21 Kitchen Transforming DIY Countertop Ideas

by Katie Williams
wooden countertop

Do you want to give your kitchen a makeover and don’t know where to begin? Our DIY countertop ideas can help you set the precedence for your makeover route. Alternatively, a simple revamp of your kitchen countertop can be all you need.

With the right design, you can effortlessly elevate your kitchen from a regular one into a sophisticated masterpiece. You can find plenty of do-it-yourself countertop ideas to match your home and design needs. We’ve shared 21 beautiful and functional DIY countertop ideas that other DIYers swear by to try in your home.

30 Kitchen Transforming DIY Countertop Ideas

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Here Are 21 Aesthetically Pleasing And Functional DIY Countertop Ideas

We’ve put together a list of the top rated DIY ideas for countertop designs below;

1. Give your Kitchen a Rugged Edge With a Butcher’s Block Countertop

Add a rough edge to your kitchen by installing butcher block countertops. In addition to their unique edge grain appearance and ruggedness, butcher block style countertops are easy to maintain, requiring a light sanding to resurface ad maintain a hygienic surface.

The best part of opting for this design is you can go any direction you want, whether a deep dark finish or a lighter one. Our personal favorite is white oak, thanks to its lighter and warmer finish. While this finish works for any setting, it is particularly ideal for warm or coastal climates as it complements the overall lighter ambiance.

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Further, compared to a soft wood like pine, oak hardwood tends to offer more durability. After installing it, all you do is a little sanding and light staining and you’ll have your countertop ready. If you are worried about mold build up caused by consistent food prep or sink water seeping through, a quick seal of the end grain using wood hardener and poly coat will do the job!

Give your Kitchen a Rugged Edge With a Butcher’s Block Countertop

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2. Go For A More Elegant Deep Brown Plywood Design

If a lighter finish doesn’t work for you, elevate your kitchen appearance with an elegant deep brown plywood countertop design. Unlike wood such as mahogany, plywood is relatively cheaper. so, you get to achieve this sophisticated look at a fraction of the price.

All you need is to install the plywood countertop and finish the look with a red oak penetrating stain. The simple wood trim around the perimeter of the countertops adds to the overall elegance of this design.

3. Design DIY Rustic Wooden Countertops Using Maple

A simple maple wood slab can transform your kitchen into a rustic masterpiece. You should go for this DIY countertop idea if you want to truly highlight your kitchen using wood details while letting its natural beauty shine.

This style is also a perfect option for beginner DIYers because you don’t have to worry about neat and perfect alignments. Instead, you use the roughness of the overall rustic wood design to beautify your kitchen. But, to achieve excellent craftsmanship, prepare yourself to work with tools like a router, router jig, circular saw, and band saw.

Design DIY Rustic Wooden Countertops using Maple

Source – HomeTalk

4. Transform An Existing Laminate Countertop Into A Wood-like Finish

Laminate material is good for a kitchen countertop on its own. But, what better way to elevate this clean look than by turning it into a wood-like finish? So, if you have an existing laminate countertop you want to give a facelift, this may be the ultimate idea to venture into.

After all, the process is pretty simple and requires only three key tools, i.e. rubbing alcohol, sanding block, and wood finishing countertop kit. However, even if you choose to start from scratch, laminate countertops are a significantly cheaper option than actual wood. Yet, it offers a highly durable finish and scratch-resistant surface compared to wood.

Transform An Existing Laminate Countertop Into A Wood-like Finish

Source – HomeTalk

5. Turn The Old into Treasure With Reclaimed Wood

You can produce pretty decent and unique countertop designs using reclaimed wood. Whether you have several old storage crates or an old bed, you can easily transform the used wood into beautiful inexpensive, farmhouse-style countertops. just don’t forget to get the right wood stain finish you want and a wood sealer to continue preserving the wood.

Turn The Old into Treasure With Reclaimed Wood

Source – Averielane

6. Use Small Wood Planks To Curate A Herringbone Patterned Countertop

Get a little more adventurous without using too much energy by creating herringbone patterned DIY wood countertops. It’s pretty simple to design this countertop idea. All you need is several wood planks, about an inch to two inches thick, and the length/width of your preference.

In fact, if you are a beginner DIYer, you can make the process much easier by getting pre-processed plane milled and joint wood planks. Oak makes an excellent wood for this design and you can choose a lighter white oak or more expensive red oak for a deeper, regal look.

Use Small Wood Planks To Curate A Herringbone Patterned Countertop

Source –Hometalk

7. DIY Epoxy To Mimic Marble Countertops

Do you love the attractive look and class marble countertops give your kitchen? What if there was a way to achieve this look without digging deep into your pockets? Well, there is a way to do so. You can design DIY epoxy countertops to mimic marble ones at just a fraction of the price.

