How to Stop Bed Sliding on Wooden Floor (10 Quick & Easy Ways)

by Katie Williams
How to Stop Bed Sliding on Wooden Floor

If you have a wooden floor, you want to avoid your bed from sliding on it and there are several ways to do that. Wood floor can be aesthetic and durable so, there is no wonder many homeowners choose it for their house. When your bed slides on the floor it can create a big discomfort but it can also damage your floor.

You can use furniture stoppers or place a rug under the bed as well as other easy to implement methods. So, keep reading to find out the best ways to stop your bed from sliding on the wooden floor!

Ten ways to stop bed sliding on wooden floor

You can use what method seems more comfortable and suitable for your home design. It is important to consider both the aesthetic aspect and the functional aspect when you make such a decision. But ultimately, all the methods in this list will stop your bed from sliding on the wooden floor.

1. Use furniture stoppers

Furniture stoppers such as bed stoppers can be one of the most efficient and budget-friendly solution to your problem. These stoppers are soft and they will not damage your furniture or your floor. You can find them in all types of colors and shades from white to brown, beige, black but even more vibrant colors such as shades of blue or green.

As for the shape, these bed stoppers tend to be circular or rectangular so you will have to get the ones that suit your bed legs best. Choose stoppers that match your bed legs as good as possible so they are discreet and don’t disturb the aesthetic of the room but also keep your bed stable in place.

2. Place a rug between the bed and the floor

rug between the bed

Placing a rug under the bed is another affordable option and one of the most common solutions that you will find in most homes. Choose a carpet that compliments the design of your room and one that is comfortable to the touch too. Ultimately, any type of carpet will prevent your bed from sliding because it will offer it a grip and it will look great.

Choose a rug that is big enough to cover the entire bottom frame of the bed and still have an extra 20 inches part outside the frame to look even better. The carpet you choose can also be a decoration piece so try to find one that brings you visual pleasure when you look at it.

3. Fix the bed frame to one of your walls

bed frame

Attaching your bed to one of the walls takes a bit more work and research. You don’t want to damage the bed or the wall in the process. But it is also a very reliable solution if you need to prevent your bed from sliding on the floor.

However, take into account that this is not the ideal case for those who like to move their furniture a lot. Once your bed is fastened to the wall, it will not be mobile anymore.

You will need to drill holes in your wall in order to mount the frame on it. Further in this article there is a detailed way to do this with as little hassle as possible so, keep on reading!

4. Use a rubber wrap on the bed frame

There are rubber feet that you can purchase to put on the feet of your bed. If you decide for this option, you can find these feet in different sizes and shapes at furniture stores as well as online.

They are mostly black though, and it might be difficult to find them in other colors. But they shouldn’t stand out much and they are easy to apply to each of your bed’s feet.

Rubber wraps or feet are essentially pieces of rubber that will cover the initial legs of your bed and prevent it from sliding. If you want to have rubber wraps that will withstand the test of time, choose ones made of a thicker material so they don’t break when you wash them.

5. Velcro pads for your bed’s feet

Velcro pads are also a lifesaver when it comes to stopping your bed from sliding on the floor. These pads are also very budget-friendly and easy to find online or in hardware stores. Velcro is thinner than rubber but you will have to flue them to your wooden floor. This is a good option if you don’t want to move your bed often.

6. Use bed risers

bed risers

source: lakeside

Bed risers can turn out to be functional in more than one way. They will prevent your bed from sliding on the floor but they will also rise your bed. You will have some extra storage under the bed and it will not slide on the floor.

Plus, bed risers are fairly easy to find and they come in a wide range of colors and sizes. You can even choose bed risers that add some discreet style to your room. Some of them have interesting pattens and can truly add a touch of modernism to any space.

7. Place your bed in the corner of the room

bed in the corner

If the decoration of your room allows it, you might want to consider placing your bed in the corner. This will keep it stable between two walls and it will slide much less.

It can still move slightly but not in a manner that will be obvious. However, this option might not be ideal for all homes as it can make climbing into the bed uncomfortable if there are more than one individual sleeping in it.

8. Put other pieces of furniture in front of your bed

furniture in front of your bed

source: roomandboard

If you can’t apply any other solution in this guide, trying to keep the bed in place by adding a piece of furniture in the direction that it moves towards can be helpful.

