40+ Fireplace Wall Ideas with TV

by Katie Williams

Are you remodeling your home or simply want to replace the dull look of your fireplace? Well, we have a pretty simple but impactful solution for you. You can instantly improve the overall look of your home by integrating your home’s entertainment system with the fireplace design.

In fact, fireplaces with mounted TVs on the wall are gradually becoming a popular modern interior design option. So, we’ve thoroughly searched for the best fireplace wall ideas with TVs to help you make this stunning transformation.  Check out these 40 great ideas to help you style your fireplace wall at home.

40 Stunning Ideas for TV Fireplace Wall

Here are interesting ideas for fireplace walls with TVs to cater to various needs;

1. Modern Fireplace TV Wall

A modern fireplace TV wall offers a clean and neat look. Typically, modern fireplace wall designs come in different variations, but usually share the basics. Their frameless gas or electric fireplace keeps you warm while giving the room relaxing ambient lighting.

You also don’t need the typically thick frames to hold the TV. A simple non-visible wall bracket does the trick. Finally, the fireplace’s frameless design and TV contours pair well with the clean wall for a sharp and trendy look.

Modern Fireplace TV Wall

Source:  Pinterest

2. Linear TV Fireplace Wall

If you are remodeling and want to give your home a modern transformation, you can’t go wrong with a Linear TV fireplace wall. Amongst the most popular and trending interior design styles, its clean, sharp, and minimalistic setup explains why it’s loved.

The design offers a neatly recessed TV mounting that is complemented with an equally clean and modern electric fireplace. The lighting from the fireplace creates a warm and luxurious ambiance as it reflects off the frameless and sharp-edged light-colored walls. No more chunky frames and thick wall details!

Linear TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

3. Contemporary Fireplace TV Wall

A wooden fireplace TV wall doesn’t have to include thick and chunky wooden frames.  Opting for a more contemporary design gives you the option of a wooden wall but, with a cleaner, smoother, and sleek setup. Pair it with a glass electric fireplace and you instantly have a contemporary modern living space. You can go for any wood, whether MDF, birch or other light-colored wood.

Contemporary Fireplace TV Wall

Source: Pinterest

4. Or Get A Shiplap Wall?

A Shiplap fireplace wall is rustic and practical. The wall design securely holds your fireplace and TV while giving your living space a facelift.  You can install it yourself or get a contractor to help.

Or Get A Shiplap Wall?

Source: Pinterest

5. Cabin Style TV Fireplace

Reminiscent of a log cabin, the Cabin-style TV fireplace is complemented by piles of wooden logs on either side for a cozy and warm vibe. You can choose to go for the traditional wood stove or an electric/gas furnace, leaving the logs to be more ornamental.

On the other hand, the TV rests safely inches away from the furnace and is held comfortably in a recessed shelf partition. Additionally, you can opt for the central wall portion with the fireplace and TV alone. However, if your budget allows it, go for the complete look with bookshelves on either side for an even cozier look.

Cabin Style TV Fireplace

Source: Pinterest

6. Farm House TV Fireplace Wall

If you are fond of farmhouse interior designs, this farmhouse TV fireplace wall is what you need. The design takes a more modern approach with a cleaner wooden detail but retains the traditional all-white finish.

It also replaces the traditional wood stove with an electric fireplace complete with a see through glass panel. An unstained wooden shelf is added above the fireplace to give you space to mount your TV while side display shelves allow you to showcase your family photos, books, or antiques.

Farm House TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

7. Cabinet TV Fireplace Wall

While different fireplace walls for TVs can come with extra shelving, you can also opt for a design that is dedicated to showcasing your shelf design.  A cabinet TV fireplace wall really gives you the chance to get creative since you can take any direction you want. It also accentuates your living space as it doesn’t only outline the fireplace and TV. Instead, it makes good use of your space to add extra creative elements.

Cabinet TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

8. TV Stand Fireplace Wall

If you are on a budget and want to take a less costly route for your fireplace wall, a TV stand-style wall may be the way to go. This option is much smaller in design and uses fewer materials. Its smaller size makes it perfect for small homes and apartments too. In fact, it’s even an excellent potential DIY project you can put together on your own.

All you need is to purchase an electric or gas fireplace and get a professional to install it for you. However, you can do the entire actual frame/stand construction. If you are in the mood to splurge, you can replace regular wood with more expensive mahogany or antique wood to instantly achieve a regal vibe in your living space.

TV Stand Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

9. Coastal TV Fireplace Wall

If you want to lighten the mood in your home, a coastal-style fireplace wall for your TV is a good design. The best part about this fireplace wall idea is you can go in any design direction you wish. The key is to learn how to play with the light coastal colors. Think – white, light blue, sand, light olive and other similar colors! Then, modernize it by adding an electric or gas fireplace.

