30 Exciting Unfinished Basement Ideas

by Katie Williams
Laundry Room in Basement

Do you have an unfinished basement that you want to improve but don’t know how? We may just have the solution for you. With so many ideas and resources available on the market, your basement doesn’t have to be another boring storage room in your home.

There are a myriad of ways you transform your basement to cater to different design and usability needs. We’ve taken the time to research for you 30 extremely fun but easy unfinished basement ideas you can try. We’ve shared a variety of design tips to ensure you find exactly what you need for your home.

30 Exciting Ideas to Transform An Unfinished Basement

Here are 30 ideas to choose for your basement to choose from:

1. Turn It into a Storage Room

Turn It into a Storage Room

Source: Pinterest

A great way to make use of an unfinished basement is by turning it into a neat storage room. This doesn’t mean you are turning into a hoarder. Instead, the storage room allows you to neatly store away items you don’t immediately need.

However, since the setup is neat, you can store anything from your winter clothing to summer barbequing equipment without worrying about dust build up or pest infestation. With a storage room, other parts of your home, such as the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms can also remain clean and clutter –free for that perfect modern minimalist look.

Plus, it’s a pretty affordable DIY project to put together a storage room by yourself. All you need is a coat of paint on the walls, a framed shelf, and some plastic storage containers you can pick up at the nearest home improvement store. So, the most you will spend on is a power drill, wooden planks for the shelves, paint, and plastic containers!

2. Add an Extra Pantry

Add an Extra Pantry

Source: Pinterest

If you are a bulk buyer, the cool and dark environment of a basement makes it perfect for adding a pantry. In addition to fitting in adequate shelf space for pantry items, you can also fit in a larger refrigerator for long term storage of foods.00

This is an especially good idea if you have a large family. You can even use the pantry space for food stock to last you during emergencies, such as storms or an apocalypse – wink –wink!

3. Design a Walk In Closet/Makeup Room

Closet/Makeup Room

Source: Pinterest

You can use the basement to build an external walk-in closet and dress up room. This gives you enough space to store all your seasonal clothing, shoes, accessories, and make up. Plus, you get extra dress up space. Fit some mirrors and down lighting to feel like a celebrity in your home!

4. Use as a Laundry Room

Use as a Laundry Room

Source: Pinterest

An unfinished basement is also a great place to set up your laundry. In fact, setting up a laundry room is a perfect inexpensive idea for your basement. After all, you don’t need to worry much about the wiring and other mechanics. All you do is add your washer, dryer, a couple of laundry hampers/shelves.

The concrete floors and brick walls don’t interrupt the functionality of the laundry room either. Alternatively, you can choose to paint the wall and floors for a cleaner look. Also make sure the wiring and pipe connections meet the laundry equipments’ needs. For even better use, you may add a utility sink.

5. Make A Crafts Room

Make A Crafts Room

Source: Pinterest

If you are on a budget and looking for a fun basement idea, you can transform yours into a crafts room. After all, this is a perfect space to relax and be creative all year round. Unlike activities like gardening, you can enjoy crafts even during the cold season.  A simple paint job on the walls and floor and small furniture pieces, like a work table, and your crafts supplies is all the investment you need.

6. Build An Indoor Workshop

Now, whether you lack enough space for a shed outside your home or live in a cold climate, you can create a workshop inside. A spacious incomplete basement is the perfect setting for an indoor woodworking space.

The basement is usually located at the isolated bottom part of your house. So, it does a good job at masking sounds from power tools and any other unwanted distractions that come with woodworking. So, whether you want to learn woodworking or build repurpose old furniture, you have enough space to do so inside your home.

Plus, since it’s a workshop, there’s really not much to do in terms of design and improvement.  You don’t need any special jobs on your unfinished basement wall coverings or floor. You can simply invest in a simple woodworking table and smaller woodworking tools you will need. Just make sure you have adequate power outlets for your power tools.

