35+ Fabulous Floor Ideas For The Grey Walls

by Katie Williams

When a gray wall is put on our walls, we have no choice but to be creative to create a good match with the colors of our flooring. Gray is a neutral color and will go very well with any other color. Gray color is advantageous in the interior of many rooms. The overall perception of the room often depends on the choice of the color scheme of the floor covering.

The gray walle in the interior looks noble and has an incredible ability to both accentuate the rest of the decoration colors and flatten the effects of very bright colours.

We will examine together 35 different floor examples that will best suit our gray walls. But let’s learn how to choose the floor first!


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How is the floor chosen?

We may no doubt know what type of flooring you are looking for. There are carpet, hardwood, vinyl planks, tiles and more! If we are unsure of what flooring is best for us, we should make sure to consider the function of the room along with our personal preferences.

For example, carpet is less preferred in a room that is difficult to clean, such as the kitchen. On the other hand, vinyl tile may seem too cold for a bedroom. Taking all these into account, we should choose a floor that is easy to clean, where we will feel comfortable and peaceful, and which will adapt to the atmosphere of the house.


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Should floors be darker or lighter than walls?

It is generally recommended that we choose a darker floor color than our walls. Light colored walls and a dark floor make a room appear more prominent. The point we need to pay attention to is the amount of light the room receives. If the room gets enough natural light, light flooring can help open up the room.

There are various reasons why floors can be both lighter and darker than walls. Some positive features for lighter floors include:

  1. The room usually looks bigger.
  2. Light colors reflect more light, making the room brighter.
  3. Reasons to use dark colors include:
  4. In an already spacious room, dark floors create a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere.
  5. Dark floors tend to hide dirt.


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Warm or Cool Gray Undertones

Gray walls offer a wide variety of options for blending and completing a room’s color scheme. Interior designers consider gray walls a neutral, but the underlying hues determine whether gray is warm or cool.

Gray, like all colors, has warm red undertones or cool blue undertones, and the color and undertones of the wood flooring must be consistent to maintain the integrity of the design. The gray color of the walls and the color of the wood floors do not need to match, but must be in the same warm or cool color family.

Depending on the undertone and lightness or darkness, gray wall paint changes its hue when placed in context with another large area such as wood flooring. A medium gray wall with a dark wood floor changes how we perceive gray, making it appear lighter.

With a light wood floor the same paired middle gray wall creates a darker gray image.The color of the gray wall determines which color wood floor creates a unifying color relationship.

Do wooden floors match gray walls?

Wooden furniture, which adds a friendly and warm atmosphere to the decoration, is frequently preferred in different living spaces such as the living room, dining room and bedroom. Wood, which stands out with its natural structure and recyclable feature, creates a perfect harmony when combined with the right colors according to its type and tone.


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Should Baseboards Fit on the Wall or the Floor?

Baseboards must match crown molding. They do not have to match in color. Whether your crown molding, baseboards, and other trim fit the wall or floor is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer to keep all the trim the same color. In this case, matching the color of the floor may look good for the skirting, but may not make so much sense for the crown molding.

Similarly, some people don’t like contrast. In this case, they prefer blending. If this is our desire, we just have to evaluate the style and size of the skirting boards. We have to decide if they match the floor or the wall, they will mix better.

In any case, baseboards don’t have to match the floor or wall if we don’t like the way it looks. Choosing a blending and coordinating look or a contrasting style to attract attention are acceptable solutions.

Floor Ideas For The Grey Walls

After getting information about the floor of our room, now let’s examine 35 different floors suitable for our gray walls.

1. Light Brown

The light brown wood flooring blends perfectly with the gray walls. There are several species of wood with a light brown color like this one, such as walnut and oak. The combination of a light brown floor with a gray wall creates a room that looks flawless and natural. Light brown can also match the appropriate style with modern decor and furniture. If our area is smaller, a light brown floor can help open it up.

Having a light brown floor can also be beneficial for pet owners. Unlike dark brown wood, scratches from dogs or cats running around will be hard to see. The use of light brown wood for this floor is ideal for those who want to decorate the room with a little rustic or classic touch.

Light Brown

Source – Pinterest

2. Beige

Beige and gray have been a fashionable pairing for years. Since both gray and beige are neutral colors, it’s easy to style any room regardless of the design we choose.

There is a wide variety of beige flooring options for hardwood floors. Whether it’s a warm beige, cool medium brown or even a slightly gray brown, there’s something for everyone.


Source – Pinterest

3. Dark Brown

Dark wood flooring looks gorgeous when paired with a light gray wall. However, if the wall is on the darker side, dark wood flooring can be overwhelming. Unlike light wood, dark wood floors absorb sunlight, making them fade less over time. Even in a room with plenty of natural sunlight, your dark wood floors will look better for longer. In addition to its functionality, dark hardwood floors have a rich look that adds a bit of luxury to the home.

