35 DIY Clothing Rack Ideas and How to Make Guide

by Katie Williams

A DIY clothing rack is always a great project to try. If you have ever wanted a spot to display all your clothes and access them easily, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you don’t have a walk-in closet, this is still possible!

Whether you don’t have a large enough room or the space to hang your dresses and coats, we have the solution for you. Make your own DIY clothing rack for a unique feature and transform your wardrobe into a stylish space.

Here’s a complete step-by-step guide along with a list of ideas to inspire you…

How to Build a DIY Clothing Rack

Depending on what type of clothing rack you are going for, there are a variety of methods you can try. But one of our favorite go-to techniques is using industrial pipes. Not only are they easy to get and work with, but they can also evoke an authentic and modish appearance!

How to Make a PVC Pipe Rack

One of the simplest ways to do this is using PVC pipes to make an industrial clothing rack. For this design, you will need around 17 feet of pipe, as well as some connectors: four tee connectors, two elbow connectors, and four base caps.

For the pipes, cut them until you get the following pieces:

  • Four 8-inch pipes
  • Two 6-inch pipes
  • Two 31-inch pipes
  • Two 50-inch pipes

These are just a rough measurement guide, but of course, feel free to adjust the length to however much space you need! In total, you shouldn’t spend more than $12 for all the raw materials. Pretty cheap, right?

Follow the video below to start making your own DIY rack!

Things to Consider in a DIY Clothing Rack

Before you go on and buy all the stuff needed to make your own clothing rack, it’s best to pay attention to these factors:


DIY projects in general will not cost you too much money, and this is actually one of its greatest appeals in addition to the fun and excitement. If you want to save even more, consider using recycled and thrifted materials, such as old PVC pipes or scrap lumber.

Skill level

Not all DIY projects are equal. This means that some of them may be harder to make while others are more suitable for beginners, especially those without carpentry or crafting experience. The method we talked about above is quite easy and simple, so everyone shouldn’t be intimidated by it!


On a similar note, think about how much time you can spare for this DIY clothing rack. Do you only have a few hours after work to finish up the project? Or can you dedicate an entire weekend to create something more complex and elaborate? This is good to know so you can allocate the appropriate time.


Last but not least is the size of the clothing rack itself. This will determine how much stuff you can hang from the rack and what kind of other things you can store there (shoes, bags, etc). Also, keep in mind how much space you have in your closet or bedroom to know how big the rack should be.

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35 DIY Clothing Rack Ideas

1. Simple Industrial Pipe

Simple Industrial Pipe

Source: Pinterest

Our first example is as basic as a DIY clothing rack can get. This simple frame is made from upcycled pipe, which allows you to be sustainable while also creating a rustic industrial vibe to your interior. It’s also quite easy to make and doesn’t take a lot of time!

2. Pair with Wooden Shelf

Pair with Wooden Shelf

Source: Pinterest

To jazz up the design, try adding a wooden shelf at the base of your pipe clothing rack. Not only does this give you more space for displaying plants or even shoes, the color and material of the wood are also an elegant addition. It’s especially fitting in a modern, contemporary-styled room.

3. Double Stacked Racks

Double Stacked Racks

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t have a closet at home, using a clothing rack for all your shirts can be a great way to display and store them. One idea is to build them to include two racks so that you can double the storage and hang twice as many clothes.

4. Customize the Racks

Customize the Racks

Source: Pinterest

Another tip to ensure that your furniture is unique to your needs and preferences is to customize the shape and arrangement of the racks. For instance, you can see that this rack is only double stacked on the left, which means you can hang dresses and longer clothes on the right.

5. Copper Clothing Rack

Copper Clothing Rack

Source: Pinterest

This is essentially the same design and setup from the previous examples, but using copper is great for evoking a different and more rugged vibe. One alternative is to use regular metal pipes and color them with copper spray paint, or any other fun color you like. Make sure that it will fit with the rest of your interior!

6. Add Shoe Rack

Add Shoe Rack

Source: Pinterest

The best thing about building your own furniture like a clothing rack is the freedom you have to personalize it. Here, it adds two additional strips at the base to act as a shoe rack, which can keep your floor free and provide a dedicated spot for your heels and boots.

7. Easy A-Frame

Easy A-Frame

Source: Pinterest

An A-framed clothing rack can be a fun one to try, as it’s a less common shape and even more beginner-friendly to make. This is because the A shape means that the structure can stand on its own without an additional base support. The example here shows a smaller pipe, but feel free to make it longer!

8. Unique Tree Shape

Unique Tree Shape

Source: Pinterest

Here’s another alternative that might inspire you. It’s not an a-shape frame or the standard rectangular structure. Instead, it kind of resembles a tree with the base and top rack facing the same direction. This design also has a smaller footprint that takes up less space and is great for smaller homes or bedrooms!

