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Make This DIY Wooden Doormat….a fun family project!

Wooden Doormat

DIY Wooden Welcome Doormat

Today we are sharing this fun DIY Wooden Doormat.

This is an easy project that is perfect for spring.

I made mine with my son Luke- it’s a great family project to do with kids!

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So let’s get started on the how to!

Here’s a list of what you will need:


(8) 36”  2”x 2” square end balusters

1 spool 1/4” x 50′ natural sisal rope

Optional Materials

Paint, stain, polyurethane, measuring tape

Tools Needed

Measuring tape

Sanding block

Circular saw


Measuring tape


3/8” drill bit

(I used a 5/16”, but felt I needed one size larger)



Safety goggles



DIY Doormat with Home Depot Vitural Party How to

1. Wear protective googles, gloves, and earplugs if necessary.
2. Measure and cut each square end baluster in half (18”).
3. Sand any rough edges with a sanding block or sand paper.
4. Stain each baluster with your choice of stain. I used Classic Gray by Minwax.
5. Now, use polyurethane to cover your balusters. IF you are going to paint the top of your doormat, as I did, I would wait to polyurethane the top of each baluster. I polyurethaned three sides and let the top only stained until after I painted my design on it.
6. Measure 1 inch from each end on the balusters and drill a hole.
7. Now take your sisal rope and measure two strips of 80” rope.
8. Take the rope and thread it through each of the balusters. Covering the end of the rope with tape will help it slide through the hole easier.
9. Tie knots in between each baluster.
10. Cut the rope at each corner at the desired length.
Now that was pretty easy and you now have a cute wooden doormat!
If you desire, you can now add a fun design or decoration to it!
Check out these other awesome bloggers versions of the wooden doormat.
(all of their projects with pictures and links are at the end of the post)
That’s a lot of inspiration isn’t it?!
Here’s how I added some design to my doormat to match my front entryway…
Welcome DIY Wooden Doormat with Home Depot How To Design
Materials Needed
Paint  (You can buy sample paint for under $2!)
Painters tape
Mailbox Letters
1. Cut out mailbox letters or numbers and place them in the middle of the doormat. Make sure to measure and find the middle!
2. Then measure a rectangle around the letters or numbers.
3. Paint inside the rectangle and pull off the letters/numbers.
4. Find the middle of each quadrant of the doormat and begin taping off V-type sections (as seen above). To keep accurate measurement, put the tape next to the tape and pull every other tape piece off. This takes some time, but looks really cool when you’re done!
Once all the alternate pieces of tape are pulled off, paint in between the remaining pieces and wait for them to dry.
I used alternating colors to match my entry. I used Glidden’s Hurricane Lamp Glow and Behr’s Honey Locust.
5. Once dry, you can polyurethane over it. You can choose from stain, semi-gloss, or gloss depending on how shiny you would like it. I would use at least two coats of polyurethane, and if your mat will be in the rain and uncovered, I would use an oil based poly.
That’s it!
Here’s how mine turned out!

Wooden Doormat


Wooden Doormat Welcome

Hope you enjoyed this DIY sponsored by Home Depot!

You can sign up for a workshop in your area here!

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  1. I love how you play with the colors of your beautiful front porch! <3

  2. Oh my gosh!! So adorable!! I love how well the mat goes with your door and wreath! I’m super envious of your front porch!

    • Thank you Amber! I painted it this will be the third year it’s yellow and although it coordinates the porch so well, I’m sort of ready to paint it a different color! lol

  3. Um, I have total front door envy!!! Your door mat is great too, but I will take your front porch, and the cage light, and the beadboard ceiling, and your potted plants, etc etc. LOVE IT ALL!!

  4. I have to agree – the whole porch looks amazing together….like I seriously can’t imagine it WITHOUT your doormat! That’s when you know it works 🙂 Great job!
    xo – kb

  5. I love this! It matches perfectly with the door. I want to make one of these. I know you said this was easy, but as someone with no real DIY experience except from some projects, but would you find this easy but time consuming?

    liz @ j for joiner

  6. Love the color of your mat, Katie! So perfect for Spring!

  7. I love the design on the door mat and the color of your door is gorgeous! I love yellow doors!

  8. what a nice and bright entry!

  9. Fantastic idea for a doormat:-)
    But the yellow door – this is it! Love it!

  10. Do you mind sharing what paint color is on your front door? I’ve been wanting a yellow front door for years but get overwhelmed by all the shades of yellow when i start looking at paint samples. My family tells me I’m nuts, but when I showed them the picture of your front door, they all agreed it looks really nice. Now they’re ready to support my choice, so I want to get it done before they can change their minds.

    • Hi Linda,

      So many people have asked that I think I’m going to take my paint mix to home depot and have them tell me the color combo so I can share it.

      I mixed it myself, so it’s impossible to tell people what color it is exactly. I took some paint that I liked from the paint store, and then mixed it with gray and black and I think a little green until it was exactly what I wanted.

  11. I love, love everything, the beautiful bold yellow door, the planted flowers that ties in with the door, and your lovely door mat you created. Wow! Please come to my house….

  12. Hi! I too love everything about your porch! Would you mind sharing the details of your paint and where you got your door?

    Thanks for the consideration!

    PS Did you make your own wreath?

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