What Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture?

by Katie Williams
Wall Colors Go With Brown Furniture

Brown is a very common color of furniture to have in your home. Brown furniture can often be misconstrued as boring, but when it is complimented with the right color walls and other surroundings, it can be especially beautiful and stylish.

Do you have multiple brown furniture pieces in your home? Brown furniture is very common and comes in many different shades. You could have a light-colored leather sofa or a dark wooden side table.

The struggle most people have is coming up with a paint color to pair with your brown furniture. Keep reading to learn some of the best tips to picking paint colors for your walls that will put your brown furniture in the best light and keep it modern and stylish.

What is the complimentary color for brown

Complimentary colors are the best way to incorporate strong design in your room. For centuries designers have been using complimentary colors as a way to incorporate strong, beautiful rooms for homeowners all around the world.

Complimentary colors are often found by looking at the opposite hues on the color wheel. Color theory and the color wheel is a great way to find your complimentary colors and make sure you are pairing the best colors together in a room.

When looking at the color wheel you will find that brown can be paired with many colors to look beautiful and bold, but by combining it with its key complimentary color of Green you will really make it stand out.

Green is the best complimentary color for brown based on the color wheel. There are several shades of green, but pairing a dark and moody green color with its complimentary color of brown will highlight both colors exceptionally beautiful.

Brown is such a vibrant color on its own that can range from subtle variations up to rich and bold tones. Different shades of brown will want to be complimented by different shades of green or other colors that go well with it.

Just because green is the best complimentary color to brown, does not mean it is the only paint color to use with your brown furniture, which brings us to another important conversation.

What paint colors go with brown wood?

When you are debating what color to paint your walls when you have brown furniture you must keep in mind the shade and tone of brown furniture you have. Dark brown furniture will usually pair better with lighter colored walls, because dark brown furniture mixed with dark brown walls can make the furniture feel dirty and dingy.

We have selected four wall color ideas that pair best with brown furniture. Colors like red or bright white are not recommended to use with brown furniture, are they can make things look too dull and boring. However, neutrals like grays, tans, grays and browns complimentary color of green are excellent choices.

 Best Colors for Walls with Brown Furniture

1. Sherwin Williams Rosemary paint color SW 6187

Sherwin Williams Rosemary paint color SW 6187

Source: Pinterest

Rosemary is a warm green color, but it also a decent amount of gray undertones to help it feel very neutral. Depending on what color brown furniture you pair with the color rosemary, you will see that it will bring a different light to your space making it feel very homey and beautiful.

2. Sherwin Williams Olympic Range paint color SW 7750

Sherwin Williams Olympic Range paint color SW 7750

Source: Pinterest

Olympic range is a very dark, moody green that would pair beautifully with light brown furniture. Think about a light brown leather sofa or accent chair with the dark moody color of Olympic Range on display behind it. It will really make your light brown colored furniture stand out and look fresh and clean.

3. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray paint color SW 7029

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray paint color SW 7029

Source: Pinterest

Agreeable gray is a natural, warm gray color that can be very versatile. In 2021 it was one of Sherwin Williams most popular colors, because it coordinates so well with many other colors. Pairing your brown furniture, both light or dark, with look stunning with Agreeable gray.

4. Sherwin Williams Peppercorn paint color SW 7674

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn paint color SW 7674

Source: Pinterest

Peppercorn is a dark gray moody color that can pair well with lighter brown furniture for best results. If you have dark brown furniture it is best to steer clear of such a dark paint color like peppercorn, as the furniture would get lost on the dark and moodiness wall color.

As always, before deciding on a paint color to pair with your brown furniture, pick up a paint sample and apply your color choice to the wall and live with it for a couple days and make sure it looks good in all different lighting scenarios throughout the day.

Does a brown sofa go with grey walls?

Brown has always been a highly used color in design for centuries, no matter the style or the time period, you will find brown. Gray has become more commonly used over the last 10 years and is becoming the new classic and timeless color that brown has always been.

Browns and grays come in all different kinds of shades, and they can absolutely be mixed and paired together if done in the right way. When selecting a grey wall color, it is best to find a color that has a warmer and more neutral undertone with it, similar to the gray color shown above, Agreeable gray.

Agreeable gray

Source: Pinterest

By using a gray wall color that has a warm undertone, rather than a cool undertone, it can and will pair beautifully with brown.

