70 Mind-blowing Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

by Katie Williams
Kitchen Wall

Want to transform your kitchen into the creative space that it is? These 70 simple, but, Mind-blowing kitchen wall décor ideas can help you do so. When many people think home kitchen, built-in cabinets, countertop, appliances, and sinks are all that come to mind.

Yet, they are so many ways you can turn your kitchen into a culinary atelier where you curate only masterpieces. After all, what better way to harness and boost your creativity than in an inspiring artistic space?

So, we’ve searched for the perfect hacks to help transform your kitchen. Here are 70 interesting ideas to explore for your kitchen wall décor.

70 Mindblowing Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Try Out This Year

Here is a lineup of 70 versatile wall décor ideas for your kitchen. We’ve shared a wide selection of options to cater to your needs, whether budget friendly or for small kitchen spaces;

1. Mount Mug and Glass Holder

The best décor idea for your kitchen wall doubles as storage space. You can use your kitchen wall as part of the storage while enhancing its look. A simple metal or wooden mug holder can be mounted to the wall to conveniently hold mugs and glass that you and your family use regularly.

This is also a good idea for people who don’t want to splurge. You can find a simple and affordable mounting holder from the nearest home improvement store and drill it into the wall in just 15 minutes.

Mount Mug and Glass Holder

Source – Pinterest

2. Or Build A Large Mounting Cabinet For Your Tea Set

If you have adequate kitchen space, you can build a full mug holder and cabinet, running from the top to the bottom of the wall. With this space, you can comfortably fit in your tea set and include all the essential ware you use during breakfast.

It’s like a uniquely elegant coffee station in your kitchen. It’s also a good idea for big families, preventing traffic around the kitchen space.

Or Build A Large Mounting Cabinet For Your Tea Set

Source – Pinterest

3. Hang Plant Shelves

Transform your kitchen into a calming rainforest vibe by hanging shelves and filling them up with various indoor plants.

Hang Plant Shelves

Source – Pinterest

4. Or Set up A Herb Garden

Alternatively, you can use the shelves to hang herbs or attach herb pots for an instant indoor herb garden. In addition to its cost-saving benefits, an herb garden also comes in handy during the cold season when you can’t plant them outside.

Further, an indoor herb garden works great even for urban apartments that lack outdoor garden spaces.

Tip: Make full use of your kitchen space by taking advantage of readily available tools. For example, you can use a kitchen cloth pole to hang herbs.

Or Setup A Herb Garden

Source – Pinterest

5. Install Colorful Tiles

You don’t necessarily have to add utility shelves or plants to decorate your walls. Sometimes, select decorative wall tiles will do the trick. Opt for multicolored tiles for texturized and 3D illusion.

Install Colorful Tiles

Source – Unsplash

6. Fit Clean Stone-like Tiles

Alternatively, you can tackle a cleaner approach and go for single light colored and smaller tiles for a neat finish. This option is also great for achieving a minimalist kitchen setting.

Fit Clean Stone-like Tiles

Source – Pinterest

7. Add White Brick Wall

For a more authentic and classy look, replace the light-colored tiles with white finished bricks.

Add White Brick Wall

Source – Pinterest

8. Budget Friendly Tile Wall Paper

Tile and brick installation may not be cheap, especially if you go for more premium, better looking tiles or bricks. The good news is that you can achieve the same premium look by opting for cheaper tile or stone wallpaper. You can DIY it or get a professional to assist with a much neater fitting.

Budget Friendly Tile Wall Paper

Source – Unsplash

9. Add A Rustic Feel with Darker Bricks

You can ditch white, lighter-colored bricks for dark bricks if you want to achieve a rustic feel. the darker brick wall finish also pairs with various design components of your kitchen, whether you’re going for a loft-like, southern country style, or industrial interior design finish.

