20 Painted Bedroom Furniture Ideas to Inspire You Today

by Katie Williams
Bedroom Furniture

Painting the furniture in your bedroom may be one of the simplest ways to give your old room a makeover. Just with a few coats of paint in a fun color, you can immediately elevate the space and give it an entirely new personality.

Don’t know where to start? Not sure which color to paint your furniture in? Good news! We’ve compiled some fantastic ideas and inspirations that will help you paint your bedroom furniture and revamp your space.

1. Stick with Black

Stick with Black

Source: Pinterest

There’s nothing wrong with sticking with the basics, and this first photo will show you why! If your original dresser has an antique vibe with its classic dark brown color, you can keep some of this. Just paint over certain parts in a matte black finish.

All in all, it will create a beautiful blend of modern and traditional touches that is sure to jazz up your space.

2. White with Wooden Accents

White with Wooden Accents

Source: Pinterest

For those going for a lighter and brighter mood in the bedroom, perhaps choosing white paint to revamp your dresser may be a good idea. You can see that the light brown from the wooden doors is still kept, which offers a nice, rustic element to the dresser.

But something as simple as painting the rest of the body in a crisp white color can instantaneously transform the whole vibe of your bedroom!

3. Nightstands in Hale Navy

before and after

Source: Pinterest

This next example involves transforming old wooden nightstands into a pair of contemporary furniture pieces. Just by painting it over, they immediate give off a different and much fresher mood.

Hale Navy itself is a classic shade from Benjamin Moore which offers a beautiful maritime ambiance. You can use it if your bedroom has a modern but timeless feel. Moreover, changing the drawer handles is also a great way to update the look even more.

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4. Nightstands in Moody Blue

Nightstands in Moody Blue

Source: Pinterest

Yes, nightstands are one of the best furniture you can paint over in order to change the mood of a bedroom. We would recommend trying a moody blue that is almost black as the new color, as it produces a simple but very elegant appearance.

To complement the dark shade, you might want to add some bronze accents to the trimmings and drawer handles. This will offer a bespoke look while also adding a slight vintage and antique feel too.

5. From Rustic to Retro

From Rustic to Retro

Source: Pinterest

Painting old furniture not only lets you freshen up the pieces; this is also a fantastic way to transform the style of the furniture. For example, the two nightstands were originally in a rustic style with its wooden grains.

But a simple paint of light brown, white, and navy blue, can turn them into contemporary, retro tables. The light brown color still maintains the wood feel of the nightstands, but also adds a lot more jazz!

6. Side Table in Blue Gray

Side Table in Blue Gray

Source: Pinterest

Here’s another example of painting a side table in the bedroom while still retaining an aspect of the old style. You can see how the new blue gray color and metal knob make the table look much more modern and minimalist.

However, you can still keep the tabletop in its natural wood material for an elegant and vibrant impression. Adding a topcoat or new glossy finish can be a great idea for this!

7. Dark Green Shelf

Dark Green Shelf

Source: Pinterest

Shelves can be a huge part of the bedroom too! This is where you can store and display your book collection, souvenirs, or even art pieces. You can easily elevate the look of an old shelf by painting its exterior.

Like this one here, which has a lovely dark green shade that produces such a calming and neutral vibe. The earthy tone also fits well in any country-inspired bedroom.

8. Go with Pastel Pink

Go with Pastel Pink

Source: Pinterest

Feeling more feminine and colorful? If your bedroom has a cheery mood that you want to uplift, perhaps painting your wardrobe or cabinet in a muted, pastel pink color may be exactly what it needs.

Whether it’s furniture in a master bedroom, teenager’s, or a kid’s, we think that this soft pink shade will fit right in! It evokes a sense of joy and interest without being too wild or overwhelming.

9. Bright and Vibrant Yellow Cabinet

Bright and Vibrant Yellow Cabinet

Source: Pinterest

Another idea that you can try for painting the cabinet in your bedroom is a bright and vibrant yellow, like this. It’s such a fun color that pops against the white wall, which may be great for the overall mood.

This color is easy to pair with other neutral and earth-inspired tones. This is why you can see lots of rattan and wood elements here, as well as fake leaves that can embellish the vibe even more.

10. Superhero Colors and Mural

Superhero Colors and Mural

Source: Pinterest

Are you decorating the kids’ room? One idea to keep it fun and interesting is to turn an old, boring dresser into an epic superhero mural. Here, you can see that the drawers alternate between plain blue paint and a full Marvel spread!

The combination of bright blue and red paint is a basic one that will definitely pop against the background. It’s also vibrant and exciting, which is what you want to evoke in the bedroom of children.

11. Colorful Superhero Logo

Colorful Superhero Logo

Source: Pinterest

We have one more superhero-related furniture color scheme that may inspire you! This one incorporates several different bright colors for the different drawer doors, including blue, red, yellow, and green, with the base itself being a light blue.

In addition to having colorful doors, you might event want to paint various superhero logos too. It will overall create an enjoyable aspect that the kids can interact with!