When picking a color, especially a gray color, you will want to consider what tone of brown your sofa is. Do you have a dark brown sofa that has some more orange undertones? Or, do you have a light brown sofa that is light and bright despite being brown? Darker brown sofas can often read to be more sophisticated and would pair nicely with a warm gray wall color. Light brown sofas read classic and will pair nicely with a darker gray wall.

Do gray and brown rooms go together?

Brown rooms and grays rooms can go together quite nicely if done in the right way. Brown and gray are both neutral colors and can be the perfect pairing.

You can have a gray colored wall, with sophisticated furniture and have it all tie together and appear beautiful. Another way to pair gray and brown together is a doing a bedroom with 3 light colored neutral gray walls with a dark, handsome brown color as an accent.

One example of a great combination would be to pair a darker, rich brown color with a soft gray. Paring two lighter shades can also be used, but you will want to make sure there is enough contrast in your browns and grays.

If your gray and browns are too similar in color, you could also use textures to create contrast. Try using textured throw pillows, or wallpaper to be able to tie together gray and brown tones there are similar in shade.

As discussed before, it will be best to find a warm gray color, like agreeable gray, for these two colors to pair the best together. When pairing gray and brown wall colors together in a room, you will want to consider having lighter colored furniture.

For example, if you have a brown accent wall in a bedroom with a brown wooden bed, the brown bed will get lost in the color of wall. But, you could easily have a brown accent wall, with a lighter colored wall, and a brown accent chair one of the gray walls in the room to tie it all together.

Best wall color for living room with dark furniture.

Light and bright is what is on trend right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have dark furniture and still have a stylish house. Deep brown and mahogany furniture are widely used in homes because of their sophisticated look and practical style.

A neutral staple in home design has been dark brown furniture. When designing your home and rooms around your sophisticated dark brown furniture there are some colors that will look better than others and bring out the best in your furniture.

These are the best colors to use on your walls in a room with dark brown furniture:

  • Whites and off whites Use colors like Alabaster SW 7008, Dover White SW 6385, or White Duck SW7010 for a light and airy room with dark furniture.
  • greens (browns complimentary color) Use colors like Rosemary SW 6187, Olympic Range 7750, or Evergreen Fog SW 9130 for a bold beautiful statement room.
  • grays (neutral and warm grays) If you want to go with a more modern gray wall color, using something like Agreeable gray SW 7029, Requisite Gray SW 7023, or Repose Gray SW7015 will look stunning.

Picking shades of any of the colors listed above can feel overwhelming when there are countless options to choose from. Luckily if you use some of the colors listed above then you can save time while shopping for paint colors. Although, most designers are going to light colored walls, with gray furniture.

That is not to say that you can’t have a beautiful home that isn’t light and bright with gray furniture. If you have a room with dark furniture, a light wall color will still be the best way to keep your home updated, stunning and stylish.

When paring dark furniture with light walls, it will make your dark furniture stand out. But you can also pair dark furniture with a dark moody green or blue for a statement room (think library or study).

If you want to go with a more modern gray wall color, using something like Agreeable gray (as shown above) will look appealing.

You could also use something like an off white or light beige color to bring in something lighter and beautiful. When pairing wall colors with a room full of dark furniture you will want to avoid wall colors that are too dark.

What does brown furniture go with?

Brown has always been widely used in interior design, but it is very rarely recognized as a favorite color, which makes it difficult to sell if not understood. What most home designers seem to underestimate is the ability of brown to stand firm on its own.

brown furniture

Source: Pinterest

Stunning brown furniture can easily make a statement without the additional help of bright colors. With that said, there are still ways to add color to brown furniture without taking away from the beauty of brown.

Trying using simple artwork on your walls with greens and beiges to pair nicely with your brown furniture. Greenery in the terms of plants or flowers is also a great complimentary accent to brown furniture.

Brown furniture also works well with things like decorative wallpaper, green and blue colorful pillows or dark green window coverings.

brown furniture

Source: Pinterest

Combining furniture and furniture colors is also a great use of design. When you have brown furniture, you can pair it with other colors of furniture for a stylish room. Think about combining a brown sofa with 2 green accent chairs. Or a brown study chair with a velvet green couch. By blending different colored furniture in your rooms your home will appear stylish.

Have lots of brown furniture in your home? You probably own more brown pieces then you think. Just because brown furniture isn’t necessarily what is on trend right now, it can still be beautiful. Use some of the tips in this article in order to tie your whole home together and display that brown furniture in its best light.

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