Add A Rustic Feel with Darker Bricks

Source – Pinterest

10. Install Natural Stone Wall

If you want a more fairy tale cottage-style kitchen, adding stone to your kitchen wall is the way to go. Add a stonewall fireplace and rustic wooden furniture to complete the cottage look.

Install Natural Stone Wall

Source – Pinterest

11. Hang Your Pots and Pans

Mount a hook panel and put your favorite copper pots and pans to display. This décor idea also doubles as a convenient storage rack that eliminates the hassle of fumbling around in the cabinet every time you need a pot or pan to cook a meal.

Hang Your Pots and Pans

Source – Pinterest

12. Make the Sink the Center Point by Adding Shelves

The kitchen sink is always overlooked as simply a wash place. However, with the right setup, you can make it the center point of your kitchen. You can then use it to transform the look of your kitchen.

Before you even think of it, no! You don’t need an expensive farmhouse to make a statement. Two or three large rustic wood planks are all you need to build and install multipurpose shelves atop the sink.

Next, mix and max a selection of different items, including utensils, serve ware, storage boxes, and plants. You can also add overhead hanging lamps to illuminate the space in the dark.

Make the Sink the Center Point by Adding Shelves

Source – Pinterest

13. Mount a Vegetable Wall

Mount a mesh metal or wooden wall rack to neatly store pantry vegetables and items. This idea is perfect for smaller kitchens, eliminating the need to create clutter with smaller baskets or trolleys.

You can attach items like garlic, oranges, herbs, and oils. If you love to pickle food, you can also display your jars during the first few days of pickling before transferring them into the refrigerator.

Mount a Vegetable Wall

Source – Pinterest

14. Replace A Pantry with Simple Pantry Shelves

You don’t need a huge pantry to showcase or organize your pantry items. You can easily do so with neat wall shelves and let the pantry items naturally decorate the space. All you need are neat and clean see-through jars to store the food items.

Different pantry food items come with varying colors, textures, and shapes, whether rice, pasta, or beans. So, mix and match these different food items or if you are OCDish-like I am, arrange them in a category and let them naturally add color.

For example, you can pair fine powdered foods in a single row. These can be anything from baking flour, rice flour, yucca flour, and gram flour. You will notice that these baking and rice flour have a white consistency.

Yucca flour has slightly browned while some variations of gram flour have a nearly yellow consistency. Alternatively, you can arrange different shapes and colors of pasta, such as linguine, multicolored farfalle, macaroni, and multicolored penne.

Replace A Pantry with Simple Pantry Shelves

Source – Pinterest

15. Put Up A Wall Spice Rack

This is a particularly excellent idea for spice lovers and collectors. Fixing a simple wall rack allows you easy access when cooking but, also gives you the chance to showcase your favorite spices.

Tip: Get a little creative with wall art before installing the racks for a more dramatic finish.

Put Up A Wall Spice Rack

Source – Pinterest

16. Herb Planters and Storage

Do you experience trouble getting your herbs to last longer than a day or two? Do you end up with soggy cilantro and browned green onions? You can curate a wall planter to give you a solution that will give your kitchen a facelift.

Get a rectangular wood panel and drill it into the wall. Next, attach several large mason jars to the panel for a suspended panel vertical garden. In fact, you can use small ring-like attachments with the same circumference as the jars so you can fit and remove the mason jars.

After every shopping trip, remove the jars, add fresh water and insert your herbs. You can even use the jars as planters if you want to set up a permanent herb garden in your home.

Bonus: This vertical garden also emanates a pleasant natural, earthy aroma when you add fresh herbs to it.

Herb Planters and Storage

Source – Pinterest

17. DIY A Fruit and Vegetable Holder

This idea is excellent for DIYers, allowing you to get creative in the kitchen.  All you need is a few scrap wood planks (or get new ones from any home improvement store) and small fruit baskets (old bike baskets).

Drill the panels into the wall, attach hooks, and mount the baskets to hold the fruit and vegetables. This design allows you to remove and clean the baskets to keep them clean and free of any fruit/vegetable juice gunk and residues!

