30 Best DIY Coat Rack Ideas (Easy & Unique)

by Katie Williams
Coat Rack

We can understand the general atmosphere of the house with the designs you encounter when you take your first step into the house. The first thing we will pay attention to will be the coat racks. We will examine 30 different coat rack designs, each more beautiful than the other, that will improve the atmosphere of ourme. As we can find these coat racks ready, we can also find do it yourself examples where we can add our own style. But first, let’s examine the coat racks in more detail.

Coats are surprisingly versatile. The perfect coat rack that holds everything from hats, coats, and umbrellas to your keys, purse, and even a bag of emergency supplies does it all!

Of course, coat racks aren’t just for hanging hats, coats or jackets, they can add extra function and style to an existing space depending on what you buy or how you build it.

You can open and close the shelves for more storage or add additional hooks, and even the top shelf can be used to display everyday items. They can create a certain character in a room and sometimes increase the value of the space.

The coat rack, as we know it today, actually originates from another object: the hanger.

As for the hanger type, there are basically two categories: standing on the floor and needing to be fixed on the wall:

Floor Hanger

It consists of a central column that usually rests on a base, with a variable number of arms from which clothes or coats are hung, and a central column that develops upwards.

Hanger That Needs To Be Fixed To The Wall

Wall hangers are fixed to the wall and consist of knobs, hooks or levers of various shapes. Compared to the coat rack, they are not bulky

It is this wall element that gives life to the most original solutions to appeal to all tastes and styles.

Floor Hanger

Source: Pinterest

Best DIY Coat Rack Ideas

Yes, we now have general information about coat racks. Let’s take a look at 30 different coat rack designs.

1. Rustic Handmade Coat Racks

Rustic Handmade Coat Racks

Source: Pinterest

A rustic shelf is perfect for adding that extra vintage flair to a rustic room. It is recommended to place this in your entryway, hallway, kitchen or bedroom. We can assemble the wooden pieces we want and mount them on the wall. We can make these woods rustic by performing operations such as aging and burning.

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2. Horizontal Wooden Panels

Horizontal Wooden Panels

Source: Pinterest

We can mount wooden pieces cut in the same dimensions horizontally on the wall at certain intervals and create our coat rack by attaching the desired number of hangers.

3. Different Functions


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We told you that coats can add extra functionality. We can create a simple wooden sitting unit and a hanger with a wooden stick. If we wish, we can add a shelf or mirror to the side of the hanger.

4. Insulator Coat Rack

Insulator Coat Rack

Source: Pinterest

Another creative and stylish design! Insulators are oddly shaped glass buttons we can sometimes see on telephone poles and transformer towers. We can stick the insulators to the dowels on a wooden piece. We can use liquid nail to stick the insulators.

5. Animal Contact

Animal Contact

Source: Pinterest

If we prefer something a little more fun and unusual, take a look at this coat hanger. To make a similar one, we will need toy animals, a small saw, glue, scrap wood and paint.

First paint the scrap wood and then collect the zoo animals and carefully cut them in half. Place the animals on the wooden block and mix them. Use glue to attach it to scrap wood and let it dry for about a day.

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6. Convertible Door

Convertible Door

Source: Pinterest

Do you have an old or unused door and you don’t know what to do? Then we can use it for our new coat rack. All we had to do was add a few hangers to our door and mount them on the wall. We can use it only by mounting the door to the wall, or we can make it functional by adding parts such as shelves and drawers.

7. Wheels


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What we can do is limited by your imagination! Take our old bicycle wheels and paint them colorfully. Then mount it on the wall as we wish. I am sure it will add a completely different atmosphere to our home.

8. Somewhat Industrial


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Gather unused pipes, valves and any other industrial product we can think of and spray paint it black. Mount these pieces on a wooden piece and place it on the wall.

9. Old Door Handles

Old Door Handles

Source: Pinterest

If we like to recycle your products, this example is for we. If we wish, we can leave your unused and old door handles in the same style and provide a rustic look, or we can use them by painting them in the color we want and providing a new image.

10. Minimal And Convenient

Minimal And Convenient

Source: Pinterest

If we are looking for a minimal and useful coat rack, we may fall in love with the sample! Just paint the wood pieces white and put the wall in the composition you want. In addition to being compact, it will not take up space and will make the place look more spacious.

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11. Colored Balls


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We can simply hang your clothes with this delightful and colorful design. We can create a hanger by attaching colored balls to the ends of the metal strips. In order for these balls to be more useful, we must pay attention to their different directions and leave the necessary distances between them.

12. Written Messages


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This is an example of a coat hanger from the entrance hall and greets you by saying hello at the entrance of the house. Created by twisting metal wires, this coat rack is out of line!

13. Legged Varieties

This minimal freestanding coat rack is easy to make! No nails or glue are required either. Gather a few wooden stakes and make them stand still. That’s all we have to do!

