placing a long, rectangular tablecloth across the surface. Plus, adding cushion to the chairs will also make them nicer and more comfortable to sit in.

10. Throw Blanket on the Bench

Throw Blanket on the Bench

Source: Pinterest

One of the main appeals of a farmhouse table is how rustic and cozy it looks, which is always a huge plus for a dining room or kitchen space. A fantastic way to enhance this cozy vibe is by adding the right finishing touches.

For instance, a warm and giant throw blanket! The white color balances all the other white accents in this room, whereas the soft texture is nice to curl up with during colder winter nights.

11. Upholstered Chairs with Farmhouse Table

Using upholstered chairs for a farmhouse table is also a great idea as they add a sense of luxury. Not to mention that they’re super comfortable for sitting, and the plushness contrasts the wood accents beautifully.

If you want to go for an elegant and intricate ambiance here, it can be a good idea to incorporate more details. For example, a bunch of decoration pieces on the table itself, a statement light pendant, and an artistic wall clock!

12. Farmhouse Table with Tufted White Bench

Farmhouse Table with Tufted White Bench

Source: Pinterest

The next farmhouse table with bench and chair example we have is a mixture of contemporary and traditional designs. There are different types of chairs and seating here that provide a fun and eclectic mood.

The main highlight is definitely the white tufted bench with wooden legs, which we think is the epitome of modern farmhouse style. Then, there are the more classic rattan chairs and simple, modern white chairs. Each of them enhances the overall look in its own way!

13. Yellow Bench Rounds Off Farmhouse Table

Yellow Bench Rounds Off Farmhouse Table

Source: Pinterest

When choosing the best color for a bench to add to your farmhouse table, a mustard yellow shade can be perfect. It’s a gorgeous pop of color that is bright and pleasant but still muted enough to complement the earthy tones of the farmhouse style.

This is excellent to pair with white dining chairs and a rustic farmhouse table. Moreover, a simple patterned rug can go well under the space too, especially when you have a wood flooring.

14. Modern Farmhouse Table with Benches

Modern Farmhouse Table with Benches

Source: Pinterest

Instead of just regular chairs or a mix of bench and chairs, why not go all in and use only benches for your dining table? They’re a fun type of seating that is different and quite unique. It’s also easier to squeeze more people during parties and can be cozy for when you’re working from here.

Of course, the modern farmhouse vibe is all thanks to the bold and square black legs. This sleek and chic design is very stylish.

15. Turquoise Upholstery for a Farmhouse Dining Table

Turquoise Upholstery for a Farmhouse Dining Table

Source: Pinterest

In this next photo, you can see how the farmhouse table uses dark toned wood for a much more elegant and classic appearance. One easy way to balance the dark shade is by going with a brighter and lighter upholstery for the chairs.

We absolutely love how the turquoise fabric with gold swirls makes the whole dining spot look luxurious and sumptuous. Hanging a glass or crystal chandelier here can also be a great idea.

16. Low-Backed Armchairs for a Contemporary Farmhouse Vibe

Low-Backed Armchairs for a Contemporary Farmhouse Vibe

Source: Pinterest

Low-backed armchairs can be an interesting alternative for a farmhouse table. They’re underrated but can add a charismatic presence to your space, thus helping you create a more contemporary farmhouse atmosphere.

In terms of color, the light blue upholstery of the chairs pairs quite well with the wood accents on both the chair legs and tabletop. You can even place a beige rug to tie in the interior together.

17. Velvet Dining Chairs with Farmhouse Table

Velvet Dining Chairs with Farmhouse Table

Source: Pinterest

In this eclectic open-plan dining and living room, there are a lot of striking colors and pieces that go surprisingly well together for a fun vibe. One highlight is the yellow velvet chairs used for the farmhouse table.

While the color is a nice complement to the rustic wooden surface of the table, we also love how the velvet material interacts with the wood. It’s such a unique combination that is sure to leave an impression!

18. Orange Accents in a Farmhouse Style Table

Orange Accents in a Farmhouse Style Table

Source: Pinterest

This next farmhouse table with bench and chair has a very classic countryside feel, which is also timeless and ideal for a smaller home with cozy interiors. You can choose a color for your accent pieces and decorations, and in this instance, orange is a perfect option!

From the orange flowers on the table and the small orange blanket on the bench to orange floral pillows on the chairs, they add a sense of bubbly personality to the space.

19. A Corner Farmhouse Table with Built-in Bench

A Corner Farmhouse Table with Built-in Bench

Source: Pinterest

Even if your kitchen or dining room is quite small, you can still incorporate a farmhouse table with a bench to make it feel cozy, homey, and warm. One way to do that is by building a bench structure right in the corner of the room, which will help you utilize an otherwise dead space.

A round table works well in this case, and you can place a couple of white dining chairs to add more seating. For the bench itself, throw in some pillows to make it snug!

20. Attached Farmhouse Dining Table and Countertop

Attached Farmhouse Dining Table and Countertop

Source: Pinterest

Another clever way to add a farmhouse table in a limited space is by extending the countertop and making your own eat-in kitchen or breakfast bar! This is an especially great trick for apartments or small homes for a young couple. Add a couple of bar stools with wood and white accents to complement the farmhouse style.