Coastal TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

10. DIY Movable TV Fireplace Wall

Just because you are a renter, it doesn’t mean you can’t style your home the way you want. DIYing a movable TV fireplace wall is a great idea and makes it easy to pack when it’s time to leave. Before you even think of it – we have already! You don’t have to worry about the overmantle or TV mount as obstacles with the right DIY guide. You can find plenty of DIY guides for building a movable wall in your home.

Movable TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

11. Stone TV Fireplace Wall

If you want to achieve a modern rustic look, pair your fireplace wall with a couple of bricks to transform your living space. The use of medium-toned bricks and old wood shelf paired with the lighter colors provide the rustic look but still maintain a clean and warm ambiance. Depending on the overall feel you want to achieve, you can choose to add an electric, gas, or wood stove furnace.

Stone TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

12. Or Add Bricks to Your Existing Design

If you already have a modeled fireplace wall and don’t want to make significant alterations, you can add a few bricks to the fireplace. This simple and time-saving idea allows you to instantly transform your place to give it a warm, rustic feel without doing a lot.

Add Bricks to Your Existing Design

Source: Pinterest

13. DIY TV Fireplace Wall Frame

DIYing a TV fireplace wall from scratch is perhaps one of the cheapest ways to style your living space. With this particular design, you won’t need much, just your power tools, woodworking tools, wood planks, and some paint at the end. You can build the frames using an electric fireplace insert tutorial.

To give the wall more life, sand it and paint it with your favorite color. Once done, insert the electric fireplace, and mount your TV using a mounting bracket you can get at any electronics store. You will not spend more than $500 for the entire project.

DIY TV Fireplace Wall Frame

Source: Pinterest

14. Tabletop Fireplace TV Wall

Building a tabletop fireplace TV wall is also a good design idea. It’s simple so even beginners and amateurs can build one. Plus, its versatile design possibilities cater to different user needs. For example, if you have limited space in your home, you can curate on with an extra storage place.

But, you can make the design neat enough that the storage spaces are concealed when not in use. While the fireplace is built into the tabletop wall, you can either mount or place the TV on the tabletop part of the wall.

15. Fireplace Media TV Wall

Get a contractor to make small partitions on your concrete wall to fit the size of your TV and fireplace for an instant media wall. You can, however, mount the TV by drilling the brackets into the wall to give it a more secure wall. If you want, you can add extra partitions to act as display shelves and some downlights for a luxurious feel. This media wall design gives your home a Modern Mediterranean-like finish.

Fireplace Media TV Wall

Source: Pinterest

16. Or Build a Wooden Media Wall

If hiring a contractor is alittle costly for you, you can delve into a little DIY project by building a wooden one (using plywood). Pick the ideal corner of your living space and start to build the frame. This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same Mediterranean-style design.

A simple sanding of the surface, a white paint job, and a downlight installation will do the trick. You will only spend a small portion on an electrician who will need to do the fireplace and lighting electrical connections.

Build a Wooden Media Wall

Source: Pinterest

17. Marble Fireplace Wall with TV

A naturally extracted and processed stone, using high quality marble on your wall installation gives your home an expensive and expressive look. To complement its elegantly simple design, pair the marble wall with a built-in see-through glass fireplace and mounted TV.

Marble Fireplace Wall with TV

Source: Pinterest

18. Marble-like Tile Fireplace TV Wall

Marble can be significantly more expensive than tiles. After all, this naturally occurring stone requires costly extraction and processing procedures. But, it’s worth the high quality and luxurious look they possess. The good news is that this classy look in your home at the fraction of the price by using tiles that resemble marble for your wall.

Marble-like Tile Fireplace TV Wall

Source: Pinterest

19. Black Tile TV Fireplace Wall

If you want to take a more bold approach to your living space, nothing screams bold interior design like black tiles. Unbeknownst to many people, black color can actually make your home shine better and bring interest to it.  This design idea gives your home a more striking, classy, and powerful vibe. Plus, it comes with the advantage of being pretty easy to clean.

Black Tile TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

20. Artistic Fireplace TV Wall

If you want to get even more creative, you can give the wall a personality. One way to go about it is to use colorful bricks or tiles and build a platform with a built-in fireplace. Alternatively, you can use stained wood planks with a mic of color tones. You can then mount the TV and its speakers on top of the fireplace with store-bought mounting brackets.

Artistic Fireplace TV Wall

Source: Pinterest

21. Stonewood TV Fireplace Wall

Give your home a cozy and natural look by installing stone on your fireplace wall. For an even better natural appeal, reminiscent of a cozy mountain resort in Aspen, pair the wall with a wood stove and rustic wooden log that doubles as the shelf for entertainment accessories, like a Blu-ray player or cable box.