14. Industrial


Source: Pinterest

These are a few modern designs with interesting features. Coat racks not only look extraordinary, but also inspire we for similar projects. The base of these coat racks is made of pipes, or at least elements that look like pipes. Hooks are faucets all of the same design and size for a more cohesive and minimalist look.

15. Lego


Source: Pinterest

We have another fun design for kids. This is a lego coat rack. It has three hooks and consists of several pieces that look like Lego bricks. They are brightly colored and look both fun and functional. Hooks can be used on jackets, backpacks, etc. It is great for hanging.

16. Metal Panel

Metal Panel

Source: Pinterest

By adding metal hangers to the metal boards you have, we can obtain a coat rack that takes up little space. As seen in the picture, it can be used in two different tens by using the corners.

17. Linear


Source: Pinterest

If we have niches in our home, we can turn it into a coat rack with a simple metal profile. We can also add drawers or shelves to add different functions.

18. Symbolic Tree

Symbolic Tree

Source: Pinterest

As we can use real tree branches, we can also abstract them further and prepare simple but useful coat racks in the tree branch model. We can combine one long wooden piece with smaller pieces and mount it on the wall. After painting it completely black, a more modern look will occur.

19. Untreated Tree

Untreated Tree

Source: Pinterest

Yes, as we can see, we can colorize a useful and suitable branch for our home and fix it from floor to ceiling. We can use small twigs as hangers. The important thing here is how many hangers we need in the arrow, because we will choose our tree pieces in this direction. In addition, the branches must be strong. Otherwise, breakages may occur.

20. Metal Parts

Metal Parts

Source: Pinterest

Metal parts will add a more modern and stylish look to our home. We can make it minimal by removing more than one hanger from a single piece.

21. Bending Pieces

Bending Pieces

Source: Pinterest

After creating a piece of wood to be fixed to the floor, we need to fix the bent irons to the wood in the optional model. Then we can hang your things using the wardrobe hangers. If you pay attention to the protrusions on the design or parts, it will be very useful in these parts, especially for hanging hats.

22. Moving Hangers


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After adjusting the two vertical wooden pieces at the desired distance, we place our horizontal cylinder stick through the holes. We also add small wooden cylinders with holes drilled in these horizontal sticks. These cylinder wood pieces are not fixed, they can be opened and even dragged. Thus, we can close these hangers when you do not use them.

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23. Wood Pieces

Wood Pieces

Source: Pinterest

After preparing a simple wooden frame, we fix the small branch pieces on the wooden frame. We can use the protrusions on the branches as hangers. We can design any size we want, and it’s almost free!

24. Cane Hangers

Cane Hangers

Source: Pinterest

A piece of wood to be fixed to the floor is prepared and painted black. Then, rings are added to the end of the metal piece that we have made into paste and fixed to the wooden piece. We can use each of your items separately with wardrobe hangers. We can put our shoes on the wooden piece.

25. Multiple Functions

Multiple Functions

Source: Pinterest

We especially like to look in the mirror when entering and exiting the house. Therefore, after adding a shelf under the mirror and placing the decorations, we can create our coat rack from wooden pieces. We can resize and use the shelves according to our needs.

26. Art Pieces

Art Pieces

Source: Pinterest

This portmato requires more craftsmanship and time. But it’s worth it! We can carve a piece of wood that you find suitable and bring it into a hanger shape. We can add a different atmosphere with metal pieces that we will add later.

27. Box with Roof

Box with Roof

Source: Pinterest

We combine the wooden pieces cut in the size you want and bring them to the house model. Afterwards, we fix the wooden stick that you added horizontally by supporting it from the sides. We can hang your things by using the wardrobe hooks

28. One Piece

One Piece

Source: Pinterest

We cut a piece of wood to the size we want. Then, we first draw the sections we want to hang on with a 45 degree angle pencil. Our coat rack is ready after cutting the pencil-drawn areas with the help of a saw!

29. Screwdriver Coat Rack

Screwdriver Coat Rack

Source: Pinterest

Isn’t it time to replace the screwdrivers in your toolbox? Let me tell you what to do with your old ones. Drill as many holes as you want in a piece of wood. Then fix it by inserting your old screwdrivers through this hole. If we wish, we can paint your screwdrivers any color we want. Our coat rack is ready!

30. Zigzag Pattern

Zigzag Pattern

Source: Pinterest

Another simple but enjoyable coat rack! After you decide how many cm you want the pieces, prepare wooden pieces of equal size. After cutting the ends of the pieces with a 45 degree angle, join them and make circles at these junction points. After placing the small pieces of wood in these circles, your coat rack is ready.

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We examined 30 different coat rack designs, each more interesting than the other.Now you have all the information you need for a coat rack design.

We hope you found this article useful and interesting as you go about decorating your own coat rack ideas. Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments below! It’s always a pleasure to hear from our readers on what they agree with or disagree with.

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