You can add a table at the end of the bed or two heavy nightstands on the side of it to stop it from moving. This option requires some imagination and the right furniture pieces if you don’t want to bother the design of your room.

9. Replace the legs of the bed

Sometimes, changing the legs of the bed can be the thing to do when you need to keep it in place. You can find bed legs that are made of rubber and they don’t slide while they are also very resistant. You want to use legs that fit the frame of your bed and you need to check if the initial bed legs are removable.

10. Use bed leg protectors

bed leg protectors

source: pinterest

Bed protectors are like little socks for your bed legs and they are a very budget-friendly option as well. If you invest in a few sets of bed protectors, you might be pleased to notice that they will fit other furniture pieces in your house too. They are easy to remove when you need to clean them and they can resist the test of time.

How to: A step-by-step guide to keeping your bed in place on a wooden floor

One of the most secure and permanent ways to keep your bed from sliding on the wooden floor is to fasten it to the wall. While this is not complicated to do, it is still more complex then other solutions in this guide.

Before you start implementing the steps below, make sure you have a drill, screws and wall plugs to be able to complete the process. There are kits that you can purchase too, exactly for bed wall-mounting purposes.

Step 1. Place the headboard on the wall you want to fasten the bed to

Make sure the bed is in place while you place the headboard in the position you want to fix it. Mark the headboard edges on the wall with a pencil so you know where top mount it. Also, make sure to mark the center of the headboard on the wall.

You want to have all the points marked on the wall so you know where to attach the mounting hangers. If you make these markings wrong, your bed will not be stable when you mount it.

Step 2. Add the mounting hangers

The hangers should support the headboard comfortably. Place the mount fasteners vertically on the center line of the headboard. Install the wall hangers facing up and the fasteners facing down.

To complete this step you will need a drill and screws. However, if you purchased a kit for mounting beds on the wall, you will find all you need along with the instructions inside the package.

Step 3. Set up the headboard on the wall

All you have to do is slide the headboard into the mount hangers slowly. Once you do that you can adjust the fasteners to make sure your bed is fixed on the wall and not moving at all.

Check if your bed is stable and it is not moving in any direction. Also, it shouldn’t make any sounds when you sit on it. If your bed doesn’t feel stable, you want to tighten the fastens until it doesn’t move at all.

What to put under bed to keep from sliding?

If you don’t want to modify the bed or the wall, you can simply use a rug to keep it in place. Choose a rug that also adds beauty to your room and matches the rest of the decorations.

Velcro pads are also a great option as well as rubber wraps or bed risers. Ultimately, you want to go with the solution that will work best for your room.

How do you keep furniture from sliding on wood floors?

The most common way to keep any furniture from sliding on wooden floor is to place it on a carpet that increases the grip. Leg protectors tend to be just as common and they go great for several furniture pieces such as beds, tables and even chairs.

How do I keep my platform bed from sliding on the floor?

If you have a platform bed, all the methods in this guide will help keeping it in place. A great option in particular would be to use bed raisers. Some platform beds tend to be quite low.

By using bed raisers you don’t just keep the bed from sliding but you also have some extra inches under it where you can put storage boxes and other things to utilize the extra space.

What do you put under bed wheels on hardwood floors?

If your bed has wheels, you can get very creative. You can cover the wheels in cloth material, rubber protectors, or simply add a rug under the bed to keep it from sliding.

All these options will work great! Wheels increase the sliding aspect and it is best however, to get rid of them if you want your bed to be in place. But if you can’t remove the wheels, such options will work fine too.

The only option that will not be easy to apply if your bed has wheels is using bed risers. If you want to use bed risers on a bed with wheels, you will have to remove the wheels first. Otherwise,k your bed will not be stable as the wheels will make it slide off the bed risers.

Final thoughts

The solutions in this guide should give you a good idea about how you can keep your bed in place without having to change the design of your room too much. All the options above can be applied for decorative purposes as well.

So, feel free to allow your imagination to create beautiful combinations on top on the functionality aspect of preventing your bed from sliding. Plus, several solutions will work great for other pieces of furniture in your room that have legs.

All the possibilities in this guide allow you to play around with different bed accessories to create an interesting style out of bed risers or a new carpet or even bed protectors.

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