21. Pattern Upholstery

Pattern Upholstery

Source: Pinterest

We love how this rounded farmhouse table incorporates colorful upholstery to match the simpler and more rustic wood materials. For the dining chairs, a light yellow cushion will be great to lift up the mood.

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Meanwhile, you can also see how the two armchairs on either end of the table have a more colorful pattern. This is great to add more character and unique flair to the space!

22. Decorate Farmhouse Table with Wooden Chairs and Greeneries

Decorate Farmhouse Table with Wooden Chairs and Greeneries

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to decorating a farmhouse table or any other farmhouse inspired interior, using elements of nature is always a brilliant idea. For example, the leave wreath and vines entwining the rabbit sculpture add so much vibrancy to the mood, while still maintaining the nature-themed ambiance of farmhouse style.

23. Sofa Complements a Farmhouse Dining Table

Sofa Complements a Farmhouse Dining Table

Source: Pinterest

It’s time to go all out and create a truly one-of-a-kind dining table vibe! The farmhouse table is sleek and simple dark brown furniture with thin but sturdy legs. There are regular white chairs around it. However, placing a large sofa on one side is an easy way to create a memorable impression.

They make the spot much more comfortable and homely, while also providing a cool statement piece.

24. Add a Modern Statement Light Pendant

Add a Modern Statement Light Pendant

Source: Pinterest

There are small and simple touches that can elevate your farmhouse styled dining area to new heights. For example, this modern light pendant that’s quite striking in design while still having such a simple silhouette.

It’s a beautiful complement to the farmhouse table with white chairs and evokes a sense of contemporary trend. This style can easily fit in any modern home too!

25. White Farmhouse Table

White Farmhouse Table

Source: Pinterest

So far today, we have seen plenty of dark brown colored farmhouse tables, but have you considered a white one? Painting the wood white while retaining the distressed finish and rustic texture is always a fun way to evoke the farmhouse style while keeping a light-themed interior.

Here, most of the dining chairs are white, but you can also spot some brown accents. This helps you incorporate the quintessential farmhouse charm! Not to mention the wood elements on the wall décor and ceiling.

26. Vintage Table with Reclaimed Farmhouse Chairs

Vintage Table with Reclaimed Farmhouse Chairs

Source: Pinterest

Up next, this is a stunning farmhouse table with a textured wood surface and white table legs. What we really love is actually the antique reclaimed chairs. They’re gorgeous pieces that fit well with the farmhouse vibe you are going for!

While the white color keeps the whole space feeling lighthearted and bright, the distressed surfaces also provide more personality and presence.

27. Coastal Farmhouse with Steel Bench

Coastal Farmhouse with Steel Bench

Source: Pinterest

While the farmhouse design style is often associated with rural, pastoral settings, it’s actually quite popular to combine it with subtle elements of coastal vibes! Like in this example, you can see how the antique white steel bench evokes a rustic beachside feel that complements the traditional farmhouse table.

There are also other brown dining chairs to complete the set, as well as a beige armchair for an eclectic look overall. In terms of lighting, there’s also a crystal chandelier for a touch of luxury! We do love how this dining space gives off such a unique characteristic.

28. Boho Farmhouse Table with Bench and Chair

Boho Farmhouse Table with Bench and Chair

Source: Pinterest

This farmhouse table with bench and chair incorporates some boho elements, mainly through the use of a large, patterned rug, colorful pillows, and small accessories interspersed through the dining room.

You may also notice all the different wood features of this space, from the table itself to the chairs, bench, flooring, and other furniture pieces. Make sure to balance the rich wood color with simple white walls.

29. Farmhouse Dining Table with Cottage Charm

Farmhouse Dining Table with Cottage Charm

Source: Pinterest

Farmhouse interior style is almost synonymous with cottage charm, especially if you evoke different materials and a rustic vibe throughout the room. This farmhouse table with a white and solid base has a matching bench to complement it.

But the green chairs provide an interesting contrast and pop of color. Overall, this space feels very quaint and charming, thanks to the yellow walls, white furniture with wood accents, cozy white carpet flooring, and the small knickknacks that are oozing with character.

30. Moroccan Inspired Rug

Moroccan Inspired Rug

Source: Pinterest

Last but not least, you will see that the farmhouse table with black legs and matching chairs are the obvious statement pieces here. And yet the beautifully intricated Moroccan-inspired rug also adds a lot of personality and warmth to the space.

We love how the rich design and eclectic pattern tie in well with the rustic charm of this interior. For the finishing details, you can hang a simple light pendant and some wood-themed decorations on the wall too. Plus, keeping the walls white can help create an airy and light atmosphere.

At the end of the day, a farmhouse table with a bench and chair is always a great way to brighten up your dining room. It adds so much style as well as functionality, which means enhancing both the visual appeal and purpose of your space! So, which of these farmhouse table ideas did you like? Ready to add one to your own home?

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