In fact, epoxy coating comes with many benefits. The epoxy coating comes with a high level of durability compared to actual marble. Further, it’s strong and less porous than marble so it’s not easily susceptible to staining, chipping, or scratching.

Unlike marble, the epoxy coating has a waterproof finish so you dint have to worry about liquids getting absorbed into the countertop. You can achieve this look with any preexisting countertop material, whether wood or concrete.

Tip: If you have the budget and choose to use real marble on your countertops, adding epoxy coating is still a good idea. this is because using epoxy coating allows it to lend its durable and protective properties to a more porous marble.

DIY Epoxy To Mimic Marble Countertops

Source – Family handyman

8. Give Your Kitchen A Clean Look With White Tiles

Tiles are never a bad idea, whether on the kitchen floor, wall, or even countertop. They are easy to maintain (a simple wipe with a wet cloth or deep cleaning with regular cleaning supplies), long lasting, and cheaper compared to wood or marble.

Further, unlike materials like wood, tiles aren’t susceptible to water damage. You can instantly give your kitchen a clean and neat finish with white tiles complemented with white grout and sealant for zero stains and discoloring.

Tip: Opt for ceramic tiles for a heat and water resistant function.

Give Your Kitchen A Clean Look With White Tiles

Source – A Beautiful Mess

9. Splurge On DIY Marble Countertops

If you have an unrestricted budget, you can always splurge on marble countertops for an authentically regal and elegant look. While the overall product is worth it, prepare yourself to take several days to complete the project. You will also have extended periods of drying to wait out.

Splurge On DIY Marble Countertops

Source – HomeTalk

10. Try Pouring Concrete Countertops

Achieve a tropical, Mediterranean, or coastal theme with solid concrete countertops. This idea is simple and doesn’t require much yet, it blends well with any interior design style you pick for your kitchen. The subtle concrete colors also blend with any color theme, whether dark or light. Concrete is also pretty low maintenance and will not damage by water or heat.

11. Or Go For A Cleaner Look With Skim Coat Concrete

Alternatively, you can keep the concrete but, give it a cleaner and sleek modern look. All you need to do is DIY a white concrete skim coat countertop. While simple, this countertop style s quite versatile and goes with most interior designs. You can go for a farmhouse, industrial, or loft-like finish.

12. Achieve A Naked Look With DIY Feather Finish Concrete Countertop

Get a mix of naked and rustic countertop finish with a natural feel to complement any kitchen décor. DIY feather finish simply refers to cement-based compound trowel down to give your countertop a unique finish.

Achieve A Naked Look With DIY Feather Finish Concrete Countertop

Source – Blesser House

13. Install A Quartz Countertop

If you are on a strict budget, engineered stone is the best material for your DIY countertop project. Quartz or engineered stone is manufactured using a blend of ground quartz, polyester resin, and coloring pigments to give it it’s unique finishing.

In addition to its inexpensiveness, quartz is more durable than natural stone like granite or marble. So, it doesn’t require any sealing. Plus, quartz countertops are pretty simple to DIY, even for a beginner.

Install A Quartz Countertop

Source – Plumb and Lined

14. Invest In Unique Copper Countertops

Yes, you completely read that right! You can use copper to DIY copper countertops. Copper comes with all the benefits, both in appearance and characteristics. First, copper is virtually indestructible and can withstand various kitchen counter activity needs.

Further, it provides an anti-bacteria surface which makes it perfectly hygienic for kitchen use. You will also notice its patina over time to naturally form a uniquely green film for attractive aesthetics.

Invest In Unique Copper Countertops

Source – Home Talk

15. Take A Unique Approach With Glass

Did you know that you can use recycled glass for your countertop? While glass offers a unique aesthetically appealing finish, it is not resistant to cracks or scratches. So, it is a better option for a not-so-busy home. You want to ideally use it in a holiday home or the second home kitchen you use for entertainment. It’s a perfect material for decorative purposes.

Tip: opt for a blend of blue glass and terrazzo mix for a unique finish.

Take A Unique Approach With Glass

Source – Home Affluence

16. Build A DIY Skoolie Epoxy Countertop

Take a different approach with epoxy to curate a unique countertop design – not makeshift marble! Epoxy material is cheap, yet, provides one of the most distinctively unique and sophisticated DIY countertop ideas.

The best part of using epoxy countertop is that you can go in any design direction you want. You can even blend epoxy with color pigments and Mica powder sparkles for an even stylish finish.