9. Paint it White

Paint it White

Source: Pinterest

While PVC pipes can naturally add an interesting décor and feel to an interior, sometimes it’s actually better to paint them. For instance, a white clothing rack will fit better in a minimalist and monochromatic room as it doesn’t introduce a new and out-of-place color or texture. Like this one, which matches the white walls, calendar, and frames.

10. Thin and Chic

Thin and Chic

Source: Pinterest

Speaking of white DIY racks, we absolute adore this one! It’s also painted in white and is perfect for a modern and bright bedroom. But what we truly love is its thin and sleek design, which we think works especially well in this space. In addition, this chic piece complements the thin-framed standing mirror nicely.

11. Attach to Wall

Attach to Wall

Source: Pinterest

For this next project, we have something more fixed and permanent, which means you will need to attach the pipes onto the wall. It obviously takes more time to make but can be brilliant because it allows you to hang heavier clothes. Plus, the two wooden shelves are very sturdy and let you store more shoes too!

12. Simple Wall Pipe Rack

Simple Wall Pipe Rack

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t need the extra shelving and really just want a rod for your clothes hangers, attaching the pipes onto the wall can still be a great idea. This is because you can fit a lot heavier things and load them without worrying about the rack collapsing.

13. Spray Paint in Gold

Spray Paint in Gold

Source: Pinterest

A foolproof color to go with for your clothing rack is gold, which is perhaps the easiest way to create a glamorous and refined accent to your closet. In this example, you can see how the sleek gold paint contrasts beautifully with the white wall and shelf!

14. Add Fuzzy Carpet

Add Fuzzy Carpet

Source: Pinterest

When decorating the clothing rack you have just made, you should try adding small accessories that can upgrade the overall look. This could be something as simple as a fuzzy carpet under the shoe rack, or even fairy lights to hang on the wall above it.

15. Wooden Rack for Kids

Wooden Rack for Kids

Source: Pinterest

It’s time to take out your chainsaw and carpentry tools because we have a DIY wooden rack example for you! This simple design looks interesting and is especially ideal for the kids’ clothes. It uses an A-frame and include a spacious shelf on the bottom for extra storage.


16. Dress Up Corner

Dress Up Corner

Source: Pinterest

Here’s another fun inspiration if you are looking for DIY projects for the little ones! This easy clothing rack is attached to two large crates at the bottom, which can be a convenient place to chuck accessories and shoes. Trust us, the kids will have fun dressing up when they have this…


17. Minimalist Wooden Clothing Rack

Minimalist Wooden Clothing Rack

Source: Pinterest

Up next, we have a simple yet stunning wooden clothing rack that may inspire your DIY! We especially love how the shoe rack is made using three rods instead of one block of wood. This allows for better airflow and prevents your shoes (or other items) from smelling. Plus, it’s easier to clean.

18. Use Ropes for Decorations

Use Ropes for Decorations

Source: Pinterest

You have seen this A-shaped wooden rack previously, but one way to elevate the look even more is by incorporating ropes and other decorations. You can see how these simple additions have made the piece look much more stylish and also full of character.

19. Easy Ladder Rack

Easy Ladder Rack

Source: Pinterest

Now, look at this impressively aesthetic ladder rack that is super easy to make! It’s pretty much a ladder made of used wooden rods and some ropes. While most people prefer to use this type of rack for blankets, it also works well for hanging clothes and other items.

20. Copper Ladder Rack

Copper Ladder Rack

Source: Pinterest

This is a similar design but has more flair, thanks to the use of copper pipes in a stunning rose gold color. Of course, the sheen is added with spray paint, but sticking to the natural color and texture of the pipes can actually add its own unique interest! So, don’t be afraid to experiment.

21. Two-colored Teepee Clothing Rack

Two-colored Teepee Clothing Rack

Source: Pinterest

This next A-frame style clothing rack uses two main colors: natural wood and white. It’s a basic and timeless color scheme that will look right at home in all sorts of interior. From an all-wood rustic bedroom to a modern closet or even a colorful kid’s bedroom, you name it!

22. House-Shaped Clothing Rack

House-Shaped Clothing Rack

Source: Pinterest

Well, the best thing about DIYing furniture for the kids is that you can let your creativity go wild, which will definitely make them feel more excited too. For example, check out this cool house-shaped rack made of wood. The light brown color is very modern and playful, while still being classic.


23. Clothing Rack with Swing

Clothing Rack with Swing

Source: Pinterest

Talking about creativity and being innovative, why not go all in and give your little child a cute playground in their room? This wooden clothing rack doubles as a fun swing and cozy sitting area. Just make sure that it’s sturdy and stable enough, so that it’s safe!

24. Rolling Pipe Clothing Rack

Rolling Pipe Clothing Rack

Source: Pinterest

Installing wheels on your clothing rack is a fantastic way to make it mobile and easy to move around. With these, it’s really convenient to roll the entire furniture from one side of the room to the other. This is also great if you like flexibility and need to move stuff around a lot, for example to clear up the space for working out at home!