7. Or Build A Man Cave

Build A Man Cave

Source: Pinterest

Downtime for dads, or even bachelor men doesn’t always have to be about getting your hands dirty. Sometimes, you just want to relax, watch a game, have a few beers, and have a snack. So, what better place than a secluded man cave within your home?

You can take advantage of your basement space. Since it’s a man cave, you can go for a more traditionally rustic, man-like design approach and save money along the way. Leave those concrete walls, exposed window frames, exposed beams, and hanging pipes, to complement the mechanical and rustic ambiance.

Add a cozy leather sofa or recliner, a TV, coffee table, and a floor lamp to complete the look. If you have extra cash, you can also add in a pool or ping pong table.

8. Create A TV or Entertainment Room

Entertainment Room

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t want to make significant alterations to the space, a TV or entertainment room is a good idea. In fact, this is one of the best unfinished basement ideas for renters since you can easily pack up and be on the go without leaving any damage to the space.

All you need is a fresh coat of paint and area rugs to transform the space. Depending on where you are, you can add a TV, sofa, and a space heater/mobile air cooler. A pair of drapes and some command strip hung photo frames give the space personality as well.

9. Setup An Art Studio to Complement the Low Ceiling Unfinished Basement Look

Setup An Art Studio

Source: Pinterest

If you are a creative, setting up an art studio is a good way to make use of your basement. While an artist with a canvas and tripod stand comes to mind, a basement art studio can be designed for different creatives.

Whether you are a digital artist, doodler, or web designer, this idea works great. All you do is design it to bring out the best of your creativity. For example, you can paint the walls white, add a few hanging lights for a cozy feel, and decorate with a few artistic pieces depending on your artistry.

Add canvas for a painter, DIY backdrops for a photographer, or a comprehensive desktop setup for a web developer. The space can even double as your home office.

10. Turn It into a Creator’s Studio

Creator’s Studio

Source: Pinterest

Do you run a podcast, YouTube channel, or blog? Well, you can take advantage of your free unfinished basement space to create a studio or dedicated location for your content creation. In fact, this is the perfect place to get creative and design a set that works great for your needs. Whether you want to fit in your podcast kit, a green room for your YouTube channel, or a small decorative kitchen for your blog, you can do so cheaply in your basement.

11. DIY a Tailor’s Studio

Tailor’s Studio

Source: Pinterest

If you own a tailoring business, you can set up your office, fitting, and tailoring studio in your basement too. Other than investing in your tailoring equipment, you won’t have to spend much on the basement itself. You can integrate the unfinished rustic look as part of your tailor studio’s aesthetics – giving it a more modern, minimalistic loft-like look.

12. Transform It into a Home Office

Home Office

Source: Pinterest

You can also turn your basement into a fully functional home office, based on your particular needs. For example, if you are a small business owner who can’t afford an office space, this can be the perfect solution. You can operate a home office for anything from tutoring services to legal services or a small warehouse for your small Etsy crafts store.

13. Design A Study Room

Study Room

Source: Pinterest

The quietness a basement offers makes an excellent space for people to concentrate. Therefore, it’s also a great study room location. The plain look of the exposed beams and concrete flooring also makes for a calm setting to promote your kid’s study motivation.

A single paint job on the walls and floors is all you need to get the space ready. You can then add study tables and chairs, bookshelves, and drapes for the windows (if any). Your kids’ school artwork can form part of the décor.

14. Create A Family Library

Family Library

Source: Pinterest

You can also build your family’s reading habits by designing an attractive library. Stock up everything from encyclopedias for research to comic books and novels for entertainment. This idea is also perfect for woodworkers. Simply design and build several wooden shelves to stock the books, add some armchairs or sofas, and a coffee table.

You can attach the bookshelves to all corners of the wall to eliminate the need for paint jobs. However, the unpainted walls and floors also give a cool and relaxing rustic setting that is ideal for long durations of reading. Pair the settings with several hanging lights and you have the perfect library ambiance.