12. Lego-Inspired Drawer Blocks

Lego-Inspired Drawer Blocks

Source: Pinterest

If you want to be subtler and not paint any superhero images or logos on the kid’s drawer, maybe you will like this Lego-inspired example. It also uses bright red, yellow, and blue colors for the three separate drawer doors.

For a brighter and less colorful approach, you can paint the outer structure in a clean white color. This is a great way to ensure that the table doesn’t clash with the other furniture in the room.

13. Different Shades of Green

Different Shades of Green

Source: Pinterest

Up next, take a look at this simple but themed makeover. The dresser has a dark green base that matches the bottommost drawer door. You can then use paint colors that go increasingly lighter as it goes upward!

Not only is this a fun look to add to the bedroom, but the gradient from dark green to light green is also super stylish. If your kids love dinosaurs, consider replacing the knobs with action figures.

14. White Bedframe

White Bedframe

Source: Pinterest

Moving on to the larger furniture pieces in the bedroom, why not try painting your bedframe? The bed is undoubtedly the highlight of any bedroom as it’s where you can relax and sleep. So, painting it in a new color is a sure way to change the whole vibe.

In this example, try out an off-white color for the bedframe. It’s clean, simple, and can easily fit in with any interior style.

15. Rustic Gray Bedframe

Rustic Gray Bedframe

Source: Pinterest

It’s also possible to achieve a more rustic vibe. If your bedframe is made of wood and has that natural grainy texture, painting it in a light gray color can be very ideal.

You can see that the frame retains the authentic wood grains. This matches the country and pastoral vibe of the room in general, but the gray definitely evokes a touch of modern style too.

16. Clean White Cabinet

Clean White Cabinet

Source: Pinterest

Cabinets or wardrobes can be found in most bedrooms as they are where you can store your clothes and other accessories. An easy way to revamp your old wooden furniture is by painting it in a clean and crisp white color.

Whether your bedroom has a classic, country feel or a modern minimalist style, this white cabinet will easily look right at home. You can even pair it with other wood furniture for a relaxed vibe!

17. Matching Light Green Paint

Matching Light Green Paint

Source: Pinterest

When you paint the furniture in a bedroom, you can always paint several pieces at once so that they will have a matching color and look like a cohesive set! Plus, it’s always nice to be able to use the leftover paint for more than just one piece of furniture.

For example, this simple chair has a light green upholstery that now matches with the small cabinet. It gives off a very rural vibe, which also fits with the floral wallpaper! Not to mention the light wood flooring and other décor.

18. Try a Multicolored Approach

Try a Multicolored Approach

Source: Pinterest

Your furniture doesn’t have to be boring! One way to keep it interesting is to use a multi-colored approach, like in this example. The new white color adds a vibrant aspect to the old brown color.

All you need is some washi tape that you can use to create the lines. It will also ensure that the separation between the two colors is as sharp and clean as possible.

19. Geometric Black and White

Geometric Black and White

Source: Pinterest

We’ve talked about plain white or black paint to decorate your furniture pieces, but what about combining them bout? This is a great way to create a stylish, contemporary statement in your room while keeping the color monochromatic and neutral.

Of course, you can always add an upscale, elegant touch by painting the table legs and handles in gold. These shiny accents will easily make an otherwise minimalist piece into something more avant-garde.

20. Embrace a Whimsical Design

Embrace a Whimsical Design

Source: Pinterest

Finally, take this opportunity of redecorating your bedroom to unleash your inner creative beast. Look at this gorgeous and colorful dresser that will transform your room into a more artistic and personal space. It’s whimsical and unlike any other!

Not only does this create a unique and striking look, it’s also a great way to express your personality. The bright colors evoke a fun impression, while the black-and-white design on the top drawer adds a funk to it.


What is the best color to paint bedroom furniture?

There’s no one color that is the best for all bedroom furniture as it depends on the style of your bedroom and how you want it to feel inside. But a neutral color that can easily fit in most interior is simple, classic white.

What paint do you use on bedroom furniture?

There are several choices you can use for bedroom furniture, including chalky, milk, acrylic, and oil paints. Each of these have its own benefits and drawbacks. But one option we like to recommend is latex paint, which is easy to find, easy to clean, and have multiple finishes.

How do I paint my bedroom furniture?

After deciding the color that you want to use on the furniture, the paint that you choose can be important too. For instance, it will determined whether you need to prepare the finish it by sanding or with another layer of primer.

How do you make old bedroom furniture look modern?

One of the simplest ways to try and make your old bedroom furniture look modern is simply by painting it in a new color. Usually, your safest bet is to choose a bright and more contemporary color. This can be the basic black or white, or something more out there, like bright blue, yellow, and pink.

What kind of paint can you use on furniture without sanding?

Sanding can be a hassle, so if you want to paint your furniture without having to sand it down, it’s probably safest to use chalky paint. This is because they have a naturally matte finish.

That wraps up some of the best ideas of painted bedroom furniture. Hopefully, you found some excellent examples to inspire your own bedroom design. Best of luck and happy decorating!

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