DIY A Fruit and Vegetable Holder

Source – Pinterest

18. Setup A Mini Bar

If you have extra space, set up a minibar or lounge near one of your kitchen corners. Use the extra wall space to mount an open cabinet to store your go-to drinks like whiskeys and wines and a few glasses. This is a perfect space to unwind and chat after a long day.

Setup A Mini Bar

Source – Pinterest

19. Or Setup A Mini Wine Cellar

You don’t need a large walk-in wine cellar in your home. You can always use the small kitchen wall space to set on up. In fact, you can even integrate it into a mini booze serving area for when you have company over.

Fit in a small cooler for the wine at the bottom, add a few shelves for the glasses at the top, and a marble countertop for serving space. Cover the wall with extra marble or paint it plain white for a crisp, clean finish.

Or Setup A Mini Wine Cellar

Source – Pinterest

20. Home Bar Wall Décor

A wine cellar isn’t the only wall décor to opt for. if you are a collector, you can also showcase your premium collections with a home bar wall décor. Simply attach a cabinet with shelving and a glass panel. Arrange your favorite collection, a few glasses, and open cork collections for a more classic feel.

Home Bar Wall Décor

Source – Pinterest

21. Cook Book Shelf

Use the empty wall space in your kitchen to add shelves for your cookbook. It’s a great chance to showcase your cookbooks written by your favorite authors and chefs. It’s also a chance to show off your worldly cuisine knowledge with friends who are visiting.


Cook Book Shelf

Source- Pinterest

22. Metal Drain

Mount a mental drain next to your kitchen sink for a more organized setup. Once you handwash some of your kitchen items, you can place them on a drain instead of leaving them strewn around the sink or on a smaller overcrowded drain.

Metal Drain

Source – Pinterest

23. Near Stove Storage Shelf

A pantry storage shelf next to the stove doesn’t only give personality to the space. It also allows for more convenient cooking. You can place all the necessary cooking essentials near you so you just grab them as you cook.

These include items like salt, sugar, basic spices, cooking oil, and vinegar. You can also place basic equipment like a mortar and pestle and chopping board.

Near Stove Storage Shelf

Source – Pinterest

24. Clear Your Countertops By Adding A Wall Appliance Storage

Place a stand with all your small appliances in front of a bare wall in your kitchen to give you convenient access when you need them. Organizing small appliances on a single stand also offers a clutter-free kitchen, especially around the countertops.

Clear Your Countertops By Adding A Wall Appliance Storage

Source – Pinterest

25. Hang Decorative Serveware

Whether colorful utensils or multi-patterned plates, hanging serve ware is an excellent kitchen wall décor idea. The serve ware gives a pop of color to the wall and creates a focal point to give the space character.

The best part is you can pick different serve ware designs to go with your particular kitchen theme, be it beach style, farmhouse, or minimalist theme.

Hang Decorative Serveware

Source – Pinterest

26. Design A Basket Wall

You can also take a more creative route by hanging decorative pieces by hanging baskets. In fact, if you are an avid traveler, you can ditch the Target baskets for more ethnic pieces to showcase your worldly travel experience. Try woven Uzbek baskets or support Women’s weaving groups in Rwanda.

Design A Basket Wall

Source – Pinterest

27. Put Up Exotic Art Pieces

You can also hang more exotic art pieces you pick up from your trips in Asia, South America, The Middle East, or Europe. If you aren’t as well traveled, Etsy or eBay stores can come to your rescue.

Pick up a few non-flammable rugs, pots, or sculptors that mount easily on the wall to transform your kitchen from a regular one to a sophisticated multi-cultural setting.

Put Up Exotic Art Pieces

Source – Pinterest

28. Hang Your Collector’s Items

Alternatively, if you are a collector, you can use the empty wall “canvas” to showcase your collections. This can be anything from small clocks to wooden boards.