15. Or a Family Room

Family Room

Source: Pinterest

This is not your typical family room idea! Instead of the typical den or second living room setup, you can take a slightly different approach. The basement space gives you an incredible chance to preserve your family history – sort of like a small museum or exhibition.

The best part is that this is a pretty inexpensive DIY project, allowing you to retain the rustic unfinished brick wall and concrete floor aesthetics. You can then hang generations’ worth of photographs, display gifts handed down through generations, and set up a few sofas to double as a lounging space.

16. Add Collector’s Room

Collector’s Room

Source: Pinterest

If you are a collector, you can set up a room to store your antiques or treasure. Whether it’s wine glasses, old clocks, or vinyl records, you can set up your small collector’s studio right inside your home.  Instead of stuffing them in an old cabinet or boxes, the basement space gives you the ability to get creative with the storage space while appreciating your collections every day.

17. Setup a Basement Garden

Basement Garden

Source: Pinterest

Did you know that you can set up a garden in your basement? A basement offers a pretty viable environment for maintaining a garden or greenhouse. However, you have to follow accurate instructions to promote growth and keep out pests.

You also want to consult an expert to help you navigate the lack of lighting or recommend artificial lighting to add. If you are ready to take on the demanding upkeep of an indoor garden, an unfinished basement is certainly the perfect environment to set one up.

18. Put Together a Game Room

Game Room

Source: Pinterest

Whether it’s a family game room, the basement is an ideal location. Because it’s isolated, it keeps the game room distractions and noises away from the rest of the home. Therefore, it’s the ultimate location for the family to sneak in some recreational time. Depending on the size of your basement, you can fit in anything from a pool table to foosball, slot machines, or video games.

19. Design a Playroom


Source: Pinterest

If you have younger kids, a playroom in the basement may be a way to go. The basement gives you adequate space to truly harness and celebrate your kid’s imagination. You can put up everything from a pikler’s triangle to large blocks, legos, and other fun, learning toys.

20. Set Up A Home Gym

Home Gym

Source: Pinterest

You don’t have to drive to the gym if you have an unfinished basement space to spare. After all, all you need is to invest in your ideal gym equipment and transform this empty space into a reliable home gym. If you have the time or money to spare, you can invest extra in the finishing.

You can even make the experience more exciting – design a smart gym by integrating a smart home system with full entertainment, automated lighting, and audio.

21. Model a Den

Model a Den

Source: Pinterest

If you have a busy home, you can simply create a second living room or den. This can be a casual space for your family to kick back and relax, leaving the main living room neater and cleaner for special occasions. With a den, you can take any design approach you want, whether you want to maintain the rustic lift-like look or go cleaner with a more modern and immaculately painted space.

22. Construct a Kitchenette

Construct a Kitchenette

Source: Pinterest

If you love to entertain or host special occasions, you can dedicate a small kitchenette space in your basement to make the process easier. Divide the space to set aside a small space for the kitchen and leave the rest for the actual entertainment space. In addition to the convenience it offers, a small basement kitchenette saves your main kitchen the mess it would suffer from a busy celebration.

23. Craft A Tropical Lounge To Remind You Of Your Holiday To The Caribbean

Craft A Tropical Lounge

Source: Pinterest

You don’t have to leave your home to experience the tropics. You can bring paradise to your home if you have extra space, like an unfinished basement. All you need to do is redesign the space to emulate the settings and aesthetics of a tropical paradise destination.

In fact, you can find all the tools and resources needed to build this space, even tropical-themed wall covering. A basement can get quite cool, so it’s the perfect environment for the warm season. If it’s cold, a few space heaters will do the trick.

Further, you can blend in different lights, including some hanging lights, for the perfect sunny lighting ambiance. Throw a small party, play some calypso, whip up cocktails, and you have a holiday destination celebration.

24. Build A Home Bar

Build A Home Bar

Source: Pinterest

Alternatively, you can simply build a bar to create a space for you to unwind after a long day.  It’s also a perfect haven to escape the busy household shenanigans with kids and endless tasks. This is a perfect DIY project for woodworkers. With the right power tools and wood materials, you can have a beautiful and relaxing home bar in just a few days.