Although the gray walls contrast with the dark wood flooring, it still looks its best. It just looks cozy and very elegant with the colors and moreover the elements combined in this room.

Dark Brown

Source – Pinterest

4. White Wood

Whitewashed wood flooring has become a huge trend lately. Some white wood flooring is on the all white side, while other types of whitewash flooring have a more distressed look.

Natural wood can be a little pricey, but fortunately, plenty of tiles mimic the look of white wood flooring. Unlike natural wood, we can use vinyl planks in any home space and tile does not scratch or discolor easily. Whether we have a farmhouse, contemporary or industrial home, you can easily use decor and furniture to make it the way we want.

The white floor adds a clean and open feel to our rooms. That’s why it makes one of the best color choices for a more minimalist style. Because white floors are reflective, they can make a smaller room feel more spacious and open.

White Wood

Source – Pinterest

5. Gray

Just because we have gray walls doesn’t mean we can’t have a gray floor. Just like a white floor, gray is a neutral color that gives us plenty of room to change our decor. There are very few colors that pair badly with gray, so we are free to create the style of our home however we  wish. If we have a light or medium gray colored wall, we can choose a dark gray tile to provide a good contrast. For a dark gray wall, a lighter gray would be a good choice to open up the room more.


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6. Cherry Tree

Cherry wood flooring has been popular for years and never goes out of style. It features bright, warm hues that complement gray walls without overlapping. Since cherry wood has such a warm color, it pairs best with warm gray walls. Cherry wood is very raw looking and stands out on its own. It will look stunning with wooden flooring against neutral walls like gray.

Cherry Tree

Source – Pinterest

7. White Marble

With the magnificent texture that marble offers, we can instantly add a sense of beauty and natural elegance. A gray wall will complement the small gray designs we found in white marble.

One thing to note about marble flooring is its tendency to be slippery when wet. While this is a great flooring option for a master bathroom, it’s best to use different flooring for a kid’s bathroom. The white marble tile floor not only blends perfectly with the gray walls but also helps make the room wider and brighter as it will reflect a lot of light. This type of tile also brings a luxurious and magnificent look to the room thanks to its natural marble effects.

White Marble

Source – Pinterest

8. Black Marble

Black marble is another flooring style that adds a rich and elegant look to almost any room in our home. A black marble floor will add some depth and character to our light gray walls.

As with other dark floor options, black marble works best for rooms where we want to have a smaller, relaxed atmosphere. In addition to the slippery nature of marble, its stain repellent property is also known. However, we will see less staining with black marble than with its white counterpart.Using a black floor as a neutral color can also be very helpful when choosing furniture for this room, as this black floor blends easily with other furniture colors.

Black Marble

Source – Pinterest

9. Dark Gray

Dark gray hardwood flooring blends perfectly with gray walls. It creates a dramatic contrast with the wall that makes the room feel more elegant. But if we choose to use this type of flooring for our wall room, we have to make sure we use much brighter colored furniture.

Dark Gray

Source – Pinterest

10. Gold Detailed White-Grey Marble

Gray walls will create a neutral effect in the space. The white marbles we will add will make the place brighter. But if we want to use the furniture in neutral colors, the space we designed can look ordinary. Therefore, the gold we will add between the marbles will add both a sparkle and a luxurious look. Thus, it will become more noticeable.

11. Yellow

We should definitely try a stylish marble in yellow tones on gray walls! Since yellow is a warm tone, it will give a natural energy to the space In addition, since yellow is a striking enough color, we should not pay attention to the harmony of tone and balance with other furniture. Otherwise, it can be tiring.


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12. Caramel Brown

Contrasting with a gray wall, this caramel brown wood flooring brings warmth and comfort like in this room. The equally warm hue of this gray brown wall makes it look minimalist and easy to work with.

Caramel Brown

Source – Pinterest

13. Gray Stone Tile

This is another example that we should really consider, not only for its affordability, but also for its overall look. This gives it an industrial and rustic feel.

Gray Stone Tile

Source – Pinterest

14. White And Black Stripe Floor

This floor will create a very strong effect on our space. It provides a very modern look but the results will be excellent! We can use it more comfortably in places where we spend less time, such as the hall or bathroom, rather than in living spaces. In this way, our eyes will not get tired, but we will have created a very stylish image.

White And Black Stripe Floor

Source – Pinterest

15. Coal Gray Tile

When we think of gray walls, our first thought is paint. However, we can also achieve an appearance with wallpaper or tiles. The herringbone layout adds some texture and movement to keep the dark feature from reading straight.