Hang Your Collector’s Items

Source – Pinterest

29. Put up Grass Wall

Fill up any empty kitchen wall with artificial glass for a natural ambiance. Add some soft lighting to create a therapeutic and calm kitchen space.

Put up Grass Wall

Source – Pinterest

30.  Or A Flower Wall

Replace the grass with a floral wall for a brighter and more elegant setting.

Or A Flower Wall

Source – Pinterest

31.  Add Wall Lighting

Lighting is never a bad idea, no matter the room in your home. It’s a great tool to add if you want to achieve a certain ambiance. In the kitchen, it also illuminates your countertop space for easier cooking at night. Lighting options, such as sconces, double as both light space and also come in varying designs to act as a decorative sculpture.

Add Wall Lighting

Source – Pinterest

32. Or Festive Micro-Lighting

Give your kitchen a gleaming look with smaller string lights attached across the bare wall space.

Or Festive Micro-Lighting

Source – Pinterest

33. Try Neon Lights

Put up neon lights for a retro-classic feel.

Try Neon Lights

Source – Pinterest

34. Custom Millwork

Give your kitchen a more defined look by integrating custom millwork with crown molding around the top and bottom edges to complete the look. Go for traditional millwork to achieve a Victorian look.

Custom Millwork

Source – Pinterest

35. Mount A Mirror

Yes, you read that right! You can mount a mirror on your kitchen wall for a dramatic look while doubling the size of the room (or at least giving that illusion!). A mirror also does a good job of inviting more natural light into the kitchen.

But, according to Feng Shui guidelines, you should never mount a mirror facing the stove as it is believed to harness negative energy.

Mount A Mirror

Source – Pinterest

36. Build A Traditional Stone Fireplace

Create a homey feel by adding a traditional stone fireplace with a fire pit in your kitchen. This is also a great idea for colder climates, where you can sit with friends to enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of scotch. You can also achieve the perfect cabin-style theme with a traditional stone fireplace in your kitchen!

Build A Traditional Stone Fireplace

Source – Pinterest

37. Or, Get A Modern Electric or Gas Fireplace

Get a more modern design to blend with your kitchen décor while keeping you warm!

Or, Get A Modern Electric or Gas Fireplace

Source – Pinterest

38. Alternatively, Invest in A Movable One

You can also invest in a freestanding kitchen fireplace you can move around the kitchen space. A free-standing fireplace is one of the best kitchen wall décor ideas that don’t require doing any significant remodel. Placing it against a bare wall creates a decorative and elegant focal point.

Alternatively, Invest in A Movable One

Source – Pinterest

39.  Add A Bench or Ottoman

You can also DIY a seating bench or ottoman if you have extra space around the kitchen. It’s a perfect place for a coffee break or for lounging as you wait for your stew to slowly braise.

Add A Bench or Ottoman

Source – Pinterest

40. Or Design A Complete Breakfast/Family Table

You don’t have to sit at the formal dining table/room for every meal. A family table in the kitchen allows for those quick weekday breakfasts and casual Saturday lunches.

Or Design A Complete Breakfast/Family Table

Source – Pinterest

41. Set Up A Serving Side Board

Even simple midweek dinners can crowd your countertops, especially in a small kitchen. So, you can use the extra wall space to place a side table where you can set up completed dishes and serve ware to make it easier to serve meals. After all, the meals also look more presentable and appetizing this way!

Tip: Fit a mini cooler for chilled wine, beer, juices, and water!

Set Up A Serving Side Board

Source – Pinterest

41.  Install A Faux Door or Cabinet Door

Install a decorative entryway or cabinet door (that leads nowhere) to for fun mystery or illusion of a bigger home.

Install A Faux Door or Cabinet Door

Source – Pinterest

43. Add a Ladder to Hold Kitchen Cloths and Aprons

Place a leaning ladder on the wall to hang your kitchen cloths and aprons for easier access.