25. Design a Wine Cellar

Design a Wine Cellar

Source: Pinterest

A basement tends to be cool and dark due to its location in the home. This makes it an excellent location for building a wine cellar. So, whether you are a collector, wine lover, or love to entertain, this wine cellar is an exceptional addition to your home if you have the basement space to space.

With an unfinished basement, you have the design freedom to craft a wine cellar you want from scratch. If you can afford it, hire an expert wine cellar designer and contractor to guarantee the best results. You can even create a small tasting sitting spot to try wine and cheese platters within the cellar to elevate your home’s class and value.

26. Construct a Bathroom in a Small Unfinished Basemnt

Bathroom in a Small Unfinished Basemnt

Source: Pinterest

A bathroom in the basement doesn’t take up much space but adds value to your home. You can use it as a guest or family bathroom. Alternatively, if you have extra space and a bigger budget, you can even turn it into a more luxurious bath with a Jacuzzi or hot tub for those special home spa days.

27. Or a Sauna?


Source: Pinterest

If you have an unrestricted budget, you can take a more radical approach and give your basement a more luxurious transformation. You can turn the unfinished space into a sauna or steam room. In fact, if you have ample space, you can divide the space into a 2-in-1 gym and sauna/steam room.

28. Alternatively, Build a Spa

Build a Spa

Source: Pinterest

You can also DIY a relaxing spa in your basement for those therapeutic weekends with your loved ones. Set up one or two spa beds, a hot tub, ambient lighting, and a refreshments section. When done, whip up some DIY face masks and cover your eyes with cucumber slices.

Let the relaxation begin with ocean wave sounds playing in the background. The best part of a DIY basement spa is that you can even enjoy it during the cold season – all you need is an appropriately sized heater to keep you warm!

29. Add a Guest Room To The Home

Add a Guest Room To The Home

Source: Pinterest

You can also use your basement space to create a spare guest room. It comes in handy when you have guests staying over. Alternatively, if you have older teenage or college kids, the spare basement room is also a good location to give them their space and privacy without leaving the home.

30. Turn It into a Rental Apartment

Turn It into a Rental Apartment

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t mind sharing your home, you can easily transform your unfinished basement into a studio rental apartment and make an extra income. The best part of turning your basement into a rental studio is that you can take any design direction you want, depending on your budget.

A good paint job and a few select furniture pieces from the nearest thrift store will instantly change the place from a messy, dark space into a cozy little apartment.


Still have some questions regarding your unfinished basement, check out these answers to questions commonly asked by homeowners/renters like yourself;

How can I make my unfinished basement look better?

You can improve the look of your unfinished basement by adding various small details. These include giving the wall and floor a bright or color block paint job and adding some decorative lighting for a relaxing ambiance. Placing decorative area rugs also instantly elevates the look of your basement.

How can I finish my basement cheaply?

The cheapest way to finish your basement is by first focusing on the basics you can DIY. These include painting the floors and walls and completing the ceilings. For example, you can very easily and cheaply install drywall ceilings by yourself.

How do you temporarily cover an unfinished basement wall?

The simplest and most affordable way to cover up unfinished basement walls is by using drapes. hang adhesive or spring tension rods to the four corners of the basement and hang as many old drapes to cover the entire walls. This option doesn’t require drilling into the concrete walls or insulation, allowing you to protect the walls without doing any damage to the construction.

What’s the point of an unfinished basement?

An unfinished basement is generally an extra room space in your home. Because it is not completed into a particular space, it’s quite versatile and allows you to set up any type of space. You can set up anything from a spare guest room to storage space, laundry, or an entire studio apartment, depending on its size.


With any of the 30 unfinished basement ideas shared above, there is always a way to transform and make use of this space in your home. The variety of ideas caters to both homeowners and renters who don’t want to make as many alterations. Plus, they cater to different budgets, whether it’s a completely inexpensive DIY or you are willing to splurge on a contractor and designer.

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