8 Easy Ways to Make a Desk Taller

by Katie Williams
Desk Taller

When you spend several hours a day at your desk, your comfort is significantly important. You want your body to be able to maintain an ergonomic position that will not affect your health on the long-run. And you can’t do that without a proper desk. The height of your desk is as significant as the quality of your chair and the entire working setup.

From using risers, wooden extensions or bun feet to replace the legs of your desk, we gathered the best ways to raise your desk to the height you need!

Best ways to make your desk taller

You will be able to apply the following solutions to your desk with minimum investment. Try them before you consider replacing it all together.

1. Desk risers

Furniture raisers are a fast and budget-friendly solution for a variety of items in your house from beds to tables. You can find these desk risers online easily and choose the size you want for your desk.

Decide how much you want to increase the height of your desk before you purchase the raisers. Doing so will help you choose the right size of desk raisers. Plus, you can choose desk risers in different colors to match the design of your room better.

2. Use bun feet

Bun feet are another great option to raise the height of your desk. They are also fairly affordable and easy to use. These bun feet come in different heights as well so you can raise the height of your desk just as much as you want.

Plus they are just as easy to put under your desk as they are to remove. Look for the bun feet you want at the hardware store in your location or online and you will find plenty of models to try!

3. Replace the legs of the desk

If you want a more permanent solution to a low desk issue, you can try replacing the desk legs with longer ones. Note that this option will only work for desks with legs so you will not be able to apply it for all models. Simply unscrew the legs of your desk and screw in new ones.

You can purchase such legs at the hardware store or even create them yourself if you have the right wood material to go with your furniture. If you want, you can also invest in desk legs with wheels made of a sturdy metal.

4. Use wooden extensions

Wooden extensions can compliment any method you might choose to increase the height of your desk. Such an extension gives your desk stability and increases your comfort. All you need are rectangular pieces of wood that you will add under your desk to increase its height but also make it more stable. Choose the size of wood pieces you need to match your desk.

In order to have a stable desk, each wood extension will have to be securely attached to the legs of the desk. To do that, drill a hole in the center of each desk leg and add a tee nut inside of it. Drill another hole in the extension you want to add for each desk leg. Make sure the tee nut fits the hole in the extension firmly as well.

5. Invest in a desk converter

Desk converters are as great option for those that don’t want to modify their furniture much. You will place it on top of your initial desk and use it to adjust t5he height as you need. Desk converters are helpful if you want to transform your desk into a desk tall enough to stand at rather than sitting at. You can find these converters in different styles, colors and heights so you invest in exactly the type of desk converter you need for your work station.

6. Modify the top of the desk

Modifying the top of your desk takes some handyman skills but you can do it if you have the right tools and imagination. This is the type of solution that will help you to add up to ten inches to your desk and even get some extra space to store your supplies.

Get a piece of wood that is the same size and shape with the surface of your desk. Then get two other pieces of wood to use in between the new surface and the initial surface of your desk.

Drill two holes in each side piece of wood and add tee nuts in each hole to connect it with the initial desk surface and the new desk top. The height of these side pieces of wood will be the height you added to your initial desk.

7. Adjust your chair

Adjusting your chair or investing in an adjustable chair can save you a lot of hassle. If your chair is not at the right height, your desk will seem too low when it is actually not. So, play around with the height of your chair and see if you get to a level that you are comfortable at, without having to modify your desk at all.

8. Use a platform

A platform can be an alternative to a wooden extension. If you don’t want to drill any holes to increase the height of your desk, simply add a sturdy platform underneath it. This platform can be any piece of material that is strong enough to support the weight of your desk. Make sure it is a bit wider than the frame of the desk so you can place the piece of furniture on it securely.

How do you raise the height of a desk?

To raise the height of your desk you can use any option in this guide and you will obtain the result that you want.

For many of the options such as adding new feet on your desk, installing desk risers or bun feet, you will need to drill holes and use tee nuts to secure the new elements. The process is the same regardless of the solution you choose.

You will have to drill a hole in the center of each desk leg. If you use bun feet that already come with tee nuts in them, all you will do is insert the tee nut inside the desk leg’s hole.

If you install an extension, add a tee nut inside the leg of the desk and drill a hole in the extension. Do this for all the feet of the desk and make sure they all blend with the external extyension you add to them.

What is the correct height for a desk?

The standard height for a desk is around 28 inches which is the equivalent of 71.12 cm. However, this is not the height that suits everyone. So, if you feel that you need your desk taller you will still have to adjust it in order to reach the comfort you need at your workplace.

DIY table leg extender

For those who are looking for a DIY project, all you need is a PVC pipe to increase the height of a table. This method can work for desks as well. You need to find a PVC pipe that suits the size and shape of the legs of your furniture.

Cut the PVC pipe

Cut the pipe in the size you need so you add the height you desire to your table. This can be as small as 4 inches or as big as 10 inches. Give an extra inch to cover the initial table legs with the pipe so you can secure the extensions. Obtain four equal parts of the pipe after you cut it.

Place each PVC extension on the table legs

Place the extensions under the legs of the table. Turn the table sideways to do that so you have a more clear vision of the process.

Secure it with screws

Secure each extension with screws to stay attached to the legs of the table. Two screws for each extension should be enough to secure it and keep your table firmly into place.

As a bonus tip, it would be a good idea to also cover the pipe extension you added to your table with some rubber wraps. This will keep your wood undamaged and it will make your table look better too.

Final thoughts

As you can see, it is not a big hassle to add a few inches to your desk or table. You can apply the options in this guide for all your pieces of furniture that need to be taller. However, it is essential to keep in mind the stability of your desk as you don’t want to sacrifice that aspect when you increase its height.

If your desk has the right height and it is stable, you will be able to work in a healthier and more comfortable setup. Plus, all the solutions in this guide can be easily implemented even if you have no experience in the matter. All you need is a few basic tools and the right material!

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