25 Beach House Coastal Kitchen Design Ideas

by Katie Williams
Beach House Coastal Kitchen

If you are a sea lover, this style is for you. You will find the blue of the sea, the turquoise, the green of nature, the natural color of the soil, the freshness of white and the warmth of summer in this style.

Although coastal style decoration is known as a summer house style, it is possible to use this style regardless of the season. Every touch you make with this style will allow you to live every season of your life with the taste of summer.


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So what are the features of the coastal style? Ask yourself this question; What comes to mind when you think of the sea? Starfish, shells, colorful stones, blue and white lanterns that add sparkle to the environment, fishing nets hanging from the walls, sailor’s rudders, shabby wooden tables and chairs, sailor ropes and more… You can catch the coastal style with the balanced combination of all these.

How to Make Coastal Style Decoration?

The best part of the Coastal style is that comfort and convenience are gathered under the same roof. The first and most important thing you need to do to have this style is the excessive use of white and light colors. In addition to these colors, the thing you should pay attention to when choosing furniture is that you should use wood and bamboo details.

In general, the meeting of comfort and comfort under the same roof constitutes the main lines of this style. In addition, if you have a handicap, you can prepare accessories with natural touches and bring them at an affordable price.


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How Coastal Kitchen Should Be?

The kitchen is one of the places where the most time is spent in the house. Cooking is an art and it is more enjoyable to do it where you feel happy. As important as functionality and comfort are, design is just as important. That’s why you need to make sure you have a large work surface that guarantees enough room for maneuvering while keeping the gaps well organized.

This decoration style, which is very suitable to combine with a minimal lifestyle, is extremely suitable for people who like less items. When you enter an environment that is already decorated in this way, you feel that it immediately engulfs you. You should not miss that it is designed to make you feel relaxed. Of course, there are some points that you need to know and do correctly in order to achieve this style.

Coastal Kitchen Design Ideas

Now let’s see how you can turn your kitchen into a coastal style in 25 steps.

1. The combination of white and beige is your first step

One of the most important tricks of reflecting this style is, of course, the choice of color. The background should be light and natural tones such as white, cream, beige. In other words, you should prefer most of your walls, floors and furniture preferences in light tones. This will make the place appear larger and more spacious.

2. Shades of blue are indispensable

We can add blue details to break the coldness of white. We can use all your favorite shades of blue, especially light blue, in this style, to highlight your furniture; We can choose blue upholstery fabrics or you can highlight these accessories with blue vases, bowls, trinkets and artificial flowers. We should use a minimal style in such projects. Since it is a natural area, we should use plain objects.

3. Don’t give up on the ropes

When we think of the beach, we can’t skip the ropes. We  can create our own style using these ropes. We can make pendulums and add our plants. Also we can use  for lighting. The ropes you will add in the objects will add a different atmosphere to your kitchen.

4. Add Country vibes


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We can mix two different styles, coastal and country decorations. While creating an open and spacious home, we  can apply country style with your furniture. country decoration; emphasizes rural life, thus nature and nostalgia. In this way, it is also possible to create a warmer home.

5. Don’t forget the sailor lines


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In Coastal style home textiles, striped patterns draw attention the most. These; striped rugs, striped curtains or geometric-patterned pillows. Since using them all at the same time would be tiring; In 1-2 places, according to your own preference, we should determine where we  want to use it.

6. Maybe Some Flower patterns


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Except for striped patterns, we can use flower patterns on furniture in natural tones. We can use it on objects instead of main furniture, as too much will tire the eyes.

7. Especially  Wooden furniture

We can’t find too many metallic and flashy objects in decoration. Because the basis of this style is naturalness. We  can use wooden furniture to make you feel the beach color and preserve the naturalness. If we  wish, we  can paint these woods in white beige and light blue.

8. Attention For The Kitchen counter

One of the issues we pay the most attention to on kitchen counters is scratching. It is easy to clean and does not leave traces. In addition to this functionality, we can choose marble or composite products in light tones to adapt to the coastal style.

9. Wall material between cabinets

Another detail that ensures the integrity of the space is the wall covering. Generally white on kitchen walls. You now know that we should use light colors such as beige and cream. In order not to break this line, you can still choose products that are plain and do not leave any traces.