Stonewood TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

22. Add Small Details to Your Natural Stone Wall

If you already have a natural stone fireplace TV wall, you can add tiny details that can make a significant impact. For example, you can spruce up light Stonewood by grouting it. The white-colored grout helps to give the stones a more pronounced and striking finish. Place your TV on the wall shelf or mount it to the wall to complete the look.

Natural Stone Wall

Source: Pinterest

23. Or Go the Chic-Way?

We never thought mountain resort-style interior design could ever get chic. Well, apparently it can and we love it! Pair light natural stone on the fireplace wall with light or MDF wood details for an elegant finish. After this, it’s up to you to add extra accessories to the place, such as rugs, accent pillows, and display vases for the perfect chic vibe.


Source: Pinterest

24. Antique Mirror TV Fireplace Wall

Yes, you read that right! You can design your fireplace TV wall using an antique mirror. This radical approach transforms your home from a boring regular home into an iconic piece of art. You can start by building a wooden frame for your built-in fireplace and mountable TV or mold your concrete wall instead. Then, install the antique mirror panels on the wall for a stylish and reflective look.

Antique Mirror TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

25. Minimalist TV Fireplace Wall

This minimalist wall design works great for minimalist living spaces or homes with limited space. All there is to it is a built-in fireplace (the outer black frame gives it a bold look) and wall mounted TV. You can optionally add a slim shelf for additional entertainment accessories like a soundbar. If you have extra space, you can add the cabinets and wall shelving on the sides.

Minimalist TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

26. Media Feature TV Fireplace Wall

Now, this large Media feature wall is a great choice for those who have a large TV. Whether you are streaming a movie or enjoying a gaming session with friends, this setup is surely guaranteed to impress. You can build the frame using plywood and finish it with white paint or mold it out of your concrete walls.

The sides of the frame can be fitted with natural stone panels or a cheaper tile approach. Next, line the edges (towards the fireplace and TV) of the stone pattern with neon lights for that true entertainment experience. An electric or gas fireplace is appropriate for this design since it complements the modern media appeal.

Media Feature TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

27. Stained TV Fireplace Wall

Sometimes, you don’t really have to spend much on materials for customizing your fireplace wall. A simple paint job can do the trick. You can build a wooden frame to fit the fireplace and TV and give it a good matte paint job to finish it.

Tip: Black is a fantastic option!

Stained TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

28. Polished Plaster TV Fireplace Wall

When you think of gold finishing – the first place your brain goes is to some castle belonging to an aristocratic member of the royal family in UAE. But, this is not necessarily true. You can achieve a sophisticated and regal look in your home nowhere near the cost of real gold finishing!

All you need is to polish plaster with metallic gold color. You can DIY this design or have a contractor do it for a neater look. Start with a plywood frame that will house your built-in electric/gas fireplace while supporting the TV at the top.

Also, use the side spaces to create partitions to act as shelving and cover the quarter bottom half of the frame with wood veneer cabinets for extra storage. Next, line the plywood frame with metallic gold plaster and line the partitioned shelving with LED lighting for a cozy, warm, and elegant finish.

Polished Plaster TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

29. Victorian TV Fireplace Wall

Give your home a traditional design twist by going Victorian. The imposing and antique fireplace wooden frame allows you to forget the modern times for a second before you take a second glass at the modern flat screen TV above. This Victorian design idea gives your living space a warm and opulent ambiance – a wood-burning fireplace is perfect for this design.

Victorian TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

30. Beach House TV Fireplace Wall

Turn your living space into your dream beach home by opting for this design – simply replace the frames on the shelf with a mounted TV. This fireplace wall features a built-in fireplace boarded by beautiful turquoise tiles, reminiscent of swimming pool tiles from your favorite holiday resort.

The dark wooden shelf above the fireplace holds entertainment devices, like the soundbar and cable box. Paired with the clean white cabinet shells and beach-themed décor accessories, this design creates the ultimate beach holiday home atmosphere.

Beach House TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

31. TV Fireplace Wall with Window

If you don’t feel like enjoying on-screen entertainment, the simple sliding window attached to the fireplace wall frame easily conceals. This design is clean and elegant, giving your home a stunningly bold look, whether closed or opened to expose the TV.

TV Fireplace Wall with Window

Source: Pinterest

32. Stone & Wood TV Fireplace Wall

If you are in a splurging mood and your budget allows it, this eye-catching stone & wood combination design idea should be the winner. This design combines a blend of stone and white polished wood frame, elegant furniture, and chic décor accessories to give your home a stunning dream-like finish!

