15 Of The Best Log Burner TV Wall Ideas

by Irina
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The integration of a log burner with a TV wall can be an accent in the interior design of your home. And there are various ways to combine the warm fire with your media devices. Keep reading to discover not less than 15 of the best log burner TV wall Ideas and how to incorporate them into your home!

15 of The Best Log Burner TV Wall Ideas

1. Rustic Charm

Rustic designs bring a timeless charm to your home. And if you incorporate a log burner fireplace with your TV setting, you can’t go wrong.

You can create a rustic design by adding a log between the fireplace and the TV. Or simply add rustic details around the fireplace for a great visual impact.

2. Minimalist and Modern Design

You can’t go wrong with a minimalistic design when you set your log burner TV wall. If you don’t like cluttered spaces, a minimalistic design is perfect for you.

Simply add your TV on a white wall above your log burner fireplace. This design will create two focal points that add charm to your entire room.

3. The Simplicity of Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is all about functionality and simplicity. There are a variety of designs to choose from if you go for this style.

Go for a TV mounted on a plain wall, and you can place the log burger on the side of it to create a distinctive note.

4. Industrial Look Log Burner TV Wall

Industrial designs are very catchy these days and become even more popular from one year to another. And it is very easy to create an industrial-look log burner TV wall.

Use a metal frame, bricks, and any accept that will make your settlement look “unfinished.” Get as creative as you want with this style, and it will give a different vibe to your home.

5. Hidden TV Cabinet

Hidden TVs have been a trend for a while now. You can hide your TV behind a painting or any other artistic piece and only reveal it when you want.

Under the hidden TV, place the log burner fireplace for a complete, romantic vibe. And you can use the TV as a surprise element which will for sure impress your guests.

6. Picture Frame Style

Frame your TV in a way that looks like a painting or a piece of art. This can create an impressive effect, especially if you set it on top of the log burner fireplace.

Choose a frame that goes with your room design and enjoy the overall charm of this modern style. You can also create a fake frame directly on the wall, by using a rectangular design.

7. Marble Elegance

Marble style is an excellent choice if you want to add an elegant vibe to your home. You can add marble around the TV or the log burner, and it will get a sophisticated look.

The natural aspect of marble brings a unique atmosphere. This marble log burner and TV wall might become the attraction point in your home.

8. Textured Wall Style

If you want to add depth to your design, try creating a textured wall where you mount your TV. You can continue with the same texture for the log burner as well.

As for the type of texture to go for, everything from stone to wood or tile will give your design an attractive aspect.

9. The Traditional style

Many times, the best choice is the classic or traditional one. If you don’t want to experiment with new styles, a traditional settlement might be the answer.

Choose a traditional log burner and mount the TV above it. You can always embellish your corner for a more impressive effect.


10. Wood Wall Design

Wood designs will be around for a while. And you can ideally incorporate such a style with your log burner TV wall. Add a wood design on the wall where you mount the TV and enjoy the cozy feeling.

You can also add other wood decorations around this settlement for an even more impactful effect.

11. All Black Style

An all-black theme brings a dramatic effect to your log burner TV wall corner. Paint the TV wall in black and use lighter decorations for a stylish contrast.

This design goes great on a sophisticated home, and it can bring a highly luxurious vibe.

12. Artistic Setting

You can add art pieces around your TV or log burner to create a more artistic setting regardless of the style you choose. Add paintings or objects of art that represent your home and personality.

You will create a more pleasant atmosphere and offer your guests a taste of your inner world.

13. Brick Wall

If you like the brick style, you can add a bricklayer to your TV wall, your log burner wall, or both. Choose the brick pattern that represents your space best.

This design offers your corner an industrial look but also a very cozy atmosphere. And when it comes to brick patterns, you can get very creative.

14. Built-in Style

The built-in style will always have a modern look that will charm your guests. You can use this style to add some depth to your TV corner.

Plus, it makes the log burner look like it was part of the initial design. Built-in burners can look very neat in any room.

15. Surrounded by shelves

Your log burner and TV wall can be functional areas of your house, too. Surround the TV with shelves where you can place books, decorations, speakers, or any other objects you want handy.

This design gives a very cozy and homey vibe to your room, and you can decorate the shelves in various ways!

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