Add a Ladder to Hold Kitchen Cloths and Aprons

Source – Pinterest

44.  Kitchen Towel Stand

You can also put up a stand for kitchen hygiene items, such as kitchen cloths and cleaning products.

Kitchen Towel Stand You can also put up a stand for kitchen hygiene items, such as kitchen cloths and cleaning products

Source – Pinterest

45. Hang An Old Surf Board(s)

Complete the beach theme in your apartment by hanging your favorite surfboard(s).

Hang An Old Surf Board(s)

Source – Pinterest

46. Hang an Oversized Art Piece

If you have an extensively empty kitchen wall, you can instantly fill it up with a clean oversized art piece. This kitchen wall décor idea works great for different themes, even minimalist kitchens. You just have to pick the right art piece for your space.

Hang an Oversized Art Piece

Source – Pinterest

47. Put up Family Photos

Showcasing your family photos shouldn’t be limited to the living or family room alone.  You can also fill your empty kitchen walls with photos of your loved ones.

Put up Family Photos

Source – Pinterest

48.  Curate A Gallery Wall

Ditch a photo wall and replace it with a gallery wall. A gallery wall allows you to mix and match everything you want to showcase. You can combine mirrors with photos, art, and baskets. The point is to blend different colors, shapes, and textures to achieve a unique artistic design concept.

Curate A Gallery Wall

Source – Pinterest  

49.  Paint A Mural

A perfect DIY project, you can paint the mural yourself or make it a fun activity with your kids. But, if you want something more artistic and neat, you are better off commissioning an artist.

Paint A Mural

Source – Pinterest

50. Youthful Graffiti work

Bring out your inner youth by getting graffiti décor for your kitchen wall. It’s also a great kitchen wall décor idea if you are going for a more urban or loft-style big city theme. Hire an artist for authentic graffiti art or simply get wallpaper if you are on a budget.

Youthful Graffiti work

Source – Pinterest

51. Framed Wallpaper

While wallpaper is a budget-friendly alternative to many wall design concepts like bricks and stone walls, it doesn’t mean it’s not expensive on its own. Filling up an entire wall with wallpaper can still eat into your pockets.

But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have wallpaper altogether because of the high cost. You can instead go for framed wallpaper. It adds life to your kitchen at a fraction of the price without filling the entire wall.

Framed Wallpaper

Source – Pinterest

52. Hang Macramé Wall Art

Macramé wall art is warm, elegant, and adds sophistication to any kitchen setting. But, while it comes in various designs, macramé works best with a minimalistic setting. So, make sure you don’t cram it with other kitchen wall décor ideas.

Hang Macramé Wall Art Macramé wall art is warm, elagant, and adds sophistication to any kitchen setting. But, while it comes in various designs, macramé works best with a minimalistic setting. So, make sure you don’t cram it with other kitchen wall décor ideas.

Source – Pinterest

53. Or Beaded Wall Art

Beaded wall art offers a creative way to fill up a bland kitchen wall. Opt for more exotic and exciting wall bead designs like the Maasai or Zulu beads.

Or Beaded Wall Art

Source – Pinterest 

54. Print A Large Wall Calendar

Set up a large calendar for the whole family to use.

Print A Large Wall Calendar

Source – Pinterest

55. Or a Planner

Alternatively, replace the small refrigerator planner with a larger family planner to eliminate unwanted clutter. The large planner lets you record everything from food guides, meal plans, nutrition info, and fun facts to your kids’ next ball game.

Or `a Planner

Source – Pinterest

56. Put Up A Giant White or Chalk Board

You can also get a white or chalkboard planner for easier scribbling.

Put Up A Giant White or Chalk Board

Source – Pinterest

57. Mount A Personalized Map

Paste a personalized map on the wall for a meaningful token. you can add pins to places you have visited or regional dishes you’ve prepared (or plan to).

Mount A Personalized Map

Source- Pinterest

58. Your Favorite Dishes

Show appreciation for your favorite foods by mounting their frames on your kitchen wall.

