18 Lilac Living Room Ideas

by Katie Williams
Lilac Living Room

A lilac living room can be a serene and stylish space for you and your family. And there are plenty of ways to personalize your lilac space for even more charm. The soft lilac hue can bring calmness to your home and create a very inviting atmosphere. Here are the best 18 lilac living room ideas to make your space as sophisticated and pleasant as you want!

18 Lilac Living Room Ideas

1. Soft Lilac Walls

Soft lilac walls create a light foundation that invites you to all kinds of styles. This hue reflects natural light in a way that makes your room a very relaxing space.

Also, a soft lilac hue on your living room walls will give you the sensation of space and freedom. It is one of those colors suitable for all tastes, from the minimalistic to the more sophisticated ones.

2. Combine Lilac with Grey for a Modern Contrast

If you are going for a modern vibe, lilac and Grey is the combination you need. You can add a grey pattern on your walls directly to break the lilac monotony.

Another great idea is to add grey furniture, pillows, or decorations. Place these pieces close to the lilac wall so the contrast is evident and offers the maximum visual effect.

3. Add Lilac Accents to Your Room

Adding lilac accents to your living room can create an intense energy in your space. If your walls are soft lilac, choose items in darker shades of lilac to stand out.

If your walls are white, lilac pieces like armchairs, sofas, tables, or rugs can beautifully break the monotony.


4. Beautify Your Space with Floral motifs

Lilac is already a shade that makes us think of flowers. So, you can’t go wrong with adding floral motifs to your room.

Floral motifs bring a feminine energy and a natural type of beauty to your space. You can add floral curtains, carpets, rugs, pillows, and wall art for this effect.

5. Add White for an Elegant Style

Lilac and white are two hues that go amazingly well together. This combination brings a timeless look to your living room.

Add white decorations or furniture to your lilac room for a stylish and calming design. White window and door frames are also a beautiful touch.

6. Metallic Accents Make Your Living Room More Luxurious

Metallic accents will make your space look and feel a lot more stylish and luxurious. You can choose your favorite metal from gold, silver, or bronze to add such accents to your space.

Also, metallic frames can have a significant aesthetic impact on lilac walls. With small details like that, you can change the look of your space.

7. Vintage Elements and Lilac Are a Match Made in Heaven

When you mix lilac with vintage elements, you will get a nostalgic space with a natural accent. And you don’t need to add a lot of vintage pieces.

A retro armchair or a vintage table might do the trick. Antique lilac vases are also a great addition to such a living room.

8. Modern Minimalist Design

If you are a fan of minimalistic styles, you will be able to create such a design in your lilac living room.

A great, minimalistic recipe is to play with hues of lilac, white and black. Add some sleek pieces of furniture to create a modern design.

9. Add Lilac Textures

If you want a rich look, you can use different layers of lilac textures in various shades. Add rugs and cushions in different shades of lilac to create an effect of depth and exciting design.

And you can get as creative as you want with this idea. As long as the textures you add go with your space, your living room will look fabulous!

10. Create a Bohemian Artistic Flair

If you are looking for an artistic flair in the boho-chic style, a lilac living room is the best place to create it.

Use a macramé hanging on the wall, a global art piece such as a painting that you vibe with, and any bohemian accent you love.

11. Compliment the Lilac with Green Plants

Since lilac is such a nature-friendly color, green plants are a great way to highlight its beauty. Plus, green plants are a great addition to any room!

So, enrich the corners of your living room with some stunning green plants. Such details will completely transform your space!

12. Lilac Window Accents

If your living room has lilac walls, adding window decorations in lilac as well can create a fantastic effect of depth. However, try adding a darker or lighter shade than your walls so the difference will be even more noticeable.

You can also go for window frames in shades of lilac. And if you have plants next to the windows, you can use lilac pots.

13. Play with Patterns

Use polka dots, stripes, or other types of patterns in complementary colors like black or white to accentuate the lilac walls.

Geometric patterns can blend in with lilac foundation beautifully. They will personalize your space and give it a timeless vibe.


14. Add Wood Tones

Just like green plants, wood tones will beautifully compliment your lilac living room. These tones add a sense of coziness and comfort to your space.

You can add wood furniture, flooring, and even wood decorations. Your living room will not only be inviting but also give a feeling of comfort.

15. Highlight Your Room with Layered Lighting

Lilac is a color that invites a variety of lighting sources into your space. Use candles and lamps to create a layered lighting system.

Lilac shades in such lighting create a romantic atmosphere and a more intimate vibe.

16. Bring Art Into Your Lilac Living Room

The sky is the limit when it comes to the art pieces that you can add to enrich the beauty of your lilac living room. From abstract paintings to floral images, everything goes as long as you like it.

Such artistic accents will become focal points in your living room and start a lot of exciting conversations.

17. The Fabulous Effect of a Lilac Ceiling

A lilac ceiling is always an unexpected touch to a living room. If you have lilac walls as well, break the monotony with a white band that separates the walls from the ceiling. If you have white walls, there is no need to worry about this aspect.

The immersive experience of the space will be impressive if you have a lilac ceiling.

18. Create a Cozy Corner

Lilac is such a relaxing color that you will want to create a cozy corner to enjoy all that vibe. You can do that by placing your favorite armchairs with some comfortable cushions and dim lighting.

Choose a lilac or white armchair to compliment the color of your lilac walls even more, and enjoy your cozy corner!

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