Build A DIY Skoolie Epoxy Countertop

Source – Aimless Travels

17. Achieve Any Finish You Want With Contact Paper

Contact paper is another incredible material to use without spending too much time. Plus, contact paper goes on any material, whether wood or concrete. You can also achieve any theme you want, depending on the contact paper design you use.

For example, you can choose terrazzo, tile, or even oceanic waves patterned contact paper. Contact paper comes with the advantage of being waterproof, easy to clean, and even removable.


Achieve Any Finish You Want With Contact Paper

Source – The DIY Mommy

18. Achieve the Clean Matte Countertop Finish with Just Paint

Do you have an old, scratched, and unpleasant-looking countertop but, lack the funds for a complete overhaul? You don’t need to stress about a loan or long term savings.

You can instantly transform your kitchen counters with a simple DIY paint job. With paint, you can pretty much work on any material, whether wood, granite, or laminate. All you need is a simple sanding process before you go straight to a paint job.

Tip: Try chalkboard paint for a clean matte finish.

Achieve the Clean Matte Countertop Finish with Just Paint

Source – Wild Fire Interiors

19. Give Regular Countertops A Stone-like Look

Stone countertops are not easy for beginner DIYers to install and certainly don’t come cheap with a professional installation. But, you can instantly transform your countertops into faux stone countertops at a fraction of the price. Plus, you can do the entire project yourself. All you need is chalkboard paint and wax or polycyclic topcoat.

20. Instantly Give The Countertop A Facelift With Simple Peel And Stick Wall Paper

Alternatively, you can use peel and stick removable wallpaper for a faux wood countertop. This is an excellent choice for those who want to give an instant facelift to a worn-out countertop. Alternatively, it’s an inexpensive option for people who can’t afford actual wood.

Peel and stick wallpaper will cost you around $40 to $100. This is amongst the simplest DIY projects as you don’t have to deal with any sanding or power tools. all you need is a degreaser and cleaning tools along with wallpaper and wallpaper sponge for a stable 10-minute installation.


Instantly Give The Countertop A Facelift With Simple Peel And Stick Wall Paper

Source – Stow and Tellu

21. Get The Carrara Marble Look With Just Paint

It doesn’t get any easier than this if you want to transform your kitchen into an elegant setting on a strict budget. You can, in fact, instantly change a regular kitchen counter and make it look like a finished Carrara marble countertop using paint.

What makes Carrara marble unique is its stunning uniformed patterns created by the blend of grains and veins that run through the surface. Even with its subtle patterns, marble gives your kitchen counters an ultra clean and chic look.

Even with this sophisticated finish, it’s pretty simple to DIY a Carrara marble paint job. All you need is a Carrara marble painting kit you can get at a home improvement store or online.

Get The Carrara Marble Look With Just Paint

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How Can I Make An Inexpensive Countertop?

To make an inexpensive countertop, you want to use cheaper countertop materials, such as quartz, epoxy, or faux material. Faux materials include contact paper or simple stick and peel wallpaper. Alternatively, if you want to refurbish an old, worn-out countertop, you can go for a paint job. With the right paint, you can transform any countertop material, including laminate, concrete, and wood.

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What Material Is Cheapest For Countertops?

The cheapest countertop materials include quartz and epoxy. Laminate is another cheap alternative to wood material.

What Can I Use As A Countertop?

There is a selection of materials you can use as countertops, depending on the design, quality, and budget you are after. Common materials you can use for a countertop include quartz, epoxy, laminate, wood, concrete, marble,  granite, or metal.

How Can I Cover My Countertop Without Replacing It?

There are several ways to cover a countertop without having to replace it. The easiest way to do so is simply to use paint as it works on almost any countertop material. alternatively, you can attach contact paper or wallpaper or pour over concrete or epoxy.

This method comes in handy for people who have worn out (scratched, old, stained, etc) countertops they want to refurbish but don’t have an extensive budget or don’t want to go through an extensive refurbishing job.

What Is The Least Expensive Type Of Countertop?

Laminate countertops are the least expensive types of countertops. Laminate typically features several layers of bonded plastic and particleboard to create a solid surface. The best part of using laminate is they actually resemble real wood without coming with the risks of water damage.

Furthermore, laminate offers a wide range of other benefits, that include its durability and non-porous finish. You can also choose to paint laminate or print wallpaper on it to elevate its already attractive finish.

Way Forward

With any of the 20 DIY countertop ideas above, your home remodeling project just got a lot easier. Our recommendations allow you to find any option you want, whether an inexpensive design, themed design, or you want to splurge on higher-end materials.

Additionally, you can choose to go in any remodeling direction you want, be it starting from scratch or adding on to an already existing countertop.

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