Print Your Favorite Dishes

Source – Pinterest  

59. Outline Your Favorite Recipes

Or, print and frame your favorite or handed-down recipes to easily follow them during preparation and to share them with your guests.

Outline Your Favorite Recipes

Source – Pinterest

60. Add A Large Wall Clock

Mount a large wall clock to a large bare kitchen wall for a sublet finish.

Add A Large Wall Clock

Source – Pinterest

61. Put Up An Entertainment Center

Set up some entertainment for when you are preparing dishes that require time. You can mount a TV or a smart entertainment system to listen to your favorite podcasts.

Put Up An Entertainment Center

Source – Pinterest

62. Two-Color Painting

Sometimes, all you need to transform your kitchen is a good paint job. Try a two-color contrast paint job to create an illusion of different textures and layers.

Two-Color Painting

Source – Pinterest   

63. Brighten It Up with Light Colors

Or bring your kitchen to life with lively, bright colors, such as yellow and light pink.

Brighten It Up with Light Colors

Source – Pinterest

64. Floral Painting

You can also pair the bright colors with floral details to give the walls more life.

Floral Painting

Source – Pinterest

65. Add Mosaic Tiles

Get outside your comfort zone and mount kitchen wall tiles with beautiful mosaic patterns.

Add Mosaic Tiles

Source – Pinterest

66. Mold Windows For Better Natural Lighting

If you own a home in a warmer climate and have the budget, mold windows out of the walls facing the outside of the house. This design promotes more natural lighting and creates a more relaxed, and casual ambiance.


Mold Windows For Better Natural Lighting

Source – Pinterest 

67. Turn it into a 2-in-1 Indoor & Outdoor Kitchen

Or go the extra mile to create a mini kitchen-outdoor bar for the perfect summertime party hosting.


Turn it into a 2-in-1 Indoor & Outdoor Kitchen

Source – Pinterest

68. Mini Toddler Table

Give your kids more independence by designing a dining table for them in the kitchen.


Mini Toddler Table

Source – Pinterest

69. Display Cabinet

You can also have an open cabinet design for your kitchen items and eliminate closed-door cabinets altogether. Fill up the walls with cabinets to display your cookware and serve ware.

Display Cabinet

Source – Pinterest

70. Leave it Blank

Sometimes, an empty wall can be decorative on its own.

Tip: Choose a more radical paint job like black for a dramatic yet, trendy minimalistic focal wall design

Leave it Blank

Source – Pinterest


What should I put on my kitchen walls?

There are plenty of item ideas to put on your kitchen walls. The easiest and most affordable options are hanging decorative frames or accessories using command strips or hooks to hold them in place. Alternatively, you can mount elegant metal or wooden shelves to add various decorative items, such as cookbooks or plant pots.

What should I put on my kitchen walls

Source – Unsplash

What can I put on a blank kitchen wall?

Put something that instantly adds character to the wall. This can be anything from decorative picture frames to accessories like traditional mats or wooden accessories. Alternatively, you can install colorful tiles, bricks, stones, or wallpaper.

How do you decorate a large bare wall?

You can add a variety of decorative items to a large bare wall. These include modern floating shelves, an oversized art piece, painting a mural, or even building a mini coffee bar, to list a few.

How can I decorate my new kitchen?

The best way to decorate a new kitchen is to mix and match. Start with the bare walls, adding tiles, bricks, or stone walls to create a different texture. Combine smaller accessories like display shelves, hanging plants, and some decorative picture frames.

It’s also a good idea to choose an interior design theme. For example, you can opt for a modern southern country style and choose furniture that goes with this decorative style.

Going for the right Kitchen Wall Décor ideas can instantly give this space a much-needed but, effortless facelift. The best part is decorating a kitchen wall isn’t difficult at all. Whether you go for a simple wooden shelf, multicolored tiles, or an oversized art frame, the results simply depend on how well you pair these décor ideas with your kitchen design.

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