25. Neon Green Pipe Rack

Neon Green Pipe Rack

Source: Pinterest

One sure way to customize your clothing rack and make sure that it fits your home interior in the best possible way is to paint the pipes. In this example, they have chosen a bright neon green color, which is a striking choice that’s perfect for placing in a modern and cheerful room.

26. Fabric Shoe Rack

Fabric Shoe Rack

Source: Pinterest

In this next photo, you’ll see a creative twist to the standard shoe rack. Instead of using a block of wood for the shelf, try attaching a thick fabric here! Bonus point if you find a colorful piece with an interesting pattern, as it can add so much more interest to the clothing rack.

27. Staggered Shelving

Staggered Shelving

Source: Pinterest

Here, this rolling clothing rack combines two materials we’ve been talking about a lot today, which are wood and pipes. The copper connectors are super stylish, but we especially adore the staggered shelves as they create more depth and layer in the overall silhouette.

28. Rustic Tree Branch Clothing Rack

Rustic Tree Branch Clothing Rack

Source: Pinterest

If you want something that is super unique and eye-catching, you might love this one. It’s made entirely out of large tree branches and ropes that thread through the holes you drill into it. This is such a perfect vibe to have in a bedroom. To make this clothing rack look even more rustic and natural, place a pot of flowers next to it!

29. Bamboo Wooden Rack

Bamboo Wooden Rack

Source: Pinterest

In this next one, using bamboo for the main structure is an even better idea as it requires less work. But we still recommend adding metal rods to reinforce the entire structure as they will help the stability and sturdiness of the clothing rack. The green of the bamboos is also nice as it looks extra natural.

30. Large Clothing Rack with Shelves

Large Clothing Rack with Shelves

Source: Pinterest

Unlike the simple shoe rack designs that we have seen previously, this clothing rack is more epic because it incorporates a larger design and proper bookshelf-like organization. It is ideal for those who have a lot of things to store. You can use these shelves for bags, shoes, or even décor and art pieces!

31. Cat Tree Style

Cat Tree Style

Source: Pinterest

This is another one of the more unique designs we are showing you today, which is a cat tree-inspired clothing rack made of PVC pipes and a wood base. Here, there are different sized pipes in an asymmetrical arrangement that produces an interesting shape and dynamic look. You can even secure a wooden piece on some of the pipes to create a mini shelf.

32. Abstract Clothing Rack

Abstract Clothing Rack

Source: Pinterest

When you use pipes or wooden rods to make your own DIY clothing rack, it’s always fun because you can experiment with new and unexpected shapes. This one, for instance, is quite abstract in its design as it is attached in various angles and heights with some ropes.

33. Wall Mounted Industrial Rack

Wall Mounted Industrial Rack

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t need anything too big and want to keep your floor space clear and empty, having a wall mounted clothing rack is perfect. Here, you can see how the black metal pipe looks super chic as it is paired with the wooden block frame. We love how this simple project can add a new functionality and aesthetic function to your wall!

34. Easy Hanging Rack

Easy Hanging Rack

Source: Pinterest

One other fun way to keep your floor space clear is by making a hanging clothing rack attached to the ceiling. This one is super easy and you need only a length of rope and a single PVC rod. White is, of course, a neutral color that will work in most interiors.

35. Stylish Branch Hanging Rack

Stylish Branch Hanging Rack

Source: Pinterest

Finally, you can be more adventurous with your hanging clothing rack by using a large tree branch as the main rod. This will add more character to your overall design, while also providing more texture and color. The fact that the branch has natural curves and stubbles on it is also enhancing the look!

DIY Clothing Rack FAQ

How do you make a temporary clothing rack?

We’ve talked about how you can make a clothing rack above, which is lightweight and compact enough that they are easy to move around and take down. One of the ways you can ensure that your clothing rack is good for temporary use is by building wheels onto the bottom. We love this idea as it allows you to move it anywhere you want.

How do you make a sturdy clothing rack?

Clothes are not heavy on its own, but it’s still a good idea to make your clothing rack as sturdy as possible. This is because it will then last you for a longer time, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking it or your clothes suddenly falling from it.

One of our favorite materials to use for a DIY clothing rack are dowels. They are super strong and sturdy, while still being easy to cut and fit into the PVC connectors. Not to mention that they can be painted easily. All in all, an excellent material to choose.

How much does it cost to make a pipe clothing rack?

Again, this will depend on your personal budget, but also things like the materials and size of your clothing rack. Are you using brand-new PVC pipes from a store? Or do you have access to recycled pipes that you are able to use for free? Additionally, will you be painting it and adding other accessories?

All of these are factors that can affect the overall price of your pipe clothing rack. At the end of the day, this DIY project is still going to cost you less than buying a new and ready clothing rack. So, it’s still easy on the pocket!

That’s everything you need to know to build your own DIY clothing rack. We recommend using matching hangers for the clothes to keep a uniform and organized look.

Of course, clothing racks are not the most space-saving option for storage as it can’t hold as many clothes as a regular dresser or cabinet. But they’re always a beautiful addition to any room!

So, which of these clothing racks will you be making?

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