20+ Front Door Colors for a Blue House (Unique Ideas)

by Katie Williams

Are you looking for the best front door colors for a blue house? You’ve come to the right place! Blue is a timeless exterior color that will always be in style. Different shades of blue can convey various effects, including calming and peaceful, and vibrant and fun.

Unique Front Door Colors for a Blue House

Now, it’s time to pick out the most suitable color for the front door. This can be a crucial choice as it will tie in the look of your house. Front doors are also the gateway into your home, so you want it to be as welcoming as possible!

Here they are…

1. Bold Orange

Bold Orange

Source: Pinterest

You may know that pairing opposite shades from the color wheel is always a foolproof way to mix and match colors. In this case, the opposite color of blue is orange! This bold and bright front door not only looks interesting amid the blue siding, but it’s also very striking.

As a result, your attention will immediately be drawn to the front door as it stands out against the rest of the structure. This is a desirable effect!

2. Classic White

Classic White

Source: Pinterest

You can never go wrong with a simple white front door, no matter what the house color is. Here, look at how the crisp white paint stands out against the dark blue siding.

Use white color for any accents and trimmings too, as this will create a more cohesive look with a classic farmhouse style. Meanwhile, planting some pink flowers around the exterior is a nice way to add a pop of color.

3. Natural Wood

Natural Wood

Source: Pinterest

Next, sticking with the natural brown color of a wood front door can also be an excellent idea. This particular photo shows a blue house with painted brick siding, which means going with a rustic wooden door helps evoke a more pastoral and countryside feel.

With a darker blue house like this one, it may be better to choose a medium-toned wood color. It will balance the overall tone for a simple look that is still timeless.

4. Wood with White Trim

Wood with White Trim

Source: Pinterest

We’ve seen an all-white front door and we’ve seen the wooden version. So, what about combining the two? Having a light-toned wood front door with white doorframe or trim can evoke a gorgeous rustic style.

When couple with a blue gray siding color as shown in this picture, you can produce an overall soothing and calming emotion. This is always a nice atmosphere to create in your home while ensuring that you have a beautiful curb appeal!

5. Bright Yellow

Bright Yellow

Source: Pinterest

Bright yellow is also such an appealing color to pair with a blue house, especially if it is a more muted or darker blue. The yellow provides an eye-catching feature that radiates a sense of joy, optimism, and fun, which can certainly be great in a home.

Moreover, it’s also a primary color which means there are many shades of yellow you can choose from! This happy and welcoming color can easily suit any modern or even farmhouse style house.

6. Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink

Source: Pinterest

Is your house painted in a pastel blue color? If so, pastel pink can be a fantastic choice for the front door. This feminine but also classic appearance is especially charming for a countryside setting.

This is a soft color scheme that will evoke an overall calming and relaxing vibe. To pair these hues, you may want to use white for ceilings, railings, and other features, and light wood for the patio floors.

7. Dark Pink

Dark Pink

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to dark blue houses with pink doors, we recommend choosing a darker shade of pink that will balance the look more completely. This door also features some white accents and glass panels to further embellish it.

The exact paint in this example is Rose Embroidery by Sherwin Williams, which is a bright and fun color that will immediately elevate your curb appeal. All in all, a bold pink door is sure to impress!

8. Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue

Source: Pinterest

Another fun way to paint your front door is to try blue on blue. Yes, we are talking about a blue door on a blue house! This can produce an awesome look as long as you choose the right shades of blue for both parts.

For instance, it’s better to pick a dark blue color for the door if the siding has a lighter tone. It goes both ways too, so a light blue door can look classy with a dark blue house.

9. Burgundy


Source: Pinterest

Burgundy is a deep reddish-brown color that evokes elegance, luxury, and taste, which can be ideal for a front door color. Its tinge of red provides some boldness in a subtle way while still remaining muted.

This shade is nice when you pair it with a blue house and can create a mature look. Plus, we recommend adding white accents for the window trims and doorframe to balance out the overall design!

10. Red


Source: Pinterest

Alternatively, you can go for a more classic shade of red like in this example. A red front door is always an easy way to add drama and flair while still being stylish, as you can see here.

The dark blue house evokes a deep and relaxing mood, so adding a bright red front door that pops is a great way to have a more balanced design. This surprising red looks especially gorgeous when paired with white trims.

11. Simple Black

Simple Black

Source: Pinterest

Black is a safe color choice for front doors that will look stunning with any exterior color, including blue. The simplicity of this shade is especially fitting for a modern and contemporary home. With that said, it can also be an ideal option for rustic, farmhouse, and even industrial styles.

We think a black front door is perfect for whatever shades of blue your house has. Whether that’s light blue, navy blue, or even gray blue!

