How to Display House Number Pumpkin (12 Unique Examples)

by Katie Williams
painting Halloween pumpkin

A house number pumpkin is always a great way to improve your curb appeal and add new interest to your porch. They make for a fun Halloween decoration but can also be appropriate as a year-long accessory.

It’s all about the colors and styles you choose. If you’re thinking about making your own house number pumpkin, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at the step-by-step DIY guide and some fun examples that might inspire you.

How to Make House Number Pumpkin

The best thing about displaying your house number pumpkin is that there are different ways to do it! Today, we’ll talk about three of the most popular ones, but don’t be afraid to experiment and come up with your own ideas…

Easy: Use a Marker to Paint Numbers

One of the easiest ways to display your house number on a pumpkin is to simply use markers. You really only need two things to make this: a pumpkin and a felt tip Sharpie. Printing out a template on paper to trace with is optional, or you can just let your inner artist take over.

This is also the method to choose if you’re planning to involve the entire family! It can be a fun activity on an arts and craft weekend, especially nearing Halloween so that the kids can really get into the holiday mood.

Medium: Carve Out Numbers for Glow in the Dark

For this method, you are pretty much carving a pumpkin like you’re already used to. But instead of eyes and a smiley face, you’re carving out numbers. Use a pen or pencil to draw the numbers on the pumpkin before cutting them out.

Also, make sure to clean the insides so you can place some lights or flameless candle and have the glow in the dark for a cool addition to your porch. It’s definitely a cool project to do for your Halloween decoration!

Hard: Create a House Number Pumpkin Topiary

If you’re feeling especially fancy and crafty, maybe you want to try making your own house number pumpkin topiary. For this option, we recommend using faux pumpkins as they can last longer.

For the equipment and tools, you’ll also need plastic house numbers, a wooden dowel, some Spanish moss, newspaper, glue, a knife, a screwdriver, and a pot large enough to support the pumpkins.

First, fasten the dowel to the container and cut holes in the pumpkins to fit the dowel. Then, use hot glue to stick the plastic numbers to the pumpkins and fasten with a screwdriver to make them more secure.

It’s time to assemble your topiary! Fill in the empty spaces inside the pot and pumpkin with newspaper, so that they won’t move around. Cover the top with some moss to create a cleaner and more natural appearance. Stack the pumpkins on the dowel, and voila!

12 House Number Pumpkin Inspirations

1. Write Numbers on Pumpkin

Write Numbers on Pumpkin

Source: Pinterest

For the first example, you can see a house number pumpkin using the simplest method that we’ve detailed above. It’s basically writing the numbers out on a pumpkin with black markers. Make sure they’re large enough to be visible from a distance.

If you want to use a fancy font or make the numbers neater, we recommend printing on a piece of paper and cutting them out. Then, place them on your porch either on a small table, log, or even on the ground.

2. Accessorize with Plants and Skeletons

Accesorize with Plants and Skeletons

Source: Pinterest

This example is a variation of the “writing on a pumpkin” method. You can see that the numbers are written in a stylized font that may exude a more traditional and elegant vibe, which can be suitable for Halloween!

The highlight of this display is the different types of decorations. From the potted plants in various colors and the white bench it’s placed on, to the creepy but fun skeleton sitting right beside the pumpkin. Get creative and have fun with it!

3. Use Multi-colored Pumpkins

Use Multi-colored Pumpkins

Source: Pinterest

Here is another example of a house number pumpkin using only markers. This time, try using a different pumpkin for each number, which means you will need three fruits for a three-digit house number. Another great idea to enhance the look is using multi-colored pumpkins!

This will produce a brighter and more fun ambiance which you might like to add in your home. Moreover. Feel free to decorate the sides of the pumpkin by drawing some spiderwebs or other doodles. This can be a fun project for the family too.

4. Place on Sidewalk

Place on Sidewalk

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to the placement of your house number pumpkin, there are tons of possibilities. It depends on how your house is designed and what the neighborhood is like. For example, one idea is to place them in a staggered arrangement on the steps of your sidewalk.

We love how the three pumpkins each take up a different level of the step. This creates a dynamic, layered look that you can easily spruce up with other accessories! Like these buckets of red and yellow flowers.

5. Paint the Pumpkin White

Paint the Pumpkin White

Source: Pinterest

Next up, why not try painting the pumpkin itself for a more unique and one-of-a-kind look? Perhaps the most classic color to use is white. This is perfect for a lighter and more jovial mood during Halloween and can suit any exterior style.

In this case, it’s also a great idea to place other pumpkins alongside the painted one. It will add more depth to the overall décor. Plus, the original, unpainted pumpkins can provide a pop of color and that authentic pumpkin vibe.

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6. Glitter the Pumpkin Up

Glitter the Pumpkin Up

Source: Pinterest

Want an idea that is more eye-catching and interesting for your pumpkin number? It’s time to take out your glitter and spice things up! Colors like blue or green are best because they’re bright and contrast the orange of the pumpkin really well.

Here, all you need is to outline block numbers with a pencil and fill in the space around the letters with some Mod Podge glue. Then, dust with a generous amount of glitter and watch your design come to life!

7. Topiary House Number Pumpkin

Topiary House Number Pumpkin

Source: Pinterest

For this next example, you can use the step-by-step instruction of making topiary pumpkin that we’ve detailed above. It’s the perfect way to boost your curb appeal and turn a simple house number into something much more fun and intriguing.

Of course, it’s also nice to complement the topiary with other potted plants. As you can see here, they create a lively scene!

8. Glow in the Dark Paint

Glow in the Dark Paint

Source: Pinterest

Using white paint on pumpkin for you house number can be an excellent idea in itself. But why not take it up a notch and go for some glow in the dark paint? It’s essentially killing two birds with one stone because you get white-on-orange during the day, and luminescent numbers at night!

9. Embellish with Orange Autumn Leaves

Embellish with Orange Autumn Leaves

Source: Pinterest

This photo shows you a slight variation of the topiary design. It can be cool to try and put your own spin to the project, so here’s one to inspire you! Using fake autumn leaves, you can glue them around the pumpkins to create a beautiful levitating and framing effect.

Here, using black plastic numbers is also ideal because they stand out more against all the orange and are thus more readable.

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10. Hang the Number

Hang the Number

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t really want to do complicated crafts but would still like to put up something handmade, then this might be what you’re looking for. Instead of gluing and nailing the numbers on a pumpkin, you can use a string and hang it!

It’s a much simpler and faster process, which is perfect for when you don’t want to make a mess at home.

11. Multifunctional Jack-o’-lantern

Multifunctional Jack-o'-lantern

Source: Pinterest

Obviously, we can’t leave out the Jack-o’-lantern method of creating a house number pumpkin. If you’re already planning to carve out pumpkins for the holiday, why not make them do double-duty like this one?

Stack them horizontally or vertically, whichever you like. Then, all you need to do is place an LED candle inside to make the pumpkins emanate its signature orange glow. Your porch will instantly be a dazzling spot.

12. Colorful Pumpkins

Colorful Pumpkins

Source: Pinterest

Lastly, we have another idea to jazz up your topiary pumpkin project. Instead of leaving the pumpkins as is, you can paint them in three different shades for a colorful piece.

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This example uses pink, green, and red, which are super fun and attractive when placed in front of your house. As always, finish up the look by placing some sunflowers, plants, and even more pumpkins.

That’s all for our house number pumpkin ideas. We hope you were able to find something cool and get inspired for your own project. It’s time to take out your tools and start crafting. Good luck!

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