What Color to Paint Basement Ceiling? (5 Best Colors)

by Katie Williams

An additional room to your living room, the basement can be used for multiple purposes. Be it either a store room or a hidden extra room, it should be a place where you can go anytime.

So what color to paint your ceiling that makes your basement a pleasant place? Usually, white paint makes the room look a lot brighter. Since the basement is a place where there’s not much ventilation, painting the ceiling white will be a good option.

Also, painting the ceiling black will give the ceiling a higher look, and hence you can go with the mid color of gray which offers both benefits. However, you can experiment with other colors to paint your basement ceiling as well, changing the age-old trend of bland colors.

Read on to get more ideas!

Best Colors For Your Basement Ceiling

The color you choose for your basement’s ceiling changes the space’s total look. Make sure you choose the perfect color that matches the room.

Here’s a list of color suggestions if you are looking for one.

1. White

White Basement Ceiling

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A soothing color for a peaceful environment, white can be a perfect choice of color for your basement ceiling. This not only makes the room look brighter but also enhances the space making it look spacious.

Painting the basement ceiling white will make the basement become an additional room rather than just a storage space. There are tons of creative ideas to turn that space into something trendy. Make sure to check out those trending ideas that can help you utilize the basement, either for some fun or some comfy time with your loved ones.

However, I suggest using a warm white color to paint the ceiling instead of a striking white, as it can make your basement look warmer and more comfortable for the eyes to look at.

2. Gray

Gray may sound a little gloomy, yet can be the best choice if you want the basement to be soothing. This color can be a better option than white as the basement is something different from your living room and gray provides for that distinction.

Painting the ceiling gray will also give you the long-lasting benefit as it doesn’t get dirtier quickly as white, in turn, reducing the spending. Another benefit you get is a wide range of colors to paint the wall of the basement as it matches with most of the colors, while white can match best with some darker colors only.

3. Beige

Another substitute for painting the ceiling white is a creamy beige color. This option will be better if you find white to be too plain. The beige color will give the same benefits that a white-painted ceiling would, keeping the room bright and spacious.

Painting the ceiling with beige and contrasting it with light or dark colors for the walls as you prefer the ambiance to be, gives your basement an eye-catching look.

4. Black


Source: Pinterest

Providing a posh and glitzy look for your basement, black is the ideal color for the ceiling of your basement if you want it to be elegant. Black makes the room look lavish and large with the ceiling appearing to have disappeared.

Painting the ceiling of your basement black and coating the walls with a darker contrast makes the basement look like a luxury in itself. This is best when you want to convert your basement into a home theater with a personal touch.

5. Light Turquoise

A pleasant color in itself, turquoise, if painted on the basement ceiling, makes it a pleasant place to stay. Giving it a cozy look and feel, this color can enhance your mood anytime.

If your basement ceiling is painted with light turquoise and matched with the perfect combination of walls, it can turn any gloomy room into your happy place!

Things To Consider

Choosing the perfect color for your basement ceiling is not that simple. There are many things you need to consider from planning what purpose the basement will serve to the size of the basement.

Size of the Basement

The color you choose for your basement ceiling depends on how big your basement is. If it is just a small space you can use an off-white color to make it look more spacious. If it is a large space, you can add some furnishings with a black ceiling and make it grandeur.

Phase of Completion

An unfinished ceiling can make the room look dingy if not painted with proper colors. Painting it rightly with dark colors like black will hide any kind of mess, giving the basement a neat look. A completed basement can be painted as you wish making it a part of your home.

Purpose of Basement

What you want to do in your basement is something that can influence the color you can choose for the ceiling. If you want it to be a cozy place to get away from the hustle of the house, you can choose to paint it black, making a private home theater. Or if you want to relax and do your reading or any productive work, lighter paints can make wonders.

Colors to Avoid

While you can mix and match a variety of colors to paint your basement ceiling, there are a few colors that are a big no-no. They can completely destroy any look of the basement.

1. Bright Red

Using bright red color for your basement ceiling is a very bad idea. It destroys the complete look of your basement and makes it unworthy of any activity. Also, it will affect your mood, making it worse.

2. Dark Green

Dark green is suitable for the ceiling only if it is a garden basement. Else, it will only make everything worse starting from the look. However, a rich dark green color can sometimes be acceptable as it can be almost like black enhancing the rich look of your basement.

3. Violet

Violet and other related colors are a complete no-no if you want your basement to have a presentable look or use it as a place where you can spend some pastime.

Should I Paint My Basement Ceiling The Same Color As The Walls?

Painting your walls depend totally on your creativity. While you can play with colors, these are a few suggestions that can enhance the looks of your basement.

Painting the same color on the ceilings and walls will only work if you want the room to look bigger and more spacious. It enhances the ceiling by adding height to the basement. For an eye-catching look, I recommend you paint the walls and ceilings with contrast.

Should I Paint My Basement Ceiling White?

If you want the room to be brighter and more spacious, painting your basement ceiling white will be a good idea. The walls will have many options to be painted as a white ceiling can be contrasted with a variety of colors and trendy ideas.

Although painting the ceiling white is a good option, it can be a costly affair as you have to keep maintaining it by repeating the paint.

What Paint Should I Use For Unfinished Basement Ceiling?

An unfinished basement ceiling will have open wires and pipes that should be handled carefully while painting. Or else, there can be chances of any mishaps. The paint you use should be ideal for the objects on the ceiling.

Spray paint is best suited to paint unfinished basement ceilings as it avoids any contact with any surface. This can be harmless to the painter as well. Additionally, using a primer before applying any kind of paint is suggested as it holds the paint on any surface.

Should Ceiling Be Lighter or Darker Than Walls?

This depends on the height of the ceilings. The most common paint is to have a lighter ceiling with a darker contrasting colored wall. This makes the room look brighter and adds a sense of style to your house.

However, contemporary houses are choosing to do the opposite. Painting the ceiling with a darker color gives the room a rich and modern look while having a lighter shade of walls. This also makes the room appear to have a higher ceiling, provided the room is a bit larger.

Pros and Cons of Painting Basement Ceiling

Apart from adding a creative extra room to your home, painting the basement ceiling has its own pros and cons.


  • Painting your basement ceiling gives the room an attractive look, eliminating the age-old dusty basement. This adds an extra room to your home, giving it extra space for something creative.
  • Also, painting the room with appropriate colors gives the desired feel of the basement. For instance, if a bright airy room is required, painting a light color will do the work, or if a cozy warm place is desired, a dark color will help.


  • The main disadvantage of painting your basement’s ceiling is the cost. The cost depends on the colors used and the number of coatings required. A glossy finish will give the room a classy look which will cost a lot.
  • Painting the basement ceiling will require regular maintenance as well.

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