12. Turquoise


Source: Pinterest

Often associated with the color of the sea, turquoise is a light shade that symbolizes trust, calmness, and serenity. These are desirable emotions to evoke in a house as they can help you feel more relaxed and peaceful whenever you are at home!

But not only that, turquoise is an attractive color for a front door in a blue house. You can see here that it adds such a striking characteristic to the house as a whole.

13. Off White

Off White

Source: Pinterest

While white is a popular choice for the front door of a blue house, you might prefer an off-white shade, which is basically a very light version of a non-white color. For instance, this front door has the slightest tinge of green.

Compared to plain white, it’s definitely a better way to convey some sense of character to your home. This door color also evokes a more graceful and elegant feeling, which you can enhance by decorating the space with aesthetic flowers.

14. Vibrant Purple

Vibrant Purple

Source: Pinterest

You may think that purple color will clash with blue, especially for a front door. But if you choose wisely and ensure that the exact shades go well together, this can be a unique and striking combo!

For instance, this bright and vibrant purple door is an impressive feature of a light blue exterior. To complement this even more, you can hang a pot of purple flowers too.

15. Soft and Pastel Green

Soft and Pastel Green

Source: Pinterest

In this example, you can see a blue gray house featuring a pastel green front door. This soft shade of green produces such a relaxing effect that you might love. Amplify the cozy mood by placing a sitting bench with some pillows too!

Plus, it complements the dark siding really well as it provides a degree of lightness. Remember that it’s always important to maintain a balance in design in both the interior and exterior of a house.

16. Bright Green

Bright Green

Source: Pinterest

For those who prefer a louder house and uses bold blue as the exterior paint, a bright green color may work best for the front door. As shown above, both the blue and green paints chosen are very vibrant and striking.

One way to ensure that the colors don’t simply clash and create an overwhelming look is to incorporate some neutrals. This could be white trimmings, frames, black door handles, and also black pendant lights.

17. Light Gray

Light Gray

Source: Pinterest

Another classic neutral color that will always go together with a blue house is gray. In this case, we wanted to highlight a light gray front door in a light blue house. This combination is probably most ideal in a rural setting.

You may notice that the gray color also runs through the rest of the exterior, including the windowsills and frames. The roof even has a dark gray color, which we think suits the overall mood really well!

18. Light Blue

Light Blue

Source: Pinterest

We have shown you how to incorporate a blue front door in a blue house. This photo depicts a light blue front door that looks especially elegant and sophisticated with the dark blue siding. This is a nice choice to evoke a modern yet timeless feel.

In terms of the patio itself, feel free to include furniture and decorations that will help evoke a sense of coziness!

19. Glass Front Door

Glass Front Door

Source: Pinterest

Consider choosing front doors that are almost entirely covered in windows! Not only do they look pretty and modern, but this is a brilliant way to ensure that lots of natural light can get into the house. This can make the space inside feel much brighter and larger.

The doorframe itself is a clean white color, which you know complements the dark blue exterior. All in all, these colors and windows are reminiscent of seaside homes, and so can evoke a coastal mood.

20. Brown with Red Brick Framing

Brown with Red Brick Framing

Source: Pinterest

Finally, here is a more unique idea to ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind house. This blue house features a double front door made of dark wood which creates a rural and timeless feel.

But there’s also a brick framing that surrounds the structure of the front door. The multicolored bricks offer a touch of industrial and classic architectural styles, which complement the blue exterior well!


Should front door be lighter or darker than house?

Generally, it’s a good idea to use a contrasting color for your front door. This means that a house that is mainly dark in tone could benefit from a lighter front door. Likewise, you can make a statement with a dark-colored door in a home with a lighter exterior.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

What color front door is most inviting?

A bright and bold color can be the most inviting for a front door, including bright yellow and red. They’re a great way to create a striking impression and make people feel both intrigued and welcome by your house!

What color should I choose for my front door?

The front door color you should choose will depend on the overall vibe of the house. Neutral hues like brown, black, gray, and white are always a safe choice. However, it can sometimes pay off to be daring and pick a more eye-catching color.

What is the complementary color of blue?

The natural complementary color to blue is orange because they are direct opposites on the color wheel. Blue and orange produce an exciting and lively combination that can evoke a bright, cheerful, and happy atmosphere.

What color goes best with light blue?

A lot of colors can complement light blue, each offering a different vibe and effect. We would recommend white for a more classic and muted feel, or yellow and light pink to create a more colorful ambiance.

Overall, choosing the right front door color for your blue house can really improve your curb appeal. We hope these ideas could give you some inspiration, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Good luck!

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