The sculptor mantel provides adequate space for additional entertainment devices while the empty overmantle space is perfect for mounting your TV. To get this neat and authentic look, you are better off hiring a designer and contractor.

Stone & Wood TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

33. Mediterranean Minimalist Fireplace TV Wall

A built-in wood-burning fireplace with a thick, light wood mantel instantly gives your home a facelift. The mantel can double as a shelf for your TV accessories while you mount your TV on the free space above the mantel. You can also keep the black vase to complement the casual Mediterranean look.

Mediterranean Minimalist Fireplace TV Wall

Source: Pinterest

34. Glam Fireplace Wall with TV

Give your home a glam and chic elevation with an immaculately white polished mantel. A built-in wood-burning fireplace with a glass door and stylish side cabinets with glass doors and curved white patterns give this design a sophisticated transformation from a regular fireplace wall with side cabinets.

Glam Fireplace Wall with TV

Source: Pinterest

35. Concrete TV Fireplace Wall

Concrete makes for an incredibly natural look. It’s also an excellent material for molding an opulent mantle design with a wood-burning fireplace underneath. A large black steel framed ledge glass pane protects your space from the wood-burning fire while promoting cozy warmth. Its clear see-through glass also allows you to relax during the calming wood-burning process.

Concrete TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

36. Cozy Seating & TV Fireplace Table

Create a cozy yet elegant coastal-style lounge with a mounted TV, built-in electric fireplace, and side seating. You can use concrete or tiles for a clean, modern look.

Cozy Seating & TV Fireplace Table

Source: Pinterest

37. Metallic Concrete Fireplace TV Wall

Integrate concrete and metal details to your fireplace wall frame and side shelves for a modern, futuristic look. The electric/gas fireplace with glass stones adds to this simple but, artistic design approach.

Metallic Concrete Fireplace TV Wall

Source: Pinterest

38. Divider Wall for TV & Fireplace

You don’t always have to go for the traditional fireplace wall design. You can transform your home’s interior into a beautiful mysterious layout with a divider fireplace wall. Layer the divider wall with stone or tiles and place the electric/gas fireplace at the bottom center to make it the visual focal point. A concrete slab atop the fireplace supports TV accessories while the empty space allows for easy TV mounting.

39. Spanish Colonial TV Fireplace Wall

Convert your regular fireplace wall into a show-stopping Spanish colonial-style fireplace by simply installing Spanish-style tiles and a thick wood block to act as a mantle and shelf. Keep the candles to retain the authentic Spanish colonial finishing.  The empty overmantle space is perfect for mounting your TV.

Spanish Colonial TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest

40. Clean TV Fireplace Wall

The ultimate minimalist design, the Clean TV fireplace wall features a wide fireplace installation space with a top cabinet that conceals your TV. When closed, the cabinet, the white empty wall portion, and the dark fireplace give a color contrast finish to give you a bold and sophisticated finish.

Clean TV Fireplace Wall

Source: Pinterest


Do you have questions regarding styling a fireplace TV wall? Here are answers to some common questions;

How do you style a room with a TV and fireplace?

The best way to style a room with a TV and fireplace is to place them perpendicular to the walls, like in a shiplap wall design. On the other hand, the furniture works best opposite the TV and fireplace to give you a good non-strained view of the TV and a clear line of sight to the fireplace for adequate warmth.

Can you hang a TV on a fireplace wall?

You can certainly hang a TV on a fireplace wall. But, design this setup in a way that the heat is directed away from the TV to prevent damage or possible fires. One way to do so is to use a mantle or shelf to separate the TV and fireplace.

Is a TV over a fireplace a good idea?

It’s okay to mount a TV over a fireplace. However, it may not be a good idea if you don’t manage the excess heat produced by the fireplace. After all, areas above the fireplace are usually warmer than other wall surfaces.  When combined with electronics, it can be a recipe for a fire.

How do you build a built-in TV and fireplace wall?

There are several ways to build a TV and fireplace wall, depending on the design you want. The easiest way is to build a frame using wood panels, finish it with a paint job and then, securely attach the fireplace at the bottom and the TV at the center top part.

Where should a TV be placed with a fireplace?

With proper measures, you can place your TV atop the fireplace, at the meeting point of your fireplace, and on the perpendicular wall.  This creates a focal point giving you a direct view of the TV and direct exposure to the warm heat coming from the fireplace.

How can I make my TV look better over the fireplace?

The best way is to make the TV your focal point. To do so, add decorative details around the borders of the TV. This can be anything from a matte paint job to patterned tiles or natural stone.


Choosing any of the 40 fireplace wall ideas with TV lets you improve the look of your home. Whether you decide to DIY or get a contractor, splurge, or budget, there’s definitely an idea specially curated for your home.

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