Coal Gray Tile

Source – Pinterest

16. Black And White Tile

We can go classic with a black and white checkerboard design in our kitchen and laundry area. The look will contrast nicely with the gray doors and trim. In addition, if we use the floor as matte instead of glossy, we will create a more natural image.

Black And White Tile

Source – Pinterest

17. Red

Concrete floors don’t always have to be gray. We can actually paint them in different colors to match our palette. Brown leather and rattan accents will complete the inviting scene.


Source – Pinterest

18. Navy Blue And White Genie

Gray in almost any shade will pair beautifully with blue. In this example room, it showcases dark gray joinery and navy blue and white floor tiles, creating an impressive space to welcome guests in style.

Navy Blue And White Genie

Source – Pinterest

19. Burgundy And White

If we want to add a pop of color to your space without taking anything away from the moody air, we can’t go wrong with burgundy floor tiles. The marble countertop echoes the burgundy and gray color scheme, while the gooseneck faucet and cabinet hardware add some warm shine.

Burgundy And White

Source – Pinterest

20. Green And White Tile

It is a fact that gray matches almost every color. The lush tile brings out the green undertones of the paint, while the woodwork and furniture add just enough warmth to the cool color palette.

Green And White Tile

Source – Pinterest

21. Red Brick

We can say that opposites attract. It will be unusual to integrate the cold gray walls with warm terracotta. Red, which is normally a striking color, will not attract too much attention this way. It will also balance the modern look with occasional roughness and wear.

Red Brick

Source – Pinterest

22. White And Gray Tile

It is a perfect example of how beautiful warm gray walls look with warm-toned floors, or in this case greige walls, ceiling and cabinets. Of course, the size of the tiles is also very important. If we use large tiles, our interior will appear smaller. If we use small tiles, our interior will appear larger.

White And Gray Tile

Source – Pinterest

23. White And Light Gray Tile

Gray details will look nice to add some movement on the ground where the whites are concentrated. In addition, tiles cut in different geometric shapes will add movement to the space.

White And Light Gray Tile

Source – Pinterest

24. Mustard Yellow

I think the color that will be out of the ordinary will be yellow. This design that will make an explosion in our home will also show how brave we are.

Mustard Yellow

Source – Pinterest

25. Pale Blue

Although all neutrals and tones look good on a gray wall, it would look cool to use a pale blue color as our flooring.

Pale Blue

Source – Pinterest

26. Lux Tile

When we want to have an attractive and luxurious home design, this will be one of the best choices for us. Combining this luxe and bold color on a gray wall highlights the flooring that serves as the focal point of this room.

Lux Tile

Source – Pinterest

27. White Turquoise Tile

This tile is fun and bold, suitable for someone who doesn’t want their gray walls to equal a boring room. It is certain that it will add beauty to our living spaces both with its geometric shape and striking color.

White Turquoise Tile

Source – Pinterest

28. Dark green

Apart from the peace of green, it will add a very luxurious atmosphere when we use it in a modern marble. We have to bring green, which will integrate perfectly with gray, in its eye.

Dark green

Source – Pinterest

29. Blue-Black

In addition to colors, it is important that different geometric shapes are compatible with each other. When the floor covering is active, we can use more neutral tones of blue and complete it with a cold gray wall.


Source – Pinterest

30. Green-White Straight Lines

Again, for an extraordinary place, we can choose a floor consisting of green and white lines. We can choose other furniture accordingly, keeping in mind that it will appear smaller since it has a place.

Green-White Straight Lines

Source – Pinterest

31. Orange-Gray

Of course, one of the most favorite colors that will take the coldness of gray will be orange. We can create a beautiful focus with the oranges that we will equip the whole place with cold colors and add to the floor.


Source – Pinterest

32. Purple

We said that grey can be compatible with all colours. One of them is, of course, purple. We can combine that heavy air of purple with a grey wall.

33. Tumbled Floor

Although more traditional designs come to mind when we think of antiquated flooring, it is still in our hands to modernize it. Combining our gray walls with wood and cold blue combinations will be great!

Tumbled Floor

Source – Pinterest

34. Golden Oak

It would be logical to combine gold oak and gray, which are both natural, inexpensive and easy to find. This option, which we can use for many years, will add a natural and warm atmosphere to our homes.

Golden Oak

Source – Pinterest

35. Pink

And finally, let’s finish with an eye-catching color. Of course, one of the colors we will choose to reflect our style on a gray wall that we will choose in medium tones is of course pink. We should keep in mind the color that will create an explosion on the floor of the place.


Source – Pinterest

Now you have all the information you need floor colour for go with grey walls. We hope you found this article useful and interesting as you go about what colour floor go with grey walls. Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments below! It’s always a pleasure to hear from our readers on what they agree with or disagree with.

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