20 Awesome Deck Decor Ideas on a Budget 

by Katie Williams

Outdoor living is just as important as indoor living. Everyone loves to have a space they can go outside and relax before starting a long day or after coming home from a long day. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your deck look stylish and beautiful. Outdoor decor and deck decor can be expensive, but we are showing you 20 ideas of deck decor on a budget.

How can I decorate my deck for cheap?

Decorating a deck doesn’t have to be expensive. When searching for your outdoor decor you will want to shop around to find the best deals. You can find outdoor furniture on sale in the off seasons. If you aren’t afraid to put in a little time and effort you can also follow several DIY tutorials to create the perfect outdoor deck space for your family, at the lowest costs.

You can also save money but decorating in phases. Start with the area of your deck you think you will use the most. This might be a comfortable sitting area. Purchase a couple old outdoor chairs and freshen them up with some new paint and new cushions. And then you will have what feels like brand new furniture for a low cost.

1. Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating

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Everyone needs a good outdoor seating area. Outdoor seating can get expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are shopping for the right deals as the right time, you can often find some great deals. Typically, the best time to shop for outdoor furniture is just before or just after peak outdoor living time. Can’t afford brand new outdoor seating? Try DIY outdoor furniture you can find several tutorials on Pinterest for creating stylish outdoor furniture on a tight budget.

2. Outdoor table

Outdoor table

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Having a place to sit down and eat a meal outdoors on your deck is the best. Imagine the entertaining you will be doing with your family and friends. Giving them a cozy place to enjoy a drink or a meal doesn’t have to be expensive. Consider repurposing an old outdoor table with a fresh coat of paint. Did you just have your deck re-built? Use scrap materials to build your own outdoor table. Your table can be as big or as small as you need it to be depending on the space you have.

3. Outdoor sconce lights

Outdoor sconce lights

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One of the easiest things you can do to update your deck space on a budget is change out your outdoor lighting. Do you have a porch light right off your back door? Try purchasing an updated, modern, sconce light from a local big box store to change the look of your deck completely. An updated, clean, and new light fixture is the quickest, easiest ways to decorate your deck on a budget.

4. Outdoor string lights

Patio Lights

The most magical way to decorate your deck is with several strands of string lights. This simple and relatively inexpensive update will elevate your space to a beautiful, stylish area to entertain. In addition to stringing the lights on your house you can extend them to hang directly along your deck railing. Not only will this give you extra time to enjoy the great outdoors, but it will put off a magical touch in the evening.

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5. Propane fire pit

Propane fire pit

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Need an easy way to relax on your deck? Get an inexpensive propane fire pit for some warmth and style. Propane fire pits can range in price greatly and you could easily spend $1000 on one if you wanted to. But, when on a budget there are some great inexpensive ones available that provide the same experience.

6. Cute kid friendly spot

kid friendly spot

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Decorating your deck doesn’t have to just be for you, but can be a beautiful space for your kids, too. Consider adding a kid-friendly spot that not only is fun for them, but beautiful to look at.

7. Outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs

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Outdoor rugs are both functional and a great decor piece for your deck. There are many different styles of outdoor rugs that you will easily find one that fits with your decor style. Outdoor rugs vary in size and shape, just make sure that you get one that fits your space without feeling too crowded. The greatest part of an outdoor rug is that it not only looks gray, but it also provides comfort below your feet and protects you from potential splinters from your deck.

8. Table top drink display

Table top drink display

Source: Pinterest

Do you like to entertain outside on your deck? Consider doing a DIY drink display for a budget friendly outdoor decoration. Get creative when designing your display and make sure it fits in with the rest of your decor pieces. This could be as simple as a spray-painted metal barrel or as intricate as a pipe formation with separate drink spaces.

9. Succulent display

Succulent display

Source: Pinterest

Succulents are a great way to spruce up your outdoor space. They have a high tolerance to neglect; in case you forget to water them for several days. Create this DIY succulent display with minimal tools and time to create a dramatic space to display your succulent plants.

10. Bring your kitchen outdoors

Bring your kitchen outdoors

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Bringing your indoor space outdoors is always a great way to decorate your space. By bringing your kitchen outdoors you are creating a great space. Not only can you use this space to be functional like cooking your family dinner each night, you can also easily dress up this space with some minor DIY changes.

11. Deck Privacy

Deck privacy

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Who doesn’t love privacy when they are outside on their deck? You want to feel like you are in a safe place to walk out and enjoy the great outdoors and not be worried about how your neighbors are seeing you. Create beautiful privacy by adding a simple privacy shade sail or going a step above and building a DIY wooden privacy screen. DIY wooden screens are a great way to show off your style and add some character to your space. You can also easily paint or stain them at a low cost.