10. Create an Worn Wood Image

We must have paid attention to the erosion caused by the water on the ships on the beach. Adding this to our design will add a rustic and natural look to your kitchen. An option to stain your kitchen also gives it the feeling of a beautiful unfinished home.

11. Island Kitchen is a must


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One of the most prominent features of the Coastal style is that it looks minimal and clean. Extras can sometimes be tiring. That’s why we need to make sure we have enough storage space. The island kitchen adds a really nice atmosphere in sufficient areas. If we also consider functionality, we can create more storage space by adding useful cabinets under the island kitchen counter.

12. Add frames to the glass parts of windows and doors


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It would be appropriate to use large windows and doors to ensure the brightness of the space. Of course, these large windows and doors should adapt to the space. White-framed windows and doors made of wood will be in place. We can also add horizontal and vertical frames to these doors and windows.

13. Curtains stretching from one end to the other

Curtains are a very important accessory to ensure the integrity of the space. In terms of the integrity of the space, you can choose curtains in light color tones and reaching down to the floor. We can even get a natural look by adding ropes to these curtains.

14. Glass cabinets that reflect light

We can use glass cabinets both in terms of being compatible with doors and windows and reflecting the light. We can add horizontal and lines frames made of wood to these glass cabinets.

15. Focus the Open Shelves

Open kitchen shelves

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We can add open shelves for the sturdiness of the place. Wr can use accessories and rope details on these shelves. One of the most important points that we should pay attention to is that we use these shelves only as accessories, not for storage. In other ways, it can give the kitchen a crowded feel. We can add plants as well as decorate with small vases.

16. Lighting Very important


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Of course, first of all we need to keep the windows big enough for natural light. Especially, the light color of the walls will make the place bright. At night, LED lighting will reflect off the light-colored walls, making you feel bright and spacious.

17. Natural Straws

Sea interior

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Wicker is formed by weaving dried plant stems and reed stems. This material, which comes out of nature, is exactly in accordance with the spirit of the Coastal style. The wicker lampshades you will add on the island kitchen will add a natural look to the space.

18. Green and turquoise for little detailes


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Although we focus on blue or white, you can add warmth to the atmosphere by sprinkling green and turquoise on objects.

19. Add Beach Themed Accessories

From the mussel shells we picked up when we landed on the beach and accumulated over the years; we can ensure that your decoration is complete by using many decoration items that you have created by revealing your creativity in the main corner of your home.

Since you are going to decorate a nautical themed house, we can also evaluate fishing items in a corner. A net can make your decoration unique to us. In a corner of the house we can turn the nets into an album to pin your photos.

20. Rudders From Sailor

Wooden Ship Wheel

At the beginning of the nautical accessories, of course, comes the rudders. Using it as an accessory on our walls will add a different atmosphere.

21. Get curious about aquariums

If we want to live in coastal style peaks, get curious about aquariums. We can set up a saltwater aquarium in your home. We can take inspiration from coral rocks and spice up our home with a few fish.

22. Show Your Creativity In The Blue Vases

It is definitely the accessories that make a space special. If we  are interested in ceramics, we can make your own vases and decorate them with various sea breezes. We can add rope details and use different geometric shapes. These vases we use will attract attention and provide integrity with the space.

23. Vintage objects

The most important feature of the Coastal style is that it is far from artificial. Factory products give the space a cool look which is something we never want in our costal kitchen. We can use vintage objects to break the industrial structure and give a more natural and lived-in feeling.

24. Arts and Tables

Those who like visual arts may prefer paintings or paintings with blue tones. If we are into art, we can make your own paintings. Turquoise will suit these blue tones very well. We can still use aged woods in their frames. If we want ready-made products, we can complete the figures reminiscent of the sea on the tables or the decorated figures we can  use in the kitchen. Thus, we can color our walls.

25. Complement Plants


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Regardless of the style, the plants always give the space a natural and friendly feel. Of course, we can complete the space in our coastal kitchen, either with salas plants hanging on our open shelves or with leafy plants that will come in our blue-blue vases.

Now you have all the information you need for a coastal kitchen. Will you always go to the sea! Come on now, make a change in your life and bring the sea to your home.

I hope you found this article useful and interesting as you go about decorating your own coastal kitchen. Please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below! It’s always a pleasure to hear from our readers on what they agree with or disagree with.

Beach House Coastal Kitchen

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