12. Wooden Pergola

Wooden Pergola

Source: Pinterest

A pergola is not only gorgeous, but it is one of the most popular outdoor deck staples. Wooden pergolas can get expensive, but one of the biggest expenses is the cost you are paying someone to install it. If you are feeling up to it, with only a couple tools, you could build a beautiful wooden pergola for a relatively low cost.

13. Deck Storage

Deck Storage

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Deck storage is typically much needed, but with a little DIY touch, you can create a beautiful statement piece. Create an outdoor storage bench that can serve as both deck storage and a bench.

14. Outdoor pillows

Outdoor pillows

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Outdoor pillows come in all shapes and sizes and can be the perfect deck decor on a budget. Choose colors that accent other colors you have inside (and outside) of your home.

15. Planting rack

Planting rack

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Plants, flowers and greenery is a great way to spruce up your deck, and having a great planting rack gives you a great space to plant your flowers. Add an extra rack to hang the tools you use the most, and some shelving below to keep planting soil on hand.

16. Deck bar

Deck bar

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Adding a bar to your deck not only creates extra sitting space, but it also creates a cool entertainment area for you and your guests. Combine your DIY table top drink display that was previously mentioned for a beautiful piece of outdoor deck decor on a budget.

17. Re-purpose old furniture

Re-purpose old furniture

Source: Pinterest

If you are on a tight budget but still want to update your deck space, re-purposing old furniture is the perfect, affordable option to furnish your deck. You can usually get old furniture for either free or very cheap, but they will likely need some TLC. With a simple can of spray paint, some new cushions and some beautiful throw pillows you can easily turn old, worn furniture to something beautiful and comfortable on your deck.

18. Hammock


Source: Pinterest

A hammock is the perfect way to curl up and take a nap. If you don’t want to nap, lay back and read a good book. Hammocks usually come in a very simple style with a simple frame, but there are several ways that you can decorate them to really brighten your space. Your hammock can hang from the metal frame it typically comes with, or if you have room under your deck, hanging them between the support posts is the perfect spot.

19. Using paint

Using paint

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Paint is one of the best DIY projects. The best part about paint is if you don’t like the color, you can easily paint over it. Consider using paint on your wood deck, your wooden furniture, your wooden privacy screen, or many other outdoor decor pieces. A simple can of paint can go a long way and will really dress up your outdoor living space.

20. Deck swing

Deck swing

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Deck swings are a great way to add a welcoming spot to your outdoor deck. It is inviting to others to see a comfortable place to sit and relax. Not to mention, your immediate family will get great use out of it. Building a deck swing is more intermediate DIY project, but if you’re feeling up to, it is definitely a rewarding project. If building your own deck swing, your project will be very budget conscious.

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How can I make my deck look pretty?

Making your deck look pretty can be simple with just a little direction. Keep in mind what you want to use your deck space for and design it around functionality, too. Consider adding some greenery, flowers and trees to help make it look beautiful and peaceful.

Flowers, rugs and lights go a long way when wanting to make your deck look pretty. Try adding flowers or a small plant/tree at each corner and in between a couple chairs.

An outdoor rug not only looks pretty, but it also feels good on your feet when you’re walking barefoot outside. String lights around your deck can create a beautiful twinkle as the sun is setting and it gets darker.

How do you decorate an outdoor deck?

Decorating your deck can be simple. Because a deck is an extension of the inside of your house, use your personal style to decorate your outdoor space.

Furthermore, take patterns and colors used inside and use them on your deck. This will create a seamless transition when walking from the inside of your house to the outside.

Decorating your deck can be as simple as adding a couple chairs, an outdoor area rug and a few flowers. Or, you can go as extensive as decorating your deck with string lights, flowers, chairs, an outdoor swing, and a fire pit. You can easily decorate your deck on a tight budget and create a beautiful space.

What can you put on top of decking?

There are several types of decking and depending on what time of decking you have will determine what you can put on top of your decking. First, and most common, you will find wood decking. This is a deck made out of standard lumber. This is your most budget-friendly type of deck.

You can practically put anything on top of this decking, including paint, stain, area rugs, etc. Wood decking requires some upkeep, but you can put practically anything on your decking. The benefit to a wood deck is you can change the color of your deck anytime you want. Trends change over time and your wood deck can easily stay on trend with a new stain or paint color.

Second, and less common, but more practical is composite decking. This is a material made up of plastic like materials. One of the benefits to composite decking is its practically maintenance free. The problem with composite decking is you can’t easily change out the color.

The color you choose at the time of install will stay the same color until you go to replace your deck. With a composite deck you can decorate it however you want, with no limitations of what kind of decor you put on your deck, but you won’t be able to paint it or stain it when you